Titan A.E. (2000)

TITAN A.E. is Don Bluth's latest animated epic, a future-set sci-
fi actioner about a destroyed Earth, the straggling human surviv-
vors, their still-pursuing alien enemies, and the mysterious "Pro-
ject Titan" which, if found, might save their soon-to-be-extinct 
asses.  While likely one of the few summer action movies that both 
adolescent boys and their parents will agree is appropriate fare, 
TAE, bo, does its *best* job being immediately off-putting to dis-
criminating *adult* viewers.  Specifically, *this* discriminating 
adult viewer, who couldn't shake such distractions as... the fac-
ial features of the human males, drawn to look like they're always 
frowning; periodic outbursts of fusion rock, seemingly for the 
sole purpose of selling soundtrack albums; some zero gravity sil-
liness involving "swimming" through air; an biped alien supporting 
character with legs so comically oversized that she looks like a 
Tex Avery creation; and, last but never least, a lack of enough 
three-dimensional depth to certain shots, be they hand- or compu-
ter-generated.  Thirty minutes was plenty for me.  I left, asked 
for, and got my money back.  With voice credits including Matt 
Damon, Drew Barrymore, Bill Pullman, Nathan Lane, Janeane Garo-
falo, John Leguizamo, and "Wild Thing" wild man Tone Loc.  Hasta 
la vista, baby.  (Rated "PG"/94 min.)

Grade: W/O

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: Spaceships and Sex Pistols

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