12/15/13 324 W, 3 I - + 6 - 5 Yesterday's Commercial Vehicle Fire(s) in Apex

Firefighters from Apex, Fairview, and Cary battled an unusual vehicle fire in Apex yesterday afternoon. The incident at 1096 Investment Boulevard started about 1:30 p.m. with a fire in a pavement marking vehicle parked well in the rear of a one-story, 2,996 square-foot commercial structure. The fire spread to adjoining vehicles, which were a combination of diesel- and propane-powered trucks.

This WRAL story reports that three trucks experienced fuel tank explosions, with five trucks damaged in all. Recalling radio traffic, [Apex Car 2 was first on scene and] Engine 1 was first [apparatus] on scene. After they made access to the gated area behind the structure, Engine 3 brought them a line from a hydrant on Investment Boulevard. They deployed a pair of portable monitors, along with at least one hand line.

Ladder 4 parked near Engine 1, and had a supply line brought of by Engine 4 (I think). They connected to a second hydrant on Investment Boulevard, and commenced aerial operations. The fire was controlled within forty minutes. Additional fire units staged on Investment Boulevard, while medical units parked in a business on the opposite side of the street. Fuel was quickly discovered in the run-off, and spill containment booms were brought to the scene. Between 100 and 150 gallons were released, reports this News & Observer story.

Due to heavy smoke conditions, a nearby indoor sports center was evacuated. Three other nearby businesses were requested to shelter in place. Note that a second alarm was not requested, though it was mentioned on the radio. Cause has not yet been determined notes the news.

Units on scene included Apex E1, E2, E3, E4, L4, B1, Tanker 1, C1, Fairview E1, B1, C2, Cary E6, B1, EMS 41, EMS 42, M9_, and D2. Plus WC1 and Wake County Emergency Management. Here are a couple photos from Mike Legeros. Give him another day to get them posted. And here's a nice aerial view of the location. Click to enlarge:

Hate to start this again, but why move Cary Eng 4 to Apex for coverage during this event when it has no way of being dispatched using the current tagging system. Is there any way to fix this issue? Its just a waste of a resource to pull it out of its station to put it somewhere it wont be used. It cancels out 2 stations for responses. Sorry its just my soap box because it keeps happening. Great job apex handling a bizarre call!
CAD - 12/15/13 - 15:03

Apex Car-2 was first on the scene. Most of the time when a CFD unit is assigned to coverage for non-Cary coverage, we are assigned a MUT Aid channel. Either 11-14 or MUT Aid 1 or 2, to be dispatched to county calls or respond back to Cary for calls, as Cary Central and Raleigh Central have these channels and can monitor. Now the next subject matter and I hope and pray when we go into the new radio system here at Cary, the capability and versatility will be greater with less headache as we shall all be on the same system and have some CAD interface.
CFD@ - 12/15/13 - 22:00

Glad that Cary stuck to their guns and didn’t go to the county system. It isn’t fair when all depts sit down at the table that the small county depts have equal say as to how the ECC runs as compared to the larger jurisdictions.

Cary is smart by staying as they are and I think RFD should try for their own ECC as well.
CaryFan - 12/15/13 - 22:44

There is also work being done with a CAD to CAD interface where the two systems will be able to talk to each other. This is being driven by the EMS side of the spectrum as currently every EMS call in Cary is EMD twice.

Also when the covering engine arrived in Apex, they had a representative from AFD meet them and obtained a county radio. In addition, both dispatch centers knew the unit was there and were coordinating. Also, each CFD station has a county provided pager which receive automatic aid calls into the county on a daily basis.

While not perfect, hopefully it is moving towards a more streamlined system soon as the whole county will be on Cary’s radio system.
CaryCAD - 12/16/13 - 10:17

I believe the partnership between Cary-Wake and the integration of the two systems and the improvements to the RWECC facilities and their CAD will yield multiple improvements.
A.C. Rich - 12/16/13 - 14:47

Chief Rich, you know how the RCC side works off truck tagging. If CFE4 doesn’t have anything besides a AA tag for when it runs auto aid, the dispatcher has to be paying extreme attention to every incoming call in that area to see whether it should go to a specific call. It will NEVER be dispatched by default in the system. Is this correct. I’m glad the centers are working to operate together, but as this horse has been beaten, it exists with the county covering RFD stations and visa versa as well. Its a county wide issue. How do we solve it?
CAD - 12/16/13 - 19:05

100 counties should equal. 100 police, fire, EMS and PSAP’s. That would fix this issue. Multiple counties could share the same back up center for smaller counties
ncnjems - 12/16/13 - 23:44

Every call in Cary is EMD’d twice????? That never happens!! Where do people come up with this stuff?
Mr Smith - 12/17/13 - 08:16

@the Hawaiian one —

Technically the ECC is a City department, but as I understand it the radio system is co-owned by the City and County. It is doubtful RFD would ever seek its own ECC, but there is an interest to one day have a dedicated dispatcher for RFD.
AP - 12/17/13 - 09:31

I know CAD to CAD work is in process and am very optimistic that when the new CAD systems and integrations roll out, it will really be a great product for everyone! In the meanwhile, there is some work to be done to massage the mechanisms involved for CFD to “cover” outside of their city (e.g. resource capabilities, how to dispatch from RWECC, etc. – and more stuff way above my head!). I do know that there are some very talented and professional folks working at both centers – and they can/have collectively solve(d) most of the problems. I think there is more pleasantries to come!
A.C. Rich - 12/17/13 - 09:37

Yes. They are. They are EMDd by Cary ECC for fire dispatch and then when they transfer to RWECC they are re-EMD-ed by RWECC in order for the EMS unit to be dispatched. Therefore the CAD to CAD interface is being worked on to eliminate this need and speed up getting the EMS units on the road. It has been told that this is being primarily driven by the EMS side and [the Medical Director]. The “stuff” is gotten by what people are told in meetings.
@Mr. Smith - 12/17/13 - 12:04

To hopefully set the record straight, EMD calls received by Cary and transferred to ECC are NOT EMD’d again. You have to be talking to a caller to provide EMD, and Cary transmits the information via Tri-Com, and does not transfer the 9-1-1 call. The issue with speeding up response is that we (ECC) have to copy the information from Cary and enter it into our CAD, which is not efficient seeing as they have already entered it into theirs. The CAD-to-CAD interface would eliminate this step. Period. Depending upon the scope of work it may or may not assist with the FD issue. Secondly, I will happily entertain calls from any chief officers who somehow feel they have been slighted in their dealings with ECC. We have included all classes of agencies in decision processes such as the current CAD project and the establishment and review of EFD, and have focused on providing good service. Again, I am always looking for constructive discussion on specific issues.
Furey - 12/17/13 - 13:50

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