10/06/09 34 W - + 17 - 9 Wind + Tree + Electricity

Dave Statter surfaces this shocking video of a frying fir (?) in Bellingham, WA. From the audio, there was quite a crowd there. Watch and listen what happens at about 3:55.

I was surprised nobody got hurt in this video.

A simple comment to the “public” that was taping this, Try picking up the cell phone before the video cameras next time and call it in, you’d be amazed what dialing the FD has to do with a response….

Nice video post.
JM - 10/06/09 - 23:29

After looking into this further, I’ve learned from the person that made this video, that the FD was notified approximately 10 mins prior to the beginning of the video. The video is about 5 mins long and the FD didn’t show up on scene until 5 mins after the video ends. That’s a 20 min response for the FD. What FD takes 20 mins to respond to numerous 911 calls stating there is a fire??? Ridiculous!
JJ - 10/12/09 - 00:06

As to the video, before I make comments about whether this response was ridiculous or not, I would have to see the dispatch records. What I have learned over the years that a bystander’s or even the caller’s version of how long the respnse takes is usually a five minute to five second ratio. For every five seconds that go by after they actually call, they think five minutes goes by.

Not everywhere has the abundance of resources that we have here. For the record, I am not sure about that particular location or how they operate. But we have places here in NC that a 20 minute response time would be the norm. I have been out west and fire stations are miles and miles apart and cover vast areas of countryside. For these folks ISO’s 6-mile districts are nothing more than fantasy. They do not all have career staff, and for most of the departments in this country that is not even an option.
DJ (Email) - 10/12/09 - 10:06

WTF is the “fire Dept” gonna do..i mean really, we get calls for transformer fires, power lines down, trees on power lines….seriously, call the power company. All we are gonna do is get a pole number. “oh my God!! Wheres the Fire deptartment?@!” Take your dumb @$$ back in the house and call somebody who gives a crap. “Oh my God, i cant belive our taxes are goin up to pay firefighters better or to get more of them” Its for stupid people like that in the video.

my 2 cents
CTK - 10/12/09 - 13:58

DJ – True, the dispatch tapes/records would tell the complete story without a doubt. The 20 mins was probably 6 or 7 mins in reality.

CTK – The fact of the matter is FD is there to respond to help protect life and property. There could have been lives at risk with all the “site seer’s” just watching in awe at how “awesome” the site was. The FD would have been able to take control of the scene and establish a protective area where nobody would have been near that general area. The PD should have also responded within a decent time frame to assist with the crowd if the FD didn’t want anything to do with it. The power company can “flip a switch” somewhere to avoid the whole thing from getting as far as it did. Should have, could have, would have, but the video shows that the response by ANYONE was not sufficient. The bystanders were lucky the situation didn’t get worse than it was where someone could have been killed. Glad that tree didn’t break while it was on fire and land on a house…. WTF would the “Fire Dept” do then not being on the scene…. let the building burn. Great 2 cents you have there bud. Protect your own “time” instead of life and limb. Blah!

There’s my 2 1/2 cents on this, I’m out.
JM - 10/12/09 - 17:02

i guess it all boils down to stupid people equals job security. I guess the response time wasnt good enough, the closest unit may have been on a “real emergency”. If those folks in the video are too stupid to realize that all that electricity running through the tree wouldnt be enough to kill or hurt them, maybe they needed to have some since “shocked” in to them. Sometimes people need to take into consideration that if it seems dangerous then it probably is. I know my job is to help people in need and the comment “Protect your own “time” instead of life and limb” really…? we get put in dangerous situations all the time duh, but protecting my “own” time….seriously?
CTK - 10/13/09 - 12:13

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