Return of the Jedi: Special Edition (1983/1997)

This is the dopiest of the three movies and, thus, the easiest to 
pick on.  The tone is insufferably broad.  The cross-cutting is 
hideous.  Even wise old Yoda is a bore, hacking his way through an 
embarrassing death scene.  (Eh heh, eh heh, eh heh, throat lozenge 
please pass.)  And, and, and, so what?  To quote someone else's 
.signature, "The ability to criticize STAR WARS is insignificant 
next to the power of The Fans."  For all the stuff that sucks-- two 
words: Ewok babies-- there's something else that sends even the 
casual fan soaring.  My favorite moment is watching Vader watching 
his son getting creamed by the Emperor.  Those hollow, plastic eyes 
chill me to the bone.  (That is, once I accept the fact that no 
amount of purple electricity is going to make Mark Hamill's hair 
stand on end.)  And don't miss the added footage, at the very end, 
showing celebrations on a couple of other planets.  These are the 
first glimpses into what we'll likely see in two years, when George 
Lucas unveils the first of his STAR WARS prequels.  (Rated "PG"/133 

Grade: B-
Copyright 1997 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies in March 23, 1997

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