10/06/06 48 W, 1 I - + 13 - 13 Apex Pics Coming

...from both Lee and Mike. The latter's still on scene, the former has to get to bed. Here's one quick shot of his, relatively early into the incident and after the command post was moved for the third (?) time:

Who grabbed that N&O picture I see on CNN.com and Foxnews.com. Looks like they had to be TOO close…
Andrew (Email) - 10/06/06 - 08:12

also a certain news agency is in a deep bunch of stuff this morning for being too close, and as heard on “Ops 1”, “the Channel # news crew refuses to leave their vehicle unitl their general manager and attorney arrive” command followed by “PD is on the way and they have advised the crew not to leave, and not to transmit anything from their vehicle. We need to confiscate their equipment for decon and put them through decon.” wow…
CFP 7021 - 10/06/06 - 11:00

[ Channel # ] had a video feed from what looked like the actual plant site… [ Remaining question removed. Take discussion and comments on specific media organizations off-line, or perhaps to a discussion board. Thanks ]
CPF743 - 10/06/06 - 12:54

That picture was snapped by a veteran newspaper photographer and appeared this morning as a gloriously enlarged image on the front page of the print edition. Neither Lee nor Mike submit their photos to local media outlets, firenews.net excepted.
Legeros - 10/06/06 - 22:29

At least one reader has expressed an interest in discussing the media and their presence (and actions) at incidents such as these. Start a thread on the Watch Desk Raleigh-Durham forum for that and see what happens. (Yeah, you have to register there, but it’s painless. And your userid on the board doesn’t reveal your identity unless you want it to.) Here’s the link to the RDU forum: http://www.thewatchdesk.com/forum/forumd..

Closing this topic to additional comments at this time. This is a likely loaded issue and one our blog goals is to refrain from and prevent posted criticism at specific individuals, agencies, and organizations.
Legeros - 10/06/06 - 22:35