The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (2000)

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR 2, which opens on Friday, may be the most shock-
ing movie of the summer, though not for its exceptionally racy sense 
of humor.  (See hot tub scene as shown in trailer.)  Rather, it's 
the shameless squandering of Eddie Murphy's (enormous) talent that's 
the Klump-sized surprise here.  Sure, NP:2 is funny as Hell and of-
ten dialogue-drowning so. [ Insert sound of packed house, roaring. ]  
It's also over-plotted, too quickly paced, and relentlessly distract-
ing in the use of unnecessary musical cues.  Be it sappy strings or 
wacky orchestrations, the intrusive inclusion suggests director Pe-
ter Segal (those modern classics MY FELLOW AMERICANS and TOMMY BOY) 
hasn't even *seen* the first film, which well-demonstrated Murphy's 
ability at playing poignant.  And we already *know* that he's funny.  
(What, Buddy Love and Grandma Klump alone at night isn't enough?  We 
need cutesy music, too?  Good God.) 

The dozen-ish plot points include the Prof discovering a "youth for-
mula" (complete with stupidly obvious computer screens that relieve 
the viewer of any required thinking), the reappearance of the afore-
mentioned Mr. Love (though still without any Jerry Lewis cameo to 
speak of), and some forgettable mush-making with Michael Jackson's 
sister Janet.  (She's a sweet face and little else.)  Sherman's fam-
ily also figures into the story, notably Pop's penile problems play-
ed both straight and for enlarged laughs, and with most of the yuks 
from Eddie's scene-stealing, sex-crazed Grandma.  (The preponderance 
of potty humor rivals SCARY MOVIE; the graphic gratuities, however, 
are chiefly gas- and poo poo-based.)  Other bits include an amusing 
fantasy sequence that all-too-briefly spoofs ARMAGEDDON, STAR WARS, 
and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY.  Alas, and as is the case with *most* of 
the film, that sequence is rushed right through.  (This is not a mo-
vie where scenes are allowed to "breathe.")  

That said, all said, and everything said-- did I mention the forget-
table FX-intensive finale?-- Murphy hits the mark more times than he 
misses.  No matter which of the six (or is it seven?) characters he 
plays here, Murphy is utterly irresistible; his is that rare, tour 
de force performance that you can't turn away from.  You know, the 
kind that never wins awards.  Sucks that the surrounding movie sucks 
so badly... (The actor *does* noticeably falter at least once.  Dur-
ing a father and son exchange, Murphy forgets to change voices be-
tween characters.  Close your eyes and he sounds like he's talking 
to himself!)  And thank God for the (brief) "R"-rated outtakes over 
the closing credits.  They provide the bang that the movie *itself* 
should've ended with.  With Larry Miller again, back with more scre-
en time, which is nice, even if he has to suffer the indignation of 
attracting an amorous, giant hamster.  Hercules!  Hercules!  Hercu-
les!  (Rated "R"/~100 min.)

Grade: C

Copyright 2000 by Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: The Summer's Second Fat Suit

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