Someone Like You (2001)

SOMEONE LIKE YOU, released a couple weeks ago, is a likeable, for-
gettable, animal husbandry-themed romantic comedy about a single and 
out-of-dating-practice TV talk show assistant (Ashley Judd, super-
spunky) who forms a fame-making mating theory after a failed office 
romance with Greg Kinnear's Good Looking Guy Who Already Has A Girl-
friend But Isn't Happy So It Must Be Okay.  (She also gleans valu-
able guy info from a sex-obsessed work bud and later place-to-stay-
in-a-pinch hitter played by Hugh Jackman, whose considerably cleaner 
cut than his fame-making appearance as Wolverine in last summer's X-
MEN.)  Judd also narrates her character's tale of woe and wonder-
ment, aided by title cards, surprise sound effects, and the occa-
sional "fantasy enactment," as when Hugh Downs starts speaking to 
her during a New Year's Eve broadcast.  Cute opening sequence, too, 
depicting the attempted fooling of a ready-to-mate farm animal.  

Though her characterization could be stronger-- think common sense 
and the lack thereof-- Judd is a joy to watch, all spunky smile and  
tart-tongued spark.  The actress also *looks* lovelier than ever, at  
least while wearing clothes.  (Less flattering-- and kinda embarras-
sing, if you ask me-- are scenes like Judd showing off cheerleader 
moves in her skimpy skimpies.)  Of her co-stars, Jackman's a good, 
earthy foil, while Kinnear adds some smoothie star power.  Marisa 
Tomei also appears as the best friend and been-there-dated-that an-
swer-woman to Judd's character's daily questions.  The plot is more 
complicated than it needs to be.  And confusing, at times.  (Does 
she or does she *not* have the surgery?)  The biggest turn-off, tho, 
is that this one gets more and more melodramatic as it goes, until 
self-destructing at the end with a series of ridiculous, zero sense-
making climatic revelations.  Oy.  At least the jokes are good, no-
tably the knowing male-female observations, which are sure to induce 
both howls *and* hisses from both genders.  Ergo, I wouldn't call 
this a date movie.  *Break-up* movie, maybe...  Actor Tony Goldwyn 
directs and sometimes leers.  How else to explain supporting star 
Ellen Barkin's legs shown on such prominent display?  (Rated "PG-13" 
/95 min.)

Grade: C    

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