Where The Money Is (2000)

WHERE THE MONEY IS pairs Paul Newman and Linda Fiorentino for
a yawn-inducing armored-car caper.  He's an old pro faking a
stroke; she's the not-so-stupid nurse that discovers the ruse.
(He's a con currently incarcerated at an old folks home.)  Eh,
no great shakes, beyond the aforementioned ace actors.  You 
can't go too terribly wrong with those two.  Dreadfully intru-
sive score and soundtrack, tho.  Good God, what's up with 
those Cars tunes?  Makes my ass want apple sauce.  With Dermot
Mulroney.  Marek Kanievska directs from a script by E. Max 
Frye, Topper Lilien, and Carroll Cartwright.  Oddly, brothers
Ridley and Tony Scott are producers.  (Rated "PG-13"/89 min.)
Grade: C
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