Road Trip (2000)

ROAD TRIP is a raunchy and remarkably unfunny college comedy about 
four guys on an emergency run from Ithaca to Austin to recover an 
incriminating videotape.  As the title suggests, they wreck a car, 
run out of money, try to *raise* money (at a sperm bank, where 
else?), steal a bus, get into a fight, crash an all-black frat 
house, get laid, smoke pot, and witness an old man's boner knock 
over a knick-knack at someone's grandmother's house.  Alas, very, 
*very* little of it is either (a.) actually funny or (b.) hasn't  
been shown in the trailer.  (There *is* one big howl, however, in-
volving a procedure called "milking the prostate" at said sperm 
bank.)  The biggest rip-off, though, is that director Todd Phil-
lips doesn't even devote *half* the screen time to the road war-
riors.  Instead, he keeps cutting away to a guy obsessed with fe-
eding a pet snake, another girl going to Boston, and the concerned 
parents of one of the kids.  Yawn times three.  Did I mention the 
unnecessary (and also unfunny) framing device?  Or the numerous 
musical montages (ugh), the worst of which watches the boys sing-
ing along with Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock?"  It, like, sucks, 
dude.  With Breckin Meyer, Sean William Scott, DJ Qualls, Paolo 
Costanzo, Amy Smart, and a painful Tom Green.  Frankly, he's all 
but unwatchable.  (Rated "R"/93 min.)

Grade: C-

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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: May 21, 2000

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