04/04/07 46 W - + 12 - 11 Survey: Registration and Comments

How would you react as a reader if this blog required registration to post comments? And/or, what is your opinion of anonymous comments and the present handling therein? And/or, what are your reasons for posting comments without signing your names?

Postscript: For those inclined to name-call, Roget’s New Millennium Thesaurus lists these synonyms for “mutt”: black sheep, blackguard, bum, cad, coward, dog, flea hotel, good-for-nothing, heel, hound, mongrel, ne’er-do-well, pooch, rat, riffraff, rotter, scoundrel, scum, skunk, snake, snot, stinker, stray, toad, villain, worm, wretch, wretch, yellow dog. Alas, Roget’s does not have a similar entry for “pu$$y”. I will inform them of their omission.
Legeros - 04/04/07 - 05:01

I think it is a great idea, Mike. I know that Lancaster Fire, which is a board requires an e-mail sent to the moderator before any posting can occur. It does not stymie any discussing in any way. Besides from my stand point even if I used my real name nobody would know me.
Stretch - 04/04/07 - 08:02

Sounds good to me…...
Silver - 04/04/07 - 08:51

I have no problems with it….
[CFP 7021] (Email) - 04/04/07 - 11:21

I have no problem having to register, either.
Luke - 04/04/07 - 13:18

Sounds like a good idea Mike,however you will still have those individuals that will give false information…
J. Kay - 04/04/07 - 14:57

Outstanding idea
Porter (Email) - 04/04/07 - 18:11

Porter, We Meet Again
Wake Firefighter - 04/04/07 - 18:46

Sounds good to me. I have so much to learn about RFD and Wake County, I might find someone who could help answer some of my questions.
Jon C - 04/04/07 - 20:55

Ahh my friend! I am still waiting for my clarification, seems I have nothing better to do or I just am in need of distractions.
Porter (Email) - 04/04/07 - 21:44

Well; Porter, I am all hears
Wake Firefighter - 04/04/07 - 21:49

While I certainly agree that many would be happy with registering his or her name, there are certain issues that are brought up on this site that someone may want to comment on, but not be identified. I am not talking about being a chicken and calling names to one another or talking trash about another department or person, but certain issues that one may want to comment on, but if that person was identified it could cause their own reputation and/or job to be put on the line.

I think there are certain times where we can gain insight into the interworkings and operations of certain places by talking with one another, but at times we may want to provide a point of view that may not reflect those of our current department and thus could get in trouble for stating our own opinions.

While I wish we were all able to speak our minds freely and openly, we all know this is not the case. Perhaps there is some happy medium we could agree to.
Guest - 04/04/07 - 23:20

I also have no problem with!!!!!!!! Because it it obvious I’ll sign my name in. Some may disagree and I am not perfect. But honesty over politically correct sounds better to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don’t get it why not use your birth name or nick-name.
Jason Lane - 04/04/07 - 23:41

I can see “Guest’s” point also. What might seem like a harmless comment on here to most, might be viewed as bashing to another and could cause ill feelings or damage ones’ reputation. I see both sides of the coin….
Silver - 04/05/07 - 09:59

Mike, I saw the posting before this and have an idea. What about having a fire talk on the Raleigh Channel or A local channel in the area. Somewhere we could call in and talk “fire” or “fiar” with others that would be interested in this. I think it would be a great thing.
Porter - 04/05/07 - 15:38

...well I do have some years of radio broadcasting experience from long ago.
Legeros - 04/05/07 - 16:44

I know of a time when a firefighter posted a comment here and the post was printed and given to that person’s Fire Chief and it was somewhat of a sticky situation. The firefighter’s original comment was not out of line (in my opinion), but a little against the department’s position (as I understand the department’s position on the topic) and therefore a problem (employee vs. management).

I can see both sides also and not sure which side I am on. I think registration would limit some of the finger pointing, but it would also limit peopleís ability to speak freely. It is certainly a give and take.

I think if we would all (me included) worry more about our own situation (and focus on improving it) and less about why dept X does Y or why dept A does it like they do, we would all be better off. I am guilty criticizing and passing judgment of others, but that does not mean I should. If another department has a good idea, well letís all give credit and use it. Why do we like tear each other down? Letís give a hand to each other and a encouragement and let us work together.

With all of that said, I am still not sure about registration.

