04/20/07 30 W - + 15 - 8 The Next Police Chief

Something interesting on the City of Raleigh web site, a four-question survey for residents from City Manager Russell Allen seeking input on the next Police Chief.

What about the cops themselves? They’re the ones’ on the street, dealing with crime!! Did Mr. Allen give the members of the department a survey as well?
Guest - 04/20/07 - 09:05

Excellent point “guest” as the morale of RPD is quite low from what I understand. I think the city could benefit greatly from hiring someone from the outside who can bring in new ideas and perspectives, such as the FD did with its new chief. The new chief will have alot on his/her platter with a city that is growing so fast, and along with it, crime.
Platinum - 04/20/07 - 16:35

This is a classic demonstration of the perils of blogging. As my words indicate, I found it interesting that Mr. Allen was conducting the above citizen survey. But I also possessed additional information that I did not include in the posting. I know Mr. Allen conducted a similar survey of fire personnel before he hired Chief McGrath. And I have heard that he conducted a similar survey of police personnel before conducting Chief Purlov. Thus, to me, it is likely that Mr. Allen is or already has conducted another survey of police personnel at present. However, I did not include this additional information in my posting. For a reader who does not possess that additional information, they may reach the same conclusion as the first commenter, “what about the cops themselves?” That comment puts Mr. Allen’s actions in a “one-down” position, and could just as easily lead to conversation either defending or criticizing Mr. Allen’s actions, and any off-shoots therein. All of which is fine, except it is a bit unnecessary. Mr. Allen gets slammed for something he very likely hasn’t done. Had I included the additional information in my posting, there would be a more informed perspective for readers to base their comments upon. They may choose to defend or criticize Mr. Allen’s actions anyway, but at least they would have that information. Thus are the perils of blogging.
Legeros - 04/20/07 - 17:12

The world of blogging is interesting indeed.

I don’t know enough to offer an opinion on RPD, but I have strong feelings about promoting from within versus bringing someone from the outside. Every now and then, a “new bull” is needed (there’s an article on the subject of bulls in the herd in one of the NC fire publications this month, that’s where that came from), but a well-run department should have a program in place to develop internal talent. After too many “hired from outside,” you run the risk of demoralizing your own guys – as in “What are we, swiss cheese?” RPD’s last chief was from the outside, so maybe it’s time for an interal promotion? Lots of their senior guys seem pretty sharp.

Personally, one of my goals is to have several long-term employees professionally qualified (education, training, and experience) to promote before I’m ready to retire from Wake County EMS.

EMS100 (Email) - 04/20/07 - 17:40

Mr. Allen has sent out a survey to all officers. As an aside, he is very “pro-public safety”.
Silver - 04/21/07 - 10:52

Just hearing rumors from a few of my close RPD friends, the majority wants someone from the outside.
Guest - 04/21/07 - 10:53

Skip, I certainly understand where you are coming from in not wanting to confuse people on the inside too much by constantly bringing in new people and new ideas, but every once in a while I do believe it has its benefits. As for RPD, I know quite a few officers and their morale is quite low and has actually gone downhill since the interim chief has taken over. While this is understandably a small portion of the department, it does lend some weight into the fact that perhaps it is time for a change within the higher ups of RPD in general. There are alot of great guys and girls there and they deserve to have nothing but the best and I just hope whoever the new chief is will allow them that opportunity.
Platinum - 04/21/07 - 14:46

First off this ain’t Mr. Allen’s first cake cutting!!!! He hired Jane from the the outside. He did the same question type format with the officers and public before. #2 Chief Brown who was chief before Jane was straight up from the ranks of RPD! Now to throw in a response to Skip or anybody else questioning hiring from out not in. Since October of 2006 RPD has had 1 Deputy Chief and 2 or 3 Majors retire. So her or their higher ups are either slim pic-kin or have only been a higher ranking officer for only a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! # 3 I think it is definatelly time for some more outside blood when the acting chief is changing things just to mess with people ie; changing task force teams uniforms from BDU to dress or class A or B uniforms.#4 Skip you remember that since you were brought form the out side, you go after that goal of developing your staff for that next step and help them be better candidates for your retirement!!!!!!!!!!
Later, Jason
Jason Lane - 04/21/07 - 23:16

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