Gun Shy (2000)

GUN SHY is a dull gangster drama-with-comedy (plus unpleasant sad-
istic streak) that's marketed more like a wacky *romantic* comedy.  
Liam Neeson stars a new-to-New York, veteran undercover cop whose 
suffering from severe stress.  He tries drugs, does therapy, and 
even dates a nurse, Sandra Bullock, who he meets while being admin-
istered a barium enema.  (Now *that's* a way to meet chicks I have-
n't tried...)  He even bonds with a fellow stress-sufferer, a psy-
chotic hit man (Oliver Platt) he befriends while infiltrating a 
money laundering scheme.  There's quite a few gangster dealings, a 
couple of double crosses (of course), and several boring scenes 
with Neeson's therapy group.  Yawn.  I counted all of one hearty 
laugh, somewhere in the first hour, when Platt's character takes 
out his frustrations by... cleaning a dirty kitchen.  Hilarious.  
The rest is strictly wait-for-video.  (Rated "R"/102 min.)

Grade: C

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: March 26, 2000

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