09/13/09 197 W - + 8 - 10 Wanted: Delivery List of EEI Apparatus

Reader Jon Umbdenstock is compiling a delivery list of Emergency Equipment Inc. (EEI) apparatus, which were built in Raleigh. The successor to Atlas Steel Products, EEI built a full range of commercial and custom-chassis fire apparatus from 1983 to 1999. The produced pumpers, pumper/tankers, tankers, mini-pumpers, rescue trucks, and rescue pumpers, among others. Most of their custom rigs were built on Spartan chassis.

Raleigh received two Pemfab/EEI pumpers in 1986, one of which was rebuilt by Pierce in 1990 and recently sold to Four Oaks FD. Wake County deliveries included Apex (Spartan/EEI), Bay Leaf (Mack/EEI), Fairview (Chevy/EEI), Hopkins (Chevy/EEI), New Hope (Mack/EEI), Rolesville (Freightliner/EEI), Six Forks (Ford/EEI, Mack/EEI), Wendell (Ford/EEI), and Zebulon (Freightliner/EEI).

Jon is requesting help with any and all known EEI deliveries, and is requesting:

For example: #8455, 1985 Ford C-8000/EEI, 1000/500, Durham, NC, Engine 8. He appreciates any help, and can be contacted at "JKUmb at aol.com." Thanks in advance!

Greensboro Fire operated a mid 80s EEI as Engine#18 for years – it is now at station#21 as Tanker#21
Noah Rogers (Email) - 09/13/09 - 16:43

Calypso Fire Department Duplin County
1990 Chevrolet Kodiak EEI Pumper/Tanker 1250 GPM/1000 Gallon Pumper/Tanker Engine 2

Potters Hill Fire Department Duplin County
1988 Chevrolet EEI Pumper/Tanker 1000 GPM/1000 Gallon Pumper/Tanker Engine 1

Oak Wolfe Fire Department Duplin County
1988 Chevrolet EEI Tanker 500 GPM/1200 Gallon Tanker Tanker 2 originally used by Mt. Olive FD (Wayne Co) 1988-2007

I know of several in Wayne County but not much information:
El-Roy with a 4 door International Pumper/Tanker and a International Tanker

New Hope with a International Tanker (originally belonging to El-Roy)

Mar Mac 2 custom cab EEI Spartan’s 1990 and 1996 Models

And Roseboro in Sampson County with a 4 door Freightliner Pumper/Tanker Engine 432
car3550 - 09/13/09 - 17:43

Holly Springs operated a Dodge brush truck with the body built by EEI in 1991. The Cab and Chassis was donated to the FD as a Christmas present in December 1990 by Henry Collins. EEI built the body and the new truck replaced a old military dodge brush truck that went to Northwest Harnett FD. Not sure what happened to the 91 Dodge/EEI. That was one tough truck.
Donaldson (Email) - 09/13/09 - 17:45

Yrac had a 1980 Chev w/ 250 gpm pump and 1500 gal tank. They sold it sometime late 80s early 90s. It had a tendency for the rear end to try and pass you in curves.

I think HS still has that brush truck. THey do have a Dodge that is kept at station #1.
DJ (Email) (Web Site) - 09/13/09 - 19:36

Selma has a custom EEI on a Duplex chassis. 1500 gpm, 500 gal tank, top mount comtrol panel, from the mid 80s.
DJ (Email) (Web Site) - 09/13/09 - 19:37

1984 EEI Simon duplex cab 1500 hale two stage pump 750 tank Selma Fire Department 1984
Adam Brown - 09/13/09 - 19:40

If Im not mistaken Archers Lodge fire has an eei body on a American la France cab not sure the specs on it.
Adam Brown - 09/13/09 - 19:43

50-210 has a couple, I think. One of which is one of the last they manufactured.
Chris - 09/14/09 - 02:42

Durham had several ford?eei customs in the early to late 80’s. they may still have one or two in reserve.
charles (Email) - 09/14/09 - 03:08

