01/15/09 158 W, 1 I - + 13 - 15 US Airways Incident

Here's a pretty good picture of the US Airways jet (headed to Charlotte) that ditched in the Hudson River this afternoon, surfaced in this New York Times article and shot by Brendan McDermid for Reuters. All passengers reported safe. Current temperature 20 degrees in the Big Apple. If memory serves, it was reported just a couple days ago that the nation's commercial carriers had flown a second year without any fatal accidents. (Read UPI story.) What would happened if the plane had submerged, sunk to the bottom, and necessitated a dramatic underwater rescue? That was the plot of Airport '77, no? Jack Lemmon, Lee Grant, Brenda Vaccaro, and others. Remember those great, awful disaster movies of that era? George Kennedy leaping onto an airport crash truck at the end of Airport 1975 comes to mind as my ten year-old self's favorite scene from that period. When all else fails, call Charleton Heston.

Brendan McDermid/Reuters Photo

What’s the FDNY response for an incident of that type? The web site http://www.panix.com/clay/scanning/Frequ.. lists the following: 10-60 – MAJOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE – Transmitted for a collapse, airplane crash (except airport crash boxes 0037-LaGuardia Airport, and 0269-Kennedy Airport) train derailment, or similar emergency with the potential for multiple casualties. The following will respond. 3 Engines, 2 Ladders, 3 Rescue Companies (including Res3cuE with the Collapse Unit) 5 Battalion Chiefs, 1 Tactical Service Unit, HazMat, Field Communications Unit, Squad Company 1 with Technical Response Vehicle, 1 Deputy Chief, 1 Safety Battalion.
Legeros - 01/15/09 - 18:07

I would be willing to bet that when that was transmitted, the response in a lot of firehouses and in the front seat of a bunch of ambulances and polices cars was “OH ****!” (insert expletive of your choice).
DJ (Email) - 01/15/09 - 18:13

Four alarms at RDU, e.g. aircraft crashed off property, sends what these days? Last time I checked and if I am counting correctly, it was 5 engines, 9 pumper/tankers, 2 ladders, 4 rescues, 3 tankers, 1 air unit, full haz-mat response, plus red cars. From Wake and Durham counties.
Legeros - 01/15/09 - 18:26

From http://www.fdnewyork.com/aa.asp::

Signal 10-60:
* 8 engines
* 4 ladders
* 6 battalion chiefs
* 2 deputy chiefs
* 2 squads (one must be Squad 1 w/TRV)
* tactical support unit
* rescue battalion
* Haz-Mat battalion
* safety battalion
* FAST unit
* 2 collapse task forces
* 2 SOC support ladders
* SOC logistic support van
* SOC compressor truck
* 1 satellite
* 1 RAC unit
* mobile command center
* air recon chief
* 1 EMS division chief
* 2 EMS division captains
* 1 Haz-Tac officer
* 4 BLS ambulances
* 1 logistic support unit
* 1 MERV
* 1 MRTU
* 1 EMS deputy chief
* 3 EMS conditions officer
* 2 ALS ambulances
* 1 OMA response physician
Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 01/15/09 - 19:36

Keep in mind that the normal staffing for FDNY is 5 FF’s for engine companies and 6 FF’s for ladder (truck) companies.
Native Charlottean - 01/15/09 - 20:15

As reported on http://www.nycfire.net

see the whole forum here…

Hudson River between NY and NJ, 1/15/09

Location: Hudson River @ W50 st

15:34 hours
Phone Box 868 – Report of a plane in the water
Engs. 54, 34, 65
TL21, L4
Battalions 9, Rescue
Rescue 1
Squad 18
Tactical Support 1
Marine 1 Alpha

15:35 hours
Also receiving reports of plane in the water Hudson River W83 st. Multiple calls received in the Bronx reporting a plane with engine fire. Queens in contact with LGA tower reporting a plane with a bird into the engine.
E76, TL22 assigned to W83 st

15:36 hours
Rescue 1 to Manhattan, urgent! Plane in the water with people out, we’re launching our boat!
E23 available assigned in

15:37 hours
Rescue Battalion: Start a second rescue.
Rescue 4 S/C

15:37 hours
Battalion 9: Have all units respond to the Intrepid, that’s where Rescue 1 is.