Mike, either way, thanks for giving us a please to discuss things.
Griggs - 04/05/07 - 17:05

This blog was created as an experiment, and in a way continues as an experiment. First and foremost, we seek to add value. Are some folks, or a group of people, or groups of people helped by the presence of this blog and the posting (and comments) therein? It appears so. Are some others harmed by this blog? Perhaps. One person’s casual comment is another person’s official statement. One anonymous poster’s jest is another reader’s intentional slam. And so on. Collectively, the blog, as is, with modest censoring of comments and intentional omission of personnel issues (for starters), seems to be working fine. It ain’t broke, not really. But it still isn’t perfect. Which is why we’re thinking about registration. And that’s the thinking from the administrative side. Value, always want to be adding value.
Legeros - 04/05/07 - 17:22

Let’s Make A Tv Show Then
Porter - 04/05/07 - 17:46

Congrats to Mr. Porter and Chris Wilson on their promotions to Captain at RFD. Good luck!!! Sorry to see you go, Scott…..
Silver - 04/05/07 - 17:49

Is their another porter that i do not know of? I have made no comments about a T.V. show, it is a good idea though. At 1746 I was at Abbotswood getting patient info.

Thanks Jeff.
Porter (Email) - 04/05/07 - 18:17

I can vouch for him at Abbotswood…he was giving me the patient info.
DJ (Email) - 04/05/07 - 18:56

Mike, is this possible…

Allow users to register (if they want to) and still allow non-registered folks to post comments. However, all non-regiestered comments would have to be approved before they were posted. I’m not sure how much added work that would add to the administrators (Mike and Lee), maybe too much to be worth it. I know you all have a life, besides babysitting this site!

I can also see both sides; however, I generally go by the fact that if I wouldn’t be willing to make my comments ‘in person’ at the station (knowing that the Chief could overhear them), then those comments probably aren’t appropriate on here.

I still believe, if you’re man enough to type out your comments that point out the problems with X, Y, or Z… then you should be man enough to stand behind what you say.
Luke - 04/05/07 - 19:54

I agree Luke! wWhile some of the “guest” are concerned about the white hats watching. There have been other or maybe the same guest that have talked full blown flash over crap about other dept. I think some hide behind blog name so that the firefighters they are critisizing don’t know who or where they come from. This has happened in the past!!!! So my opion is like tail boards every one has one. “ don’t hide in the bushes like a snake in the grass, if your man enough to talk trash on the blog, be man enough to reveal who you are”!!!!!!!!!!!!!STAY SAFE! Jason
Jason Lane - 04/05/07 - 23:54

I have no problem with registering for blog use… however, I do share the concerns that some people have that if I share my thoughts on the blog and someone undesirable takes those comments and runs with them, I could possibly run into trouble with my agency, and especially since I don’t agree with some of the things they do…

But, I won’t say anything to you that I won’t say to your face (it’ll just be more diplomatic in person).
CJS (Email) - 04/06/07 - 09:36

I’m with CJS on this one.
firedriver - 04/06/07 - 22:37

But, just because I fear my department doesn’t mean I won’t say if they do something wrong… or toot their horn if they do something right. I will also not hesitate to point out if I see something dangerous or unsafe while I’m out and about, no matter who does it. I’m an EMS person, but the firefighters have a good saying that I took to heart a long time ago: “EGH.” Without exception… even the idiot who’s being unsafe.
CJS (Email) - 04/07/07 - 12:05

I think that while registering to post is not all together a bad idea, there are issues discussed here where individual contributions could be restricted due to the employer/employee relationship. If I have something to contribute, I think there are folks within my leadership that would clearly tell me that my thoughts are easily taken as that of my organization. While I may not endorse that, I can’t say that I totally disagree with them. I vote no.
Guest - 04/08/07 - 22:43

I believe that the majority of people who have responded have been in favor of registering… if I am mistaken, please let me know. Mike, is the majority over 5 days good enough for you?
CJS (Email) - 04/08/07 - 23:03

Thanks for everyone’s feedback. The best idea might be Luke’s, which would make registration optional. Postings by registered users would immediately appear. Postings by non-registered users would be queued and posted upon our approval. We’ll continue to investigate our options.
Legeros - 04/09/07 - 05:28

Speaking of anonymous blog comments, this New York Times article appears in today’s News & Observer: http://www.newsobserver.com/110/story/56..
Legeros - 04/09/07 - 05:31

Remember personal info?

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