01/26/06 115 W - + 28 - 17 RFD Scanning

The radio system has been switched over and the FD and PS talkgroups have come alive! Here's my workflow for scanning... I've got a VHF scanner tuned to the old RFD dispatch frequency. Then my digital scanner has the RFD ALERT talkgroup locked out. Since RFD ALERT is rebroadcast on VHF, my old scanner receives same just fine. Plus, the rebroadcast on VHF includes the station pager tones which are NOT broadcast on RFD ALERT. By hearing the tones, I can tell the "big calls" from the "small calls" and listen accordingly. Now, if County Fire had a dedicated ALERT frequency, I could have a second VHF scanner tuned to that. Oh well.

try the old Wake Fire 1 for a county feed, that’s how they still do voice paging IIRC
CFP 7021 (Email) - 01/26/06 - 12:59

To clarify, if County Fire had a dedicated ALERT talkgroup, versus the present combined ALERT + DISPATCH talkgroup, I could tune said second VHF scanner to old County Fire 1 and hear all the ALERT traffic, but without missing the DISPATCH traffic. Presently, tuning a VHF scanner to old County Fire 1 and then locking out the County Fire dispatch talkgroup means you’ll miss all non-computer voice traffic (since only the computer voice is rebroadcast on VHF).
legeros - 01/26/06 - 13:04

mike, unless I am wrong, or they have changed something, there are two sepearate talkgroups on the 800 system for county fire: Dispatch 1 and FD Alert. And unless it has changed, the FD Alert channel is simucast over old Wake Fire 1, at least that’s how it used to be setup. I’m not sure if the Dispatch 1 traffic is simucast over VHF, but I know it did not used to be. Therefore it should mirror the way that RFD is doing it.
CFP 7021 - 01/26/06 - 19:57

All dispatch TGs (EMS Alert, FD Alert, RFD Alert) are simulcasted over VHF on the following frequencies:

EMS Alert: old County Rescom
FD Alert: old County Fire 1
RFD Alert: old Headquarters

Dispatch traffic is NOT simulcasted over VHF, unless it is orders for units to cancel that have not acknowledged, or road closings, or other area-wide info (EMS delivers diversion status simulcasted).

Just my two cents on this…
Chris Snider - 01/26/06 - 23:01

There is separate talkgroups for ALERT and DISP_1. ALERT is actually a rebroadcast of the VHF paging signal going out through the Locution server – for all three VHF paging networks. The alphanumeric system is a single network. The confusion is in the “Dispatch” name for that set of TGs. They were named and in the system prior to the last minute integration of Locution, which drove a separate “DISPATCH NOTIFICATION” talkgroup which she talks on. This could not take place on the existing DISP_1 as Locution would sit and wait for a clear channel, delaying calls, or “ruthlessly preempt” what is taking place on that talkgroup, possibly placing folks in danger.
[jaolson] (Email) - 01/28/06 - 14:01

Here’s my new setup, after returning from a very gray 34+ days in Michigan:

Bank 0: Raleigh Fire VHF, Wake Fire VHF, Wake EMS VHF dispatch freqs. Turned off when in the office, with three VHF radios dedicated to same.
Bank 1: Wake TRS for monitoring Ops and PS Tac TGs. This is the only bank active when in the office.
Bank 2: Triangle area VHF FDs: Johnston, Harnett, Vance, Franklin, Granville, Chapel Hill, etc.
Bank 5: Fayetteville TRS and Cumberland County VHF (for when visiting the folks)
Bank 6: Cary TRS
Bank 7: Durham TRS
Bank 9: RDU TRS
harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 02/09/06 - 18:43

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