10-60-868 – 15:38 hours
Battalion 9 to Manhattan, Urgent! According to PD we have a major airliner in the water, possibly a 707, give me a 10-60!
Engs. 8, 21, 40, 16
E9 w/ Satellite 1, E93 w/ Mobile Command Center 2
L2, L16
TL35 is the FAST truck
L25 w/ Collapse Rescue 1, Collapse Rescue 4
TL7, TL1 (SOC Support Trucks)
Battalions 10. 11, HazMat, Safety, Marine
Battalion 6 (Safety Officer), Battalion 8 (Resource Unit Leader)
Battalion 4 (Planning Sections Chief), Battalion 58 (Air-Recon Chief)
Squad 1 w/ TRV, HazMat 1, SOC Logistics, SOC Compressor
Divisions 1, 3
Marines 1, 6
FieldCom, Command Tactical Unit
Car 36B (Department Chaplain)

15:38 hours
TL21 to Manhattan, Urgent! The location of the plane is 43 and West Side!

15:39 hours
Marine 1 to Manhattan, this is confirmed! You have a commercial airliner in the water, 2 ferries alongside, Marine 1A is pulling up alongside, Marine 1 is responding as well.

15:40 hours
BC9 to Manhattan, Urgent! We have a commercial airliner down, have all units respond to Circle Line Piers, we have people on the wings, we have a Circle Line Boat pushing it to the pier.

15:42 hours
BC9: We’re going to use the Command Post at the end of Pier 83

15:43 hours
Division 1: Have All-Units respond into 42 st, Pier 81.

15:44 hours
Marine 1: Tide is moving downtown.

15:46 hours
DC1: At this time, we have an FD command post set up at Pier 81 opposite 41 and 12th. We have a US Airway Jet, approximately 60 passenger Jet, we have Circle Line ferries circling the plane, it is drifting south at this time, right now south of 41st and 12th.

15:46 hours
DC1 to Manhattan, Urgent! I want all the Marine Units responding on this incident! At this time we have numerous people on the wings on the plane, we have numerous Circle Line ferries surrounding the plane, FD units are jumping on additional ferries.
Marine 9 w/ Rescue 5, E153, TL77, Battalion 21 S/C

15:47 hours
DC1: Have Division 3 set up a secondary command post at the tip of Pier 76 (W36 st)

15:48 hours
Car 4A (AC Robert Sweeney, Assistant Chief of Operations) is responding.

15:49 hours
DC1: We want FD units to respond to Pier 76, all command units respond to Pier 81

15:50 hours
Battalion 6 is 10-84, already designated the Resource Unit Leader, Battalion 8 re-designated the Safety Officer.

15:51 hours
DC1: We want a Major EMS response to both Piers. First boat loaded with passengers is heading to Pier 81. We have reports of 146 passengers on the plane.

15:52 hours
Coast Gaurd reports 4 ferries and 1 cutter en-route

15:53 hours
Car 4A: Notify Division 1 as per FDOC there are 146 Passengers and 5 crew, total of 151.

15:54 hours
E14: Notify Division 1 we’re at the 33st Heliport, they’re directly opposite us now, it’s a perfect place to land boats.
E14 assigned

15:56 hours
Car 9 (DAC John Sudnik, Queens Borough Commander) is responding to DC3 command post
Car 11(DAC William Siegel, Chief of SOC) is responding

15:59 hours
L10 acting 24, as per Division 3, we’ll be operating at W33 at the Heliport
Battalion 1 acting 9 S/C to the 30th street Heliport
E1 S/C to 30th street Heliport

16:00 hours
Rescue 3 is relocating to Rescue 1

16:03 hours
L25 w/ Collapse Rescue 1 is responding to 41 and 12th
L116 w/ Collapse Rescue 4 is responding to Pier 76

16:03 hours
DC1: Have all Chief officers switch over to command channel 2.

