The Road to El Dorado (2000)

THE ROAD TO EL DORADO is closer to fool's gold than anything Midas-
touched.  Dreamwork's Disney-style "road picture" stars the voices 
of Kenneth Branaugh and Kevin Kline as 16th Century con men who are 
mistaken for Aztec gods after stumbling upon the City of Gold.  The 
character animation is exceptionally expressive, the script is jam-
packed with jaunty humor, and the breathlessly paced plot is *more* 
than meaty-enough.  Too bad it's so dull.  Maybe with more anach-
ronistic slang?  Or songs more catchy than Elton John and Tim 
Rice's bombastic bores??  Of course, it's not every day you get to 
hear Kevin and Kenneth perform a duet, either...  With the voices
of Armand Assante, Edward James Olmos, and a saucy Rosie Perez.
Bibo Bergeron, Will Finn, and Don Paul direct.  (Rated "PG"/85 min.)

Grade: C

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: April 6, 2000

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