Reindeer Games (2000)

REINDEER GAMES is a ridiculous Ben Affleck/Charlize Theron/Gary 
Sinise-starring thriller about a freshly ex-ed con (Affleck) who 
assumes the identity of his cellmate, to claim the pen-pal girl-
friend (Theron) that the guy had been writing to.  The catch, other 
than Affleck's character's occasionally nagging conscience?  The 
impossibly beautiful, impossibly devoted young lady's brother (Sin-
ese) is an aspiring thief who wants to tap a certain person's know-
ledge of a local casino.  Mayhem ensues and liabilities abound.  
Affleck isn't exactly a chiseled chin, nor is the incredulous plot 
an example of exemplary exposition.  The worst offense, though, is 
the gravely serious tone.  Director John Frankenheimer (RONIN) 
doesn't allow even the *slightest* wink-wink at the seeming silli-
ness of it all.  Instead, he just lobs comedic non sequiters every 
so often, such a thug's truck-cab borne idea for a "Christmas Two."
I left after an hour, to find some pecan f***ing pie.  And was that
Issac Hayes at the beginning, discovering a roach in his prison-is-
sue jello?  With James Frain, Dennis Farina, Danny Trejo, and Clar-
ence Williams III.  (Rated "R"/105 min.)
Grade: W/O

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