The Skulls (2000)

Regrettably only *half* as trashy as it sounds, THE SKULLS is an 
Ivy League thriller about a centuries-old "secret society" that
stars Joshua Jackson (who?) as a non-blueblood inductee who has 
a crisis of conscience after a suspicious death on campus.  Let's 
see, first-hour surprises include actual characterizations and 
some lovely amber-hued photography.  Nice looking campus, too.  
(Is that Yale?)  Trash-seekers needn't fret-- the polish promptly 
fades in hour two as the conspiracy become less thrilling and more 
stupid.  With Craig T. Nelson, William Petersen, and Christopher 
MacDonald.  Rob Cohen (DAYLIGHT) directs.  Oh, and be sure to 
sound sinister when purchasing "one ticket for the Skullllllls."
(Rated "PG-13"/105 min.)

Grade: C-

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: April 6, 2000

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