Mifune (2000)

MIFUNE is an engagingly slight Danish drama about a newly married
man and his return to the family farm, to the father, now deceased,
and retarded brother, neither of whom he's ever spoken of.  The 
lovely Iben Hjejle, most recently seen in HIGH FIDELITY, plays the
hooker-turned-house-keeper who entrances the two brothers.  There's
also a teenager in the mix-- the hooker's brother, recently expel-
led from school and in need of a place to stay.  No real surprises
in the one, save for the fact that the film adheres to the "Dogma
95" decree.  (See http://www.dogme95.dk)  Ergo, there's no arti-
ficial lighting, no non-handheld camera work, no accompanying arti-
ficially produced music, etc.  Maybe that's why the film feels thin.
Or maybe it just needs some gratuitous nude shots of Hjejle... 

Grade: B-

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: Chicks and Flicks

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