New York City, June 7-12, 2003

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Airport Shuttle From Hell - The plane ride was faster.

Angela - Beloved friend from High School.

Backyard - Location of cookout at Angela's apartment.  See also: Incredulity at Actual Outdoor Space.

Birthday, Mike's - June 9.

Birthday Presents - FDNY mousepad, contribution toward $400 model won on ebay last week.

Carnegie Deli - Seventh Street eatery that Mike wanted to visit daily.

Carnegie Hall, How to Get to - Practice, practice, practice.

Cell phone - Excellent way to relieve boredom on long train rides.

Emergency Services - NYPD Division with way-cool rescue trucks.

Energy Differential  (ED) - Measured 9.73, meaning Mike wore out Julie most of the time.

Esquire, June 2003 - Reading material for train ride to Jersey.

Esquire, May 2003 - Reading material for plane ride from Raleigh.

FDNY Operational Reference - Souvenir purchased at fire department gift shop (FireZone, Rockefeller Center).  Other mementos:  Late Show baseball cap.

Fluffy's Bakery & Cafe - Seventh Street establishment with unusually strong gravitational pull.  See also: Heavenly Cannoli.

Franklin Mint 1:32 Scale Seagrave Aerial Ladder Fire Engine - See: Birthday Presents.

Free Room and No Bored - Reason for trip (Mike only).

Guests on Monday's Show - Actress Juliet Binoche, writer Joe Queenan, and the rock band Blur.  Plus Miss Universe, who read the Top Ten List.

Hawaiian Shirts - Attire of choice (Mike), much to Julie's dismay (he looks like a tourist).

Hookers - Sorely missed from Times Square.

Items Lost or Broken - Television remote (lost), room key (lost), hotel iron (dropped).

Jerry's, Ben & - See: Haagen Daas.

Librarian Convention - Reason for trip (Julie only).

Lightning - Reason we couldn't deplane for forty minutes after returning to Raleigh.

Marine Company 1 - Sorry, but my boss ain't here.  No problem, I'll just take some pics from the pier.

News, Start Spreadin' The - I'm leaving today.

Paper - Composition of hotel walls.

Penn Station - Two of them, one in Manhattan, one in Newark.

Photographs - Several hundred taken with FujiFilm FinePix digital camera.

Puerto Rican Day Parade - Cause of day-long shouting on Sunday.

Rat - Cute, furry creature seen scurrying along subway tracks.  See also: Mike would you stop taking pictures please, everyone is looking at you.

Rupert G. - Proprietor of Hello Deli and frequent Late Show patsy.

Sex - Made you look.

Six Damn Dollars - Price for two Diet Cokes at hotel (Hilton on Sixth Avenue).

Subway Trains Ridden - Practically every one of them.

Tian - Beloved cousin breakfasted with on Thursday.

Three Dollars - Price of Quarter Pounder in Times Square.

Times Square - Neatest place in the world next to Vegas, which Mike has never visited.

Union Square - Neat place in lower Manhattan.

X-Rated - Also sorely missed from Times Square.

Walking - Tennis shoes are better than flip-flops concludes Professor Legeros.

Yeah, Whatever - Reaction of  FDNY museum staff upon being shown copy of Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting.

Zeitgeist - Not related to trip, but great word to end with.



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