02/01/06 106 W, 1 I - + 15 - 13 Cary Station 7

Construction on Cary Station 7 is well underway. The approximately 17,200 square-foot facility at 6900 Carpenter Fire Station Road-- right beside Morrisville Station 3-- will have three double-length drive-through bays to house both Cary Engine 7 and Truck 7 and Morrisville Engine 3 and Tanker 3. Built on 2.95 acres of land, the $4.16 million facility will be constructed of brick with a metal roof. One story, with office space, radio room, training room, day room, kitchen, and individual bedrooms and bathrooms for firefighters. The architect's web site: http://www.fire-facilities.com/cary.htm. The town's also has a Station 7 construction site. And here's a picture from this afternoon:

With the construction of the stationa and once Cary Engine#7 goes in service how much of a first due district will Morrisville E#3 have – will Morrisville E#3 continue to be manned with a paid crew etc.
Noah Rogers (Email) - 02/01/06 - 21:44

Morrisville will continue to staff E-3 with a full crew, running out of CFD Station 7. Word is there will also be a tanker stored there. The districts will not change as Cary already has district out in this area that Station 5 is running first due to. From what the word on the street is that E-3 and E-7 will run together on dual engine calls, aka fire alarms and the like. CFD will help MFD and MFD will help CFD out in this area. Should be an interesting time!
CFP 7021 - 02/02/06 - 01:52

Can we spell redundant…?
Jon - 02/02/06 - 04:52

No, true redundancy would be the continued operation of a second fire station next door to the larger and more accomodating new station. :-)
Legeros - 02/02/06 - 11:32

Whatever happened to contracted fire service to cover areas where you are closer than I am? Granted, a co-location approach makes budgetary sense, but two paid depts in the same station, doing the same thing. Wonder if they have automatic mutual aid for each other.
Jon - 02/02/06 - 17:03

If they do get sent to the same call, wonder if they’ll carpool?
Jon - 02/02/06 - 17:04

yes from the early ideals it would be like an automatic aid agreement where instead of bringing E-5 out to run 2nd due with E-7, MFD would respond if they were in the station. and the same would be true on the other end. After all you have an obligation to provide services to areas within your city limits, as CFD is already running calls out that way with Morrisville coming auto aid on structure fires and other selected EMS runs. and Morrisville still has district out in that area that has not been annexed. CFD only runs within city limits.
CFP 7021 - 02/02/06 - 18:53

some pictures are up on the contractor’s website http://www.centurionconstruction.com/pic..

from all reports it is still on schedule for a fall completion
CFP 7021 - 03/24/06 - 17:31

Doesnt it seem odd that a county the size of Wake is still dealing with issues like we see here. Wouldnt it be just as easy for the County to contract services with Cary seeing how they are going to staff a station with twice, if not 3 times the number of people that the M’oville would. Somewhere, somehow the county is paying for a service that Cary could do. Isnt it true that the volunteer fire departments in Wake County contract with the county, so then wouldnt the counties money be better spent contracting with the municipal stations that may be closer to the counties district. IE: the city stations would have a rural district due to their proximity? IE: across the street from Cary station 6, Fairviews district but who would you rather have if your house is on fire?
fireone - 04/08/06 - 23:13

I think it all boils down to votes. Many of those volunteer fire departments (and rescue squads) have enormous community support. You have to ask yourself- do we really need all of those fire amd EMS chiefs, fire trucks, heavy rescue trucks, multiple administrative staffs, multiple chains of command, etc.? We need to move on. The day of the local volunteer fire department and rescue squad has long since passed in Wake County. It would make things, I think as a taxpayer and public safety professional, so much simpler if there were simply a Raleigh Fire Department, a Cary Fire Department, a Wake County Fire & Rescue Department, and a Wake County EMS.
JD (Email) - 04/09/06 - 03:19