16:03 hours
FDOC reports plane took off with 21800 Gallons of Fuel

16:04 hours
Marine 9 has a 30 minute ETA responding with Rescue 5

16:05 hours
Car 9: Have TL35 respond to with their water gear 41st and 12th, also special call another FAST truck to 36th and 12th.
Marine 6A is responding
TL22 acting 12 S/C as an additional FAST Truck

16:06 hours
Car 11A (DC William Seelig, Chief of Rescue Operations): We’re responding to your 10-60, advise the Chief of Rescue Services the Scuba Support Van is responding from Fort Totten.

16:09 hours
E9: We’re at 40 and 12th, pier 79, we have approximately 30 people here no one seriously injured, if we can get some blankets over, everyone’s soaking wet.

16:10 hours
Car 12 (BC Stephen Raynis (Acting), Chief of Safety and Inspectional Services) is responding

16:11 hours
The staging area is W42 st and 11 ave

16:13 hours
Marine Battalion: Marine 1 and Marine 6 have lashed the plane to ensure the remaining fuel and engine do not break away, notify Coast Guard.

16:13 hours
Car 12A (Executive Officer of Safety and Inspectional Services) is 10-84

16:15 hours
Car 11A: Have the SOC Scuba Van respond to 42 and 12th

16:15 hours
SOC Scuba Support Van: Be advised we have 5 confirmed divers on board at this moment.

16:18 hours
BC1 acting 9: We’re at the Chelsea Pier. We’re with Division 1, we’re at the end of the Chelsea Pier at the Command Post at Pier 61

16:20 hours
FieldCom: As per DC1, the pilot stated he got all the people off the plane onto the wings, and the pilot was dropped off at Pier 76. At this time we are attempting to ascertain the number of people and injuries. As per the pilot there is noone left on the plane.
BC1/9: There is noone operating at the heliport, the plane has drifted south of that area.

16:21 hours
FC: Have the Planning Unit respond to W41 st and 12th
E262 w/ IMT Planning Vehicle is responding
L116 (Rescue Collapse 4 support) is responding.

16:23 hours
Battalion 58 is airborne with a 5 minute ETA

16L23 hours
DC1: Be advised Division 1’s command post is now at Pier 61 (23 st @ West Side Highway)

16:24 hours
Division 6 is relocating to Division 3

16:27 hours
Manhattan requesting a rundown of which company is at which location

16:26 hours
DC3: At this time at Pier 76, I have TL22, he’ll be appointed contact at this time.

16:27 hours
DC1: I need an EMS supervisor to assist me at Pier 61

16:28 hours
Rundown for Pier 76: W36th st and 12th ave
Collapse Rescue 4

16:28 hours
Marine 9 gives a 20 minute ETA.

16:35 hours
DC1: We are still waiting for an EMS Supervisor at Pier 61.

16:40 hours
E9 is at the Waterway Building (W48 st) with approximately 54 passengers, 2 were taken to the hospital.

16:43 hours
Marine 9 is 10-84.

16:45 hours
Nassau PD and Jersey City PD reports each has a helicopter at the 30th st heliport.

16:49 hours
PD is requesting a representative at W34 and 12th ave

16:49 hours
FC: Assign another battalion chief, we’re moving our command post, it’s heading south.
Battalion 46 acting 7 S/C as “PD Liaison”
Battalion 14 acting 8 S/C as Staging Manager

16:57 hours
E1 is 10-8

16:59 hours
BC1/9: We’re being directed with TL1 to respond to Pier A.

17:10 hours
As per news report from US Airways:
Latest reports are that US Airways Flight 1549, an Airbus A320, flew into a bird or flock of birds and lost both engines shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Aiport over the Bronx while en-route to Charlotte, NC. The pilot was unable to return to the airfield and instead managed to successfully crash-land in the river. All passengers are reportedly accounted for. Majority of injuries are hypothermia-related.

