05/29/07 24 W, 1 I - + 21 - 21 EMS Major Operations Support Unit

The Wake County EMS major ops vehicle is featured on the Hackney web site. Cool pics and good article.

We’re also told that the rig has been named “Truck 1.” Huh?
Legeros - 05/30/07 - 20:05

True enough. It is a truck, and it is our first.

Skip Kirkwood (Email) (Web Site) - 05/31/07 - 08:35

and it was absolutely awesome and invaluable at the trench call in holly springs last night. Kudos to the crews that were working on it, a definite plus at any extended operation.
CFP 7021 (Email) - 05/31/07 - 08:52

Will EMS personal be required to get a class B license?
[Skibo] - 05/31/07 - 14:19

I agree with Sheavis, the truck was used very well at the trench call. I was also impressed by the USAR medics. Good job
Apex Batt Chief - 05/31/07 - 20:31

EMS [personnel who are going to drive TRUCK 1 will have to have a class B, per what we have been told.
DJ (Email) - 05/31/07 - 21:23

What will be the response criteria, or will it just be special called? Is it going to be standard on any run cards?

I think it responded to Johnston County with Cleveland (Gary M/A) on a house fire yesterday.
harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 06/01/07 - 10:04

It did respond to the structure fire in JoCo yesterday, in support of the two Wake County units that were first-in as EMS response to the fire (another story for another writer).

Those who drive TRUCK 1 will have a class B non-CDL license to meet the requirements of the weight class. The first groups to be required to get the license and the training to operate the vehicle are chief officers, field training officers, and special operations medics (tactical and USAR/HazMat medics). Since our FTO program is expanding such that there will be an FTO on every unit, there will always be plenty of staff on duty who can deploy the truck when it is needed.

This truck has two purposes. First, it is an MCI unit, designed to get the equipment and supplies needed to handle 25 patients to a scene in a quick, organized manner. The second purpose, which we expect to be used for with much greater frequency, is responder rehab. It has fans, cooling chairs, water, ice, gator aide, etc., and the medical equipment to take vitals and keep rehab records on a larger group of providers. It also has awnings on both sides, so that folks needing rehab can get out of the sun or rain.

Within 90 days, there will be some call classes that will result in automatic dispatch (bus wreck, plane crash, etc.) when 5 or more patients are likely. It will also be dispatched whenever a working fire becomes a major working fire. Or, it can be special called by EMS personnel or the Medical Branch Director for any incident where its capabilities are needed.

So far, the response to this new capability has been very positive. From the EMS perspective, we value our partnerships with Wake County’s fire and law enforcement agencies, and we are pleased to be able to offer this enhanced level of service to our colleagues in the public safety community. To see more about the truck, check out the Hackney web site described above.

Skip Kirkwood (Email) (Web Site) - 06/01/07 - 17:11

No question, a great addition. Rolesville’s fire right now makes three days in a row! I guess this means it will roll on Raleigh multiple alarms as well.

Can anyone in Wake County advise what constitutes a “Major Working Fire” in the county?
harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 06/01/07 - 18:15

It isn’t a set term for the county currently which is a another big issue that this county’s fire service has, no working fire dispatch nor major work, etc.
Roger - 06/01/07 - 21:24

I saw Truck 1 running down Capitol Blvd. this afternoon at about 5:45. Don’t know