Supernova (2000)

SUPERNOVA is a barely passable, space-rescue-ship-answers-distant-
breaks-loose-after-said-survivor-is-brought-on-board action/adven-
ture that's notable, first, for the presence of Real Actors James 
Spader and Angela Bassett and, second, for the well-publicized be-
hind-the-scenes struggle that involved a whopping *four* directors.  
(Geoffrey Wright, Jack Sholder, Francis Ford Coppola, and Walter 
Hill, who shot most of the footage.)  The expectedly choppy results 
may appeal to sci-fi buffs; at least they'll understand the frag-
mented story.  Everyone else will probably make a warp-drive bee-
line for the manager's office, to ask for their money back.  Cool 
art direction, though.  (Rated "R"/88 min.)  

Grade: C-

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: January 16, 2000

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