The Tao of Steve (2000)

THE TAO OF STEVE is an innocuous if overrated indy romantic comedy 
about a fat, philosophizing, womanizing, twenty-something, part-
time Santa Fe schoolteacher (Donal Logue) who finds himself fal-
ling in love for the very first time.  (He's devoted a considerable
amount of energy to both keeping intimacy at bay and advising his 
three male roommates to strive for same.)  Big-lug lead Logue
is just *one* of an appealing ensemble of unknowns.  They can act 
*and* they look like the rest of us.  Can't say they're quite com-
pelling enough, though.  (I sure wasn't drawn very far into the 
film...)  The story ambles lazily along, tracing Mr. Buddha Bel-
ly's various low-key (mis)adventures-- managing a marital affair, 
ride-sharing with someone he's increasingly attracted to, etc.  
Plus periodic poetic-waxing on Chubb's many tenants of coolness.  
Such as Rule #1:  Do not show desire to a woman you want to sleep 
with.  There's a *near*-captivating stretch somewhere in hour two,  
when a closeted skeleton comes out.  The crackling, flirty energy 
that results lasts, alas, less than thirty minutes.  Oh well.  Add 
pop-culture nods, some very pretty scenery, and one distracting-ly 
clear-sounding soundtrack (that's also too damn upbeat) and you've 
got your movie.  Please choose one of the following in your reply 
to this review:  Sour Puss | Gloomy Gus | Forrest Grump.  Thank 
you.  With Kimo Wills, Ayelet Kaznelson, Nina Jaroslaw, and, as 
the love interest, the unglamorously lovely Greer Goodman, who co-
wrote the screenplay with Duncan North and the film's director, 
her strange-spelling sister Jenniphr.  Cue "Hawaii Five-O" theme.
(Rated "R"/87 min.)

Grade: B-

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: The Dao of Dour

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