03/30/11 261 W, 1 I - + 13 - 11 This Afternoon's Two Alarms / Reunion Point

Two alarms at 5500 Reunion Point. Cedar Springs Apartments. Engine 19 ariving at a three-story, wood-frame, garden-style apartment building with 13,200 square feet. Built 1996. Heavy fire and smoke showing from the roof in the southwest corner of the structure. Interior operations with two-inch lines. Crews pulled ceilings in the third-floor apartments and found heavy fire in attic.

Emergency evacuation about ten minutes into operation, due to collapsing conditions. All personnel accounted for. Defensive operations commenced, with Ladder 2 on the west side of building on Reunion Point and Ladder 5 on south side / front of the building. Ground monitor also deployed. Majority of fire knocked down within 10 minutes. Aerial operations soon suspended and interior operations resumed.

Battalion 1, then Car 10 as command. Battalion 20 as staging officer. Hydrants used in front of building for Engine 19, and across Spring Forest Road at Reunion Point for Ladder 2. Where was staging as well as rehab? Ladder 5 later used as platform with hand line to extinguish hot spots. Twenty-five people displaced. Twelve apartments affected. Six units uninhabitable. No injuries. Cause not yet determined.

Dispatched at 1:24 p.m. Controlled at 2:31 p.m. Command terminated and scene released about 6:37 p.m. First alarm: E19, E11, E15, L5, R1, B1, EMS 2 Second alarm: E22, E4, E9, E27, E16, L2, R2, B2, B4, A1, C20, C21, C40, C2, EMS122, EMS124, EMS63, EMS8, D3, D4, M92, T1. Investigation assisted by WC1. Relief companies included E5, E18, E26. News coverage: NBC17. News & Observer. WRAL. WTVD.

See aftermath photos by Mike Legeros 

Charles Murray/WRAL photo

Amar Ragoonanan/NBC17 video

Pretty big fire! Sounded hairy on the radio there for a bit, glad everyone made it out okay.

Good work guys, sounded like a super quick knockdown for a well advanced fire!
B-Mac - 03/31/11 - 00:04

You forgot to add ems 124,truck 1 and I believe it was medic 92.
MVC - 03/31/11 - 07:46

Thank you. Truck 1 was hidden in there as “T1”. I have updated the other two units.
Legeros - 03/31/11 - 07:48

Here are photos from three hours after the incident http://legeros.com/ralwake/photos/2011-0..

Was still cloudy, but without rain. Thus the muted colors, though the photographer could stand to work on his white balance post-processing and maybe metering at the time of shooting on any given day. Well, what artist is every truly satisfied with their work…
Legeros - 03/31/11 - 07:50

Also Staging for all fire apperatus was in the shopping center where goodberrys is located at that also goes for EMS units. EMS rehab was on the street directly across from goodberrys. EMS 124,Medic 92,Truck 1 and EMS 8 did rehab.
MVC - 03/31/11 - 08:59

Hey Mike,

I think I found the winner of the “most ignorant comment” for this one…..

jepthas says: “North Carolina really needs to study our worthless fire codes. A woman was killed in the appartment under where my daugher used to live due to fire, and the current residents were both injured. Then we had the entire block burn down in Raleigh a few years ago. It is time we stop having people praise Jesus the did not die due to our non-existent fire codes.”

So now, apparently, this fire and the Town Knoll fire were due to FIRE CODE. Gimme a break, next they’ll say that the Armandale fire was caused by Bigfoot.
Jake T. - 03/31/11 - 09:04

The problem isnt the fire codes but the building codes. It was light weight trusses 18” on center which partially collapsed less than 10 mins after the first in company. According to the first in Engine there was only light smoke in 1 of the Div. 3 apartments and when they pulled the ceiling they had Heavy fire in the attic. Had a good head start on those guys before it was called in.
gen3fire - 03/31/11 - 10:58

I think you Raleigh fellows did and great job,considering the head start that the fire appear to have had. I just wonder what Chief Silver found wrong.
Badger - 03/31/11 - 14:16

They did a great job, especially considering how advanced it was when they arrived.

There’s a big difference between you and I; I actually have a “set” and not scared to share an opinion and use my name as the author. I can also back anything up on here that I post based on 16 years experience, training taught by some of the most world renowned fire service instructors on this Earth, and LODD death reports to support my side. What’s your excuse? Stupid, Ignorant, or both?

In reference to the videos you asked about the other day that Wayne and I made together; your Mom was the third player. Man up or leave your comments to yourself…. -Chief Silver
Silver - 03/31/11 - 14:33

One of the other reasons for the big head start, was that it appeared that both the first due eng company and truck company were out on calls or just clearing calls when the fire came in. Although a little hairy at first it sounded like the guys had a lot thrown at them real quick.
Mike - 03/31/11 - 14:48

Jeff the thought of you, Wayne and Badger’s mom in a video together just made me throw up in my mouth. Thanks ha ha
Mike - 03/31/11 - 14:50

Mike, I think a reference to army boots is also required, to maximize the effect of insulting one’s mother. We’ll see if our readers rise to the challenge. That is, if the joker that runs this blog doesn’t lock the thread again!
Legeros - 03/31/11 - 17:25

Great job by the looks of it guys/gals. Like the above picture; nice ladder placement for aerial ops. Oh Silver I was looking for the like button beside your comment but then I realized this wasn’t facebook.
PGtruckie (Email) (Web Site) - 04/01/11 - 00:56

Just wondering, but I noticed the standard 4.5” connection on the hydrant. When do the new OASIS valves go in service or are they already and if so any reason why it wasnt used on this fire. Just asking questions, not arm chair quarterbacking!!
House - 04/01/11 - 14:09

Oasis valves not in service yet. Supposedly, RFD goes live with the valves on 1 May.
Jake T. - 04/01/11 - 15:38

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