05/07/07 51 W - + 16 - 19 This Afternoon's Fire

Wake Forest and company fought a good fight this afternoon, from the sound of it. WFFD plus Rolesville, Falls, New Hope, Stony Hill, and Raleigh Engine 28. The WRAL story has some aerial footage and an amusing forum comment from a reader on the subject of the word "company."

Looking at the pic on WRAL.COM, we can all learn a valuable lesson on apparatus placement, and reinforce pulling past the building involved for better placement of a ladder company.
RidesALadder - 05/07/07 - 21:04

When the engine was spotted the ladder company was considered as room was left for them to move past the engine for a better position however a WSO cruiser ended up blocking the way. I know because I was the one driving the engine.The wind was blowing toward the house of exposure D, so I stopped short of the house so that the ladder could get to the A/D corner, but the cruiser ended up blocking the way! But hey, thanks Lee!
Wayne - 05/07/07 - 23:56

Why do LE officers always feel the need to park directly in front of the house if they are one of the first to arrive? Here’s another fine example: http://www.the1house.com/Rozzles%20Ferry.. (pics 6, 7, & 8). Oh well, poor guys, guess they don’t know any better.

I’m suprised you’re not on the Ladder, Wayne. Everyone went home and (in the end) that’s all that matters. Stay safe!
Luke - 05/08/07 - 01:27

Good job everyone. All those “companies” worked well together at the fire. If we could just get LE to realize those patrol cars don’t need to be in the way. (That needs to be addressed nationwide) I would like to mention EMS did a good job of staying clear and assisting with accountability. The dispatch system still continues to be a hinderance…Mutual aid companies were requested but it took about 5 minutes to get them dispatched. We heard the request for aid and rolled immediately, but that wouldn’t have been the case @ 2am. Dispatch plays such a crucial role and isn’t as good as it could be.
AB - 05/08/07 - 04:55

Yeah, dang LEO’s!! I love ‘em, but maybe training with them will help them understand? Durham FD/PD usually did a good job about getting “non-essential” vehicles out of the way. Pull in a driveway, park down the street or put it in someones’ yard so the big boys can go to work!

On another note, was there a delay in getting RFD #28 to the scene? I heard New Hope actually was dispatched before them, and had to pass #28 to get there (heard the fire was off Forestville Rd.). Any truth (just trying to clear rumors)?
Silver - 05/08/07 - 08:25

Checked with someone who listened…Engine 28 was special called along with Stony Hill for mutual aid manpower. Chief Swift called for the next nearest departments that had not yet sent units.
Silver - 05/08/07 - 08:59

The ladder is not staffed yet, if it does get out, it usually on gets out driver only and then late in the game. Luke, my driving days are numbered as I am getting ready to be promoted to Capt. Don’t know if I’ll be on the engine or ladder yet. The chief is waiting on some final logistical stuff before making the promotions.

By the way, great job to all that were there!!! Thanks for the help
Wayne - 05/08/07 - 09:12


Yes New Hope was dispatched first, as the chief requested them while enroute. Once he arrived on scene and realized the amount of fire, requested E-28 and Stony Hill for manpower.
Wayne - 05/08/07 - 09:15

NH and Falls were requested 1st. Stony Hill and RFD #28 were requested after NH and Falls arrived, no delays.
AB - 05/08/07 - 09:16

Hey Wayne! Good job on the fire. The first comment above was not from me. No doubt you know what you’re doing, and I wouldn’t question it. Why not just push the car out of the way? Maybe he’ll get the picture next time. BTW, did ya’ll lay your own line?
Rides A Truck- LB - 05/08/07 - 10:54

Well the car showed up after I stopped, and I was a little busy to keep up with who was parking where. Yes I caught my own hydrant, it was in the front yard. Sorry, I glanced at the signature thought it was you.
Wayne - 05/08/07 - 12:50

The cop cars everywhere was a sight. Even both EMS units had the sense to pull out of the street – but then two whackers showed up, one with the family, in their POVs and parked right in the street between the engines. Then as units were clearing out, they were having to back around them.
Rode4thDue - 05/09/07 - 22:24

Sometimes we are too eager to see the action. Not me personally b/c I know better, but other officers will park on the WORST place ever. One reason is that we are rarely called out to fires with y’all. Most don’t know any better and don’t realize the importance of placement. We all have the same cars and carry our equipment on our belts unlike in our vehicles. EMS works so closely with fire that they have been told and know what to do. Officers probably have never been told and few actually get called to fire scenes. I’m sorry on their behalf, but next time you could kindly point out that there are better places to park (such as down the street to keep people out, or in yards/driveways/sidewalks). Good job none the less despite our parking job.
LEO - 05/10/07 - 00:43

Rode4thDue, thanks for reading and responding.

For the benefit of those readers not in the know, what is a “whacker” as defined by yourself (and others in our area)? Is it aligned with this definition, found via Google on the amusingly named policeposers.com: http://www.policeposers.com/whacker.php ?
Legeros - 05/10/07 - 05:14

Whackers are vollies with their 15 million strobe lights that look like they could light up the airport, and have a crap load of stickers on their vehs, making them look like they are an ad for Galls.
Mike - 05/10/07 - 10:24

And Mike, were proud of it!
Volunteer - 05/11/07 - 05:22

Mike, they are LED not strobe any more. and since when are you better then a vollie?
Vollie - 05/11/07 - 11:31

I don’t usually get into this, but my question is: How does having 15 million LEDs or strobes make ANYONE better? I personally do not believe in having all of that crap on a POV, unless you are a chief and can also have a siren to go with it, because chief officers should be the only ones allowed to respond to incidents via POV. But even that does not make them better than someone else
Wayne - 05/11/07 - 12:50

Wayne you never had all those back in your South Boston, VA days?
Rauer - 05/11/07 - 13:09

For Vollie and Volunteer, the question was asked what a Whacker is. I gave the definition of what one is. No need to get your panties in a twist about it unless you are offended because you are one.
Mike - 05/11/07 - 15:53

I’m not even from north of the Mason-Dixon line and I knew what a whacker was. And my comment had nothing to do with lights, strobes, etc. – Whacker is a mentality. It’s the mentality that says “I am a FF therefore I can do whatever I want to”. True, they may drive the ultimate holly-jolly-volly pickup – but they are also those that tend to freelance on fire scenes, say stupid things at training meetings, and generally act the role that many of us try in vain to disprove. Just stay out of my way
Rode4thDue - 05/11/07 - 16:19

^hello hammer said the head of the nail
CFP 7021 (Email) - 05/11/07 - 18:35

Nope, only had one on my truck. I wasn’t trying to slam anyone, I was just posing a question. Miss you Jay, can’t wait to work together again downtown!
Wayne - 05/11/07 - 19:49

Remember personal info?

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