10/12/06 87 W - + 17 - 12 Apex, Media, Points, Counterpoints

Point and counterpoint regarding media photography at the Apex fire, as expressed in a pair of letters to the editor of the News & Observer. Point, written by a responder. Counterpount, written by a photographer. Alas, the letters are more apples to oranges. The first is more broadly directed, while the second is more a defense of a single person. This week's Independent also offers a perspective on the Apex fire and the many issues therein. Here's that article. Discuss at the Watch Desk.

Postscript. The N&O Public Editor summarizes their efforts, though more on the publishing and editorial front: http://www.newsobserver.com/691/story/49..
Legeros - 10/15/06 - 07:32