01/30/09 46 W, 1 I - + 10 - 11 Apex Station 4

Speaking of Apex, construction photos of the town's fourth fire station are being peroidically posted on the AFD site. The combination fire, police, and EMS facility is being built at 1615 E. Williams Street. That's Highway 55, just south of US. 1.

Apex Fire Department Photo

The projected completion date is the end of May… the 29th I believe. It’s location next to the new Bojangles is very, very dangerous…
Bob - 01/31/09 - 08:43

Last completion date I heard was July. I will try to find out a better date this week.
Apex Batt Chief - 02/01/09 - 14:42

I stand corrected… I thought they were saying they were ahead of schedule a few weeks ago…??
Bob - 02/01/09 - 16:04

If I am not mistaken the July information came from town staff meeting 2 weeks ago. I will confirm this week
Apex Batt Chief - 02/01/09 - 18:08