01/30/09 64 W - + 14 - 11 Apex, Fayetteville Awarded SAFER Grants

The latest round of SAFER grants were announced today on Firehouse.com. Two awards are close to home. The Apex Fire Department has been awarded $1,300,560, for hiring 12 positions. The Fayetteville Fire Department has been awarded $2,156,208, for hiring 24 (!) positions. Read the article, or see the list of recipients. Or visit the Apex FD web site, orthe Fayetteville FD web site.

Congrats Apex…Scooter can you provide insight as to where the staffing will be placed?
Silver - 01/31/09 - 12:07

Congrats… Any idea if those positions will be in place for the opening of Station 4? Or are those the positions being used to open that station?
Luke - 02/01/09 - 00:01

With the opening of station 4 slated for mid July they will 9 of them should staff a 3 man engine company there. 1 per shift will be added to our Ladder truck to give it a 3 person crew. With the current budget outlook we were wondering how to staff station 4 without this grant. This will give us a total of five 3 person crews daily and a BC. this will still be supplemented by volunteer duty crews and part time personnel. We are in the planning stages now of developing a training program for them.
Apex Batt Chief - 02/01/09 - 14:41

Are you going to have to send them all through a academy or does the grant allow a “short” academy?
Bob - 02/02/09 - 06:51

The last comment was not from the Bob of “Pascucci” fame…
Bob P. - 02/02/09 - 10:40

That’s great to hear Scooter (and Bob of the Pascucci fame). Apex has come a long way since having full-timers at Station 2 and 3 only! How many part-timers work each day? Good luck to all of you in Apex.
Luke - 02/03/09 - 18:34

Luke we have 2 part timers per shift.
Scooter - 02/03/09 - 19:13

Bob (not Pascucci) we are planning an academy that will be approx 3-4 months. We are in the beginning planning stages of it at this time.
Apex Batt Chief - 02/03/09 - 19:15