Snow Day (2000)

SNOW DAY has some surprises, including a set of superhero figures 
that comes to life (via a little girl's imagination), a droll Iggy 
Pop cameo as an Al Martino-obsessed skating rink owner ("Metallica 
sucks" he snarls), and the adorable image of an Oshkosh P-series 
snowplough as operated by kids barely able to see over the steering 
wheel.  Cute.  There's a touching teen love story, too, and it 
ain't even gag-inducing.  Amazing.  Alas, it's the *rest* of this 
Jean Smart/Chevy Chase/Chris Elliott/Pam Grier-starring family film 
that's forgettable.  Well, that is, unless you're under the age of 
adult...  Chris Koch directs.  (Rated "PG"/85 min.)

Grade: C-

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