Keep in mind that you also have smaller municipalities (Fuquay, Apex, Holly Springs, Garner) that are providing an excellent level of care. With the new CAD system in place, the closest unit is supposed to be disptached, regardless of “district”. It is silly that certain firehouses have property right across the street from them, only to be deemed some other fire departments “district”. Most of the time, the new system works. If I’m not mistaken though, Cary is the only department that didn’t come on board in this county. Thus, making the new CAD ineffective in that area.
JMS - 04/09/06 - 04:19

it is in progress for CFD to be involved in the closest unit items, Swift Creek already runs a bunch of stuff with CFD. It’s more an issue of rural vs. municipal firefighting, CFD and RFD are not equipped to handle fighting fire in non-hydrant areas the trucks are not set up for it and our ISO rating is based on hydranted areas, etc… for structural fires it’d be a mess, not saying that the closest unit shouldn’t go, but it should be backed up by departments that are set up for it. Also remember that Garner is not a municipal fire department, and that Fuquay, Holly Springs, Zebulon, and Apex all have rural district that the county contracts with them for, as is opposite for garner, wendell, rolesville and wake forest, they are private corps that the towns and the county contract with. You also have to remember fighting annexation is a huge issue, I mean as firefighters we don’t care where we get sent, and for the most part neither do the citizens. BUT they don’t want to pay the higher taxes to be provided the service, not saying that they wouldn’t go, but a municipality has a duty to take care of its taxpayers first and foremost. as for the new CAD system, don’t get me started, it’s a waste of money to not get the best and most user friendly program to do the job. but I can agree with this statement wholeheartedly:

It would make things, I think as a taxpayer and public safety professional, so much simpler if there were simply a Raleigh Fire Department, a Cary Fire Department, a Wake County Fire & Rescue Department, and a Wake County EMS. with the addition of departments within municipalities such as Wendell, Zebulon, Garner, Knightdale, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, Fuquay, Apex and Morrisville.

Take the example of Knightdale, KPS runs inside town limits and provides a service to the taxpayers, Eastern Wake takes care of the rural area, maybe that’s how the game needs to work. Municipalities take care of their own and the county take care of their own?
CFP 7021 (Email) - 04/09/06 - 04:55

Wake County authorized a study in 2003 by Tri-Data Corporation of Arlington, VA, to address issues regarding fire and EMS resources, allocations, and procedures. The results were returned about a year later. If memory serves correctly, and please correct me if it doesn’t, the study treated all non-Raleigh and non-Cary fire stations and equipment as one big pool of resources. And, not surprisingly, it recommended relocating stations and altering apparatus allocations to better meet population and call needs. Alas, the survey was met with mixed enthusiasm by the county fire folks. Some recommendations have moved forward, however, such as examining if areas served by Bay Leaf Station 3, Falls, New Hope Station 1, and Western Wake Stations 1 and 2 can be better served by other agencies, and thus freeing the resources at those stations to serve other areas or agencies.
Legeros - 04/09/06 - 05:26

yup, shutting down fire stations, I would say next fiscal year you will hear more about it. I am a huge fan however of if not combining all EMS units at least putting them on one channel from one dispatch center, the radio traffic on Tri-Com from day to day is crazy with units moving here and moving there and covering this and the such… it’s just a matter of time until…
CFP 7021 (Email) - 04/09/06 - 05:46

There is word the Town of Cary FD is trying to get Station 8 built this next budget year due to expolosive growth in the Cary Glen area.
[car3550] - 04/17/06 - 19:30

yup, projected to have over 40K people in that area in the next 5 years… that’ll make that area 1/3 of the town’s population!
CFP 7021 - 04/17/06 - 23:07

Here’s a nice summary of Cary Fire’s plans for facilities (as well as apparatus): http://www.townofcary.org/depts/budget/f..
Legeros - 04/18/06 - 04:02

Moving EMS to a single dispatch center is in the works… especially with AVL just around the corner. Stay tuned…
Jon - 04/18/06 - 07:02

As far as Cary’s growth on the west side of Hwy 55. Dont be surprised if you see Cary Fire Station 8 and 9 both open at the same time on the West side of 55. Currently station 8 is planned on the site of Brooks Park on Green Level something road, (they all run together). Station 9, which has previousley been planned for the West Lake school area is going to be moved up to the area of HWY 55 and the Durham County line. This is due to the 40 some thousand people that are expected to make “West Cary” home over the next 5-8 years. With this you could expect the addition of the Third Battalion Chief. The urgency for these stations has recently been identified so the time fram could be as soon as 2008. Station 10, which will be the West Lake station will soon follow.
fireone - 04/19/06 - 02:37

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