Screwed (2000)

SCREWED is another directing debut, this time from quirky screen-
writers extraordinare Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski of ED 
WOOD and MAN ON THE MOON fame.  And go ahead and lower your expec-
tations right there.  This far-from-funny kidnapping comedy stars 
Norm Macdonald as the put-upon servant of a rich-bitch baking mag-
nate (Elaine Stritch).  With his chicken shack-owning pal (Norm 
Chappelle), they concoct a scheme to kidnap the bag's beloved dog-
gie.  Things go wrong, then wronger, then worser, and they end up
involving the cops (led by a dead-serious Daniel Benzali), an in-
tense mortician (Danny DeVito, wide-eyed), and the baker's busi-
ness partner (Sherman Hemsley, who, in one of the season's least-
expected sights, appears wearing a thong!).  Eh, maybe five good 
laughs in this one, notably a gleefully politically incorrect se-
quence with Macdonald trying to shake a small dog off his hand.
And, honestly, no one says the phrase "Now get out of my house be-
fore I kick you in the ass" quite like Stritch does.  If only she 
didn't look so much like the late Sterling Hayden...   

Grade: D

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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: May 14, 2000

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