03/23/09 154 W, 2 I - + 15 - 8 City Council Approves Hillsborough Street Roundabout Phase 1 Project Bid

From a Raleigh press release last week, the Raleigh City Council approved the bid for the Hillsborough Street Roundabout Project Phase I from Gardner Street to Oberlin Road. The Phase I improvements will convert Hillsborough Street to a two-lane median-divided facility with on-street parking on both sides, with a seven-foot wide raised median, with sidewalk bulb-outs at the intersections and mid-block locations, and adds several pedestrian signals. The project replaces the Hillsborough Street and Pullen Road traffic signal with a dual-lane roundabout. Read more about this project at the city's Hillsborough Street Redesign site. See the last page of this document of Proposed Streetscape Changes for the roundabout design. Most interesting is the proposed Pullen Road Extension, which will connect Pullen Road and Oberlin Road, and turn the first block of Oberlin Road into a outbound one-way street.

Man, I’m glad we have funding for roundabouts, but not minimum staffing overtime. I’ll sleep easier knowing that traffic on Hillsborough St. will flow better; to heck with my fellow Brothers and Sisters having adequate staffing!! Is MY union raising any questions about this?
Silver - 03/24/09 - 11:08

Silver…probably not. I don’t see the unions around these parts really getting involved, most likely from a lack of support from the majority of the rank-and-file. We are our own worst enemies.
DJ (Email) - 03/24/09 - 11:47

DJ- You said a mouthfull there!
firedriver - 03/24/09 - 20:01

I know DJ, it was a rhetorical question…
Silver - 03/24/09 - 22:24

FHA says they’re safer as long as people follow the rules ( see chapter 5 at http://www.tfhrc.gov/safety/00068.htm ), an increase of bicycle injuries of according to the following paper http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob..
personally, i can’t stand them since i never see anyone follow the rules!
cornerhydrant - 03/25/09 - 17:53

All i can say is our union has done alot for us! We all have opions on what could be better but I did and will enjoy the fair overtime pay that they got us that PD was getting for years to say the least! On the flip side easy with that union crap because it ain’t helping the brothers and sisters up north in those union states right now! Hell FDNY is fixing to lay off over 350 firefighters and closes house so we CANNOT complain to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God we have what we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be safe everbody!
Jason Lane - 03/25/09 - 20:34

Easy Jason, stop yelling. The Union did get us HOLIDAY PAY, on an equal level as the cops, and I’m grateful for that. However, in these tough economic times, it would be nice for some communication to flow to the paying members on the current city budget for us, the “state of the city”, and where we stand. We keep hearing about the department budget getting sliced and diced, and yet there are millions of dollars set aside for roundabouts.

I’m not complaining, I’m glad to be a member of the RFD, I can’t believe how far we’ve come in just the 9 years I’ve been on, and I’m thankful each day that I don’t have to worry about getting a pink slip.
Silver - 03/25/09 - 22:23

I think the question should be, what have I done to help my union? I know that the RPFFA leaders could use more help. I also think that it is hard for the “union” to go to the city when they only have half the support of the department. I think we all could do a better job helping out. But like Lt. said I am glad that I am not working in NYC or LA. If the members of the RPFFA talk crap about the “union” then it will probably hard to drum up support from the non-members that are listening to you.
NOTaTRUCKIE - 03/26/09 - 20:38

Hate to go here, but, I know I’VE done a lot. Not for pay, not for glory, for the members. So, as a paying member of 9 years, I think I’ve earned the right to ask a question here and there.
Silver - 03/26/09 - 23:28

To explain my previous comment, I was agreeing with DJ, our association’s biggest problem is lack of support from many members of our department. Without collective bargaining (for now) our biggest asset is our numbers. The greater our numbers, the louder our voice is.
While it may not be getting us raises everyday, one has to look at the big picture, what has the association done for us over the years. It has done ALOT.
NOTaTRUCKIE-you sum it up pretty good.
firedriver - 03/28/09 - 21:34

Firedriver i also agree they have done alot!
Jason lane - 03/29/09 - 00:16

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