Scream 3 (2000)

SCREAM 3 is the forgettable finale of a (largely) forgettable film 
series.  More silly than scary, more sluggish than suspenseful, Wes 
Craven's cash cow has all of fifteen minutes of honest-to-God hilar-
ity.  Since it's set in Hollywood, it's also self-referential as 
Hell, but so what?  The recurring characters have all the appeal of 
a pile of wet newspapers.  At least curvy Jenny McCarthy is funny in 
her one big scene, as an actress ranting about *her* one big scene.  
Also good for a good laugh is Jamie Kennedy's recitation of the "su-
per trilogy rules," via convenient "I must be dead if you're watch-
ing this" tape.  (Best admonition: "The past will come to bite you 
in the ass.")  And on the not-so-generous cameo front, that's Roger 
Corman as a studio exec in the beginning.  You'll recognize the 
rest...  Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Parker Posey, Scott Foley, 
Lance Henriksen, and a doughy David Arquette star.  Ehren Kruger 
writes this time, in-stead of Kevin Williamson.  (Rated "R"/116 

Grade: D+   

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