Keeping the Faith (2000)

KEEPING THE FAITH marks the directing debut of actor Edward Norton,
an endearing religious romantic comedy about a priest (Norton) 
whose best friend is a rabbi (Ben Stiller) and, who along with said
yid, is in love with the same childhood friend (Jenna Elfman, sound-
ing huskier than I remember her).  The humor's as broad as Hilary 
Clinton's ass, with a Woody Allen-ish New York-loving bent.  And 
it's funny as hell.  And there's real sentiment between the charac-
ters, as they grapple with such stuff as unconventional worship ser-
vices and interfaith dating.  And that's director Milos Forman as 
the higher priest who has one of the film's many great lines:  "I 
was dreaming of my mother's sausages."  Screenplay by first-timer 
Stuart Blumberg.  (Rated "PG"/129 min.)

Grade: B

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