17:14 hours
DC3: Get in contact with Mobile Command, have them respond to Battery Park Pier, we have the plane tied off now. Can we also get 2 engine companies down here, we need them to stretch 2 foam lines, we’re at north of Murray St, right at the pier.
Engs. 205 acting 10, 7 S/C

17:17 hours
DC1: At Pier 81, we have Battalion 8 and 2 engines committed there. We have no units left at Pier 76, have Collapse Rescue 4 take up from there and head down to Battery Park City.

17:19 hours
L25/Collapse Rescue 1 are 10-8.
Battalion 58 is returning to Brooklyn.

17:24 hours
Battalion 8: We have 14 passengers remaining at this location (Pier 81) that require transportation back to LaGuardia. We had 20 passengers, 6 transported by EMS.

17:26 hours
Car 9: Have E205 go to Battery Park City and just go to the water, they’ll see us there.

17:28 hours
Car 9: The aircraft has been secured, it’s being secured to the sea wall opposite Battery Park City, 2 precautionary handlines are being stretched. Division 3 will be radio contact, Car 11 will be Incident Commander

10-86-868 – 17:33 hours
DC3: Transmit a 10-86 (Fleuroprotein Foam Operation), we’re going to need some more foam units down here.
E5 w/ Foam 5
E95 w/ Foam 95
E238 w/ Foam Tender 1
Battalion 31 (Foam Coordinator)

17:33 hours
DC1: I want all agencies to respond to River Terrace off of Warren St on the water.

17:44 hours
The NTSB advises that no FD members are to enter the plane.

17:49 hours
FC: Have an EMS Supervisor respond to Murray and River View Terrace.

17:52 hours
E9: Advise all units coming in on the 10-86 to come in on Warren as close as they can to the water.

17:52 hours
At this time, as per news conference with the mayor, victim tracking is still in progress. It is believed that all passengers got out and were picked up by a variety of Circle Line, FD, PD, USCG, and civilian vessels. It is believe that most were recovered to Manhattan, with some to New Jersey.

18:04 hours
Battalion 10: Could you 10-10 (get location of) L16, I have one of their members.

18:08 hours
E238: Have an ambulance respond to Murray and West St, we have an injured member!

18:29 hours
FC: By order of Deputy Chief Daly, all companies not at the command post are to go 10-8, with the exception of the 10-86 units, Rescue 1, Rescue Collapse, Tactical Support, Rescue Battalion

19:13 hours
Mobile Command Center 2: At this time we are holding with the remaining assignment, we have 2 foam lines on standby while NTSB makes a determination about the plane. Incident is now Probably Will Hold.

Currently Operating @ Battery Park City (Box 113)
Engs. 7, 205 acting 10
E9 w/ Satellite 1, E5 w/ Foam 5, E95 w/ Foam 95, E238 w/ Foam Tender 1
L116 w/ Collapse Rescue 4
Battalions 9, 31 (Foam Coordinator), Rescue
Divisions 1, 3
Rescues 1
Marines 1, 6
Tactical Support 1
FieldCom, Mobile Command Center 2

19:24 hours
MCC2: Special call an additional engine to this box.
E10 S/C

*Rundowns may not be 100% correct, as it is understandably chaotic at the time.
Dispatch - 01/15/09 - 21:10

Photo gallery from NY Daily News: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/gall..
Legeros - 01/15/09 - 23:21

As to FDNY staffing Engines Companies, each tour starts with 60 five man engines plus the five Haz Tec engines. There is approx. 198 Engine Companies in the city. So most are staffed with 4.
Kurt - 01/16/09 - 10:03

I think they did a great job with the response. After listening to the radio traffic it sounded like everything went as smooth as it could for an event of this nature. Much love to the pilot and the boys of FDNY.
Listen - 01/16/09 - 10:49

EMS Resources sent to the Box:

25 BLS units
11 ALS units
7 Conditions Officers
4 Captains
2 Deputy Chief
3 Division Chief
4 EMS Physicians
Assistant Chief of EMS
Chief of EMS

3 Major Emergency Response (MERV)
Mobile Respiratory Unit
3 Logistical Support Units
jeff harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 01/16/09 - 12:40

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