The Virgin Suicides (2000)

THE VIRGIN SUICIDES, the directing debut of Francis Ford Coppola's 
daughter Sofia, an actress best (worst?) remembered for her unfor-
tunated appearance in THE GODFATHER III, is the lovingly awkward 
story of five strictly religious-raised teenage daughters who take 
their lives one sunny suburban spring in the Seventies.  And whose 
deaths haunt the adult lives of their young male admirers, one of 
whom narrates the story in a dreamy sort of flashback.  Far from 
the depressing detour that it sounds like, Sofia's choice is most 
effective as (a.) an amusingly accurate period piece (Warning!  
Plaid Ahead!) and (b.) an endearing depiction of teen infatuation.  
Alas, it's also a lumpy, low budget-looking film that never gives 
the male characters enough substance to leave us affected by their 
affections.  That both the boys and the five girls all look alike 
doesn't help matters much, either.  With James Woods, Kathleen 
Turner, and, as the sisters, Hanna Hall, Kirsten Dunst, Chelsea 
Swain, A.J. Cook, and Leslie Hayman.  Great soundtrack, too, com-
plete with turntable noise heard before classic cuts from ELO, 
Styx, et al.  From the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides.  

Grade: C+
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: May 14, 2000

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