The Mexican (2001)

THE MEXICAN, sigh, is this week's walk-out, a staggeringly dull ro-
mantic comedy slash bang-bang caper starring, though not really
pairing, Brat Pitt and Julia Roberts.  (Imagine if energy-starved
California could tap *those* mega-watt smiles!)  It's also the se-
cond feature for director Gore Verbinski, the sly eye behind the 
"Budweiser Frogs" and the visually dazzling "Tom and Jerry"-inspired
MOUSEHUNT.  (Remember?  Nathan Lane and Lee Evans??)  Unfortunately, 
there's little eye-popping ingenuity-- much less laughter, or chem-
istry, or... -- to this Southwestern adventure about a blank-faced 
mob putz (Pitt) whose previously botched errand is the reason he's 
in Mexico, retrieving an ancient pistole, which, of course, he imme-
diately loses.  It's also the reason his disapproving, live-in girl-
friend (Roberts) isn't with him, but, instead, is on *her* way to 
Vegas.  Where they were supposed to be going together.  And where, 
en route, she's taken hostage by Someone Also Interested in Said 
Pistol.  (The latter played by James Gandolfini, on hand to "quell 
funkiness.")  So, while Pitt's character bumbles around below the 
border, Roberts and Gandolfini spend their time driving across the 
desert, talking about her relationship.  (He's quite the counselor, 
his tough-guy!)  Forty-five minutes later-- and with not a single
thing having yet "happened"-- I left and got my money back.  Wait
for the video and then don't bother renting.  (Rated "R"/123 min.)
Grade: W/O

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