Thanks for the help, everybody! I’m familiar with some of them, but others are new to me. I’ll add to the list I have (I have complete info on about 135 rigs, and partial info on 47 more, mostly missing serial numbers). I plan to create a computer database, and perhaps a website as well. I could use some history if anyone knows any. You can e-mail me at jkumb@aol.com if you like. It’s odd how far some strayed – NY, NJ, PA, MI, FL I’m also looking for information on American Eagle (1986-1989 -the original from Florida, NOT after the E-One merger) and American Fire Eagle out of Summerville, SC (1994-1999), which rose from the ashes of American Eagle and morphed into Hammer Fire Apparatus – they built about 100 trucks. I appreciate all the assistance! – Jon Umbdenstock
JonUmb (Email) - 09/14/09 - 03:28

If I am not mistaken, old Swift Creek Tanker 6 was a Chevy with an EEI body… not sure of the year, but I remember it being an ’86.
Bob P. - 09/14/09 - 06:11

Moncure had a tanker similar to the Swift Creek unit, I think. But I think the Swift Creek unit was an acutal Atlas. As was the Yrac unit, after looking at a picture of it I have. Wilson’s Mills has one of the original Atlas pumpers, a Ford C800 with a canopy cab that was featured in Atlas’ national advertising. As to American Ealge before the merger- Anne Arundel County Maryland had a few pumpers built on Pemfab chassis.
DJ (Email) (Web Site) - 09/14/09 - 14:19

For Wake County apparatus, here’s an older spreadsheet of mine with some model years and such, http://www.legeros.com/ralwake/wake/wake..

As I recall, the recollections of one D. Johnson helped with much of that data.
Legeros - 09/14/09 - 14:23

Buies Creek has a 1990 Spartan/EEI custom enclosed pumper with a 1250gpm Hale top mount 2 stage pump and 1000gal tank. Previously had a 1985 EEI on a GMC 750 chassis with a 1000gpm Hale side mount 2 stage pump and a 1000gal tank. It was sold to someone in Chatham or Lee Co.
FYI - 09/14/09 - 16:35

Yea Buies Creek had two EEI trucks. The ’85 GMC was sold to cape fear in lee county, and the Spartan was the first enclosed cab for harnett county and one of the first if not the first that EEI made. I’ve attached links to both trucks. http://buiescreekfire.com/821.htm ’90 spartan ,http://buiescreekfire.com/Old%20Engines.htm and the ’85 GMC.
PGtruckie (Email) - 09/14/09 - 19:50

Apex just sold a 1993 EEI custom pumper on a Spartan Chassis
ApexBattChief - 09/15/09 - 09:45

East Bend VFD has a Top Kick pumper/tanker from EEI that’s still in service. Also the following squads have/had EEI rescue trucks built in the mid 90s: Yadkin County Rescue, Alamance County Rescue, Pender County Rescue. Winston-Salem Fire Department had several Kenworth/Peterbilt EEI pumpers during the “yellow” years.
Jeff H (Email) - 09/15/09 - 14:30

Went by Arrington FD in Wayne County and they still have a International Tanker made by EEI,
looks to be a early 90’s model.
car3550 - 09/15/09 - 14:37

That Swift Creek Tanker has puzzled me for a long time as it has an Atlas serial number (0606) but had EEI Logos, and it was listed on the yellow Certification sticker as delivered by Emergency Equipment Inc. I was wondering if it was a crossover truck, started by Atlas and finished by EEI. I’ve found a couple of others with the same phenomenon – Myrtle Grove K-95 s/n (0571), and Thanksgiving VFD 194 Chevrolet (O580). I thought Atlas folded it’s tent in 1983, with EEI firing up in 1994. All three of the trucks were 1984’s. Keep up the info! If anyone wants a list of what I’ve found so far, send me your address and I’ll snail mail you a copy. Many Thanks! Jon U.
JonUmb (Email) - 09/15/09 - 15:02

Scoot, who did you sell it to? Lots of memories on that rig (sniff, sniff)....
Silver - 09/15/09 - 15:34

Related in conversation at a fire station: Knightdale FD operated two EEI units, a pumper and a 1000-gallon tanker. The pumper was originally purchased by the town, and sold around the time that KFD purchased their first ladder truck in 1992.
Legeros - 09/20/09 - 11:11

Prospect Vol Fire Department, Prospect VA.
We have a engine 4-3, a 82 chevy c70 with a 427 gas V8, 10 spd trans. Built by Atlas serial #0491, model brute XX. It has a Hale 1000 gpm pump (2 stage) with a 1000 gal tank. This truck was rebuilt in 96, after wrecked, by EEI.

Also have a engine 4-2, a 85 Chevy K30, 350 gas v8, 4 spd trans. Built by EEI, serial #8438, Hale 750 gal front mount pump, pump #51484 with a 250 gal tank.

We have an American Eagle Tanker that we bought from Farmville. It is a 89 GMC tanker with a Darley pump. I don’t know the sizes or specs on it and i can not find them written on the truck. It does say in the door that it was built in June 1989 by American Eagle, Gainesville, FL. I has been rebuilt but i don’t know the specs or company that did that. I will try to find that for you.

Also Pamplin Vol Fire Dept has 2 EEI trucks: a 89 pumper on a chevy chassis (engine 3-3), a 92 Chevy that was built as a tanker then rebuilt as a pumper after having been wrecked (engine 3-2).

Others that we know of are: Lawerenceville had 2, Triplet had 1, Chase city has 2, Kembridge had 4, Farmville had 1, Turbeville has 1. Those are off the top of the head of our Fire department’s President who used to be President of the Southside Va Fire Fighters Association.

We are one of the fire companies that lost big money when EEI went out of business. We had paid a deposit of $70,000.00 to build us a new engine, chassis was on order, when they went belly up. Please feel free to contact me for more info.
[kfoster420] - 09/21/09 - 18:49

Boone (NC) FD operated two GMC / EEI pumpers. Both were 1986 GMC conventionals with 1000gpm pumps and 750 tanks.
Wesley Campbell (Email) - 01/17/10 - 18:26

My home department still operates 2 EEI pumper/tankers. One is a 1987 Chevrolet 1000/1000 pumper/tanker (unit number ET-135) and a 1995 Ford 1250/1000 pumper/tanker (unit number E-130). I am no longer there and I don’t have access to some of the information you are asking for. The department is North Central Alamance Fire Dept. in Alamance County. You can call Asst. Chief Joe Chandler at 336-421-9576 for more info. They were great trucks and still serve the department well.

Tommy Cole
Fire Chief
Pleasant Garden Fire Department
Tommy Cole (Email) - 01/23/10 - 10:38

From a reader, a pair of Atlas pumpers are for sale on govdeals.com

http://www.govdeals.com/eas/itmDisplay.c.., 1978 Chevrolet C-65 Atlas Fire Pumper, Rimer FD, North Carolina

http://www.govdeals.com/eas/itmDisplay.c.., 1983 chevrolet/Atlas Fire Apparatus Pumper/Tanker, Benson FD, North Carolina.
Legeros - 01/30/10 - 09:46

I recently purchased an engine. she’s marked Winston Salem engine 29 but under old paint engine 15. She’s a 1984 Kenworth With EEI body, Hale 2stage pump. She’s In the color of LIME YELLOW. Do you guys know her history? I’m restoring her for parade detail. So an easy life from here on out. But dont let that fool you, She’s still one heck of a pumper. Thanks, John
John (Email) - 01/27/11 - 21:36

A 1994 EEI pumper is now located at The Halls fire department in Tennessee. It is marked Hopkins Rural FD unit 226.
John Meeks (Email) - 07/07/11 - 00:09

Sedley VFD, has 2 EEI rigs, the town of Sedley is located in Virginia, in Southampton county. They are on Facebook, not sure about email.
Jim Myers (Email) - 11/02/11 - 15:12

WSFD operated a total of 500am EEI’s 4th Kenworth % L700 canopy cabs, with 1000/500. They were and 83,84,85,& 86. Then in 1989 a the first 4th door enclosed xab was delivered. Its was built on a MACK MC we 1000/500am. Somehow when I worked at WSFD I was assigned to all of them either first line or reserve status. They served well and could manuver in tight areas. But when they were sold they were wore out.
Clay Simmons (Email) - 01/18/12 - 10:52

Clover Volunteer Fire Department
1993 International 4900 series with a 1993 EEI body Top Mount 1000 GPM Pump 1000 Gallon Tank
Unit is our first run pumper!
Bert Martin (Web Site) - 10/23/13 - 16:32

I have a friend that bought a 1986 EEI pumper from Ulah VFD in Randolph County. I’m helping him restore it. Any idea where we can find wire schematics for the thing?
Brett Parsons (Email) - 09/02/18 - 16:31

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