What Planet Are You From? (2000)

WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? boasts some big names, including director 
Mike Nichols, cable TV comedian Garry Shandling, Oscar nominee An-
nette Bening, and Oscar winner Ben Kingsley.  The plot's a seeming 
sure thing:  on a distant planet of emotion-less, libido-less men, 
one man (Shandling) is chosen to be sent to Earth, to impregnate a 
woman.  He's taught the basics, such as how to pretend he's listen-
ing and the proper technique for complimenting her footwear.  And, 
most importantly, he's been outfitted with a fully functioning pen-
is.  The catch?  Said Johnson starts humming when something starts 
happening!  Sounds funny.  Should be funny.  Should be *damn* fun-
ny, but it ain't.  The first problem is the most obvious:  Shand-
ling, who, when projected onto the big screen, has all the range of 
a fallen log.  If that.  Worse, the screenplay never effectively 
blends the slapstick dick jokes with the more subtle funnies of a 
man frustrated with a set of brand-spanking-new emotions.  (Not 
that Shandler can effectively *express* them...)  Oh well, at least 
the finale is laugh out-loud funny.  (Hint: it involves John Good-
man's obsessed FAA investigator.)  And you *do* get to hear Ghandi 
intone such straight-faced gems as "I'll get on your penis right 
away."  With Greg Kinnear and that babe with previous alien experi-
ence, Linda Fiorentino.  (Rated "R"/107 min.)

Grade: C+

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: March 5, 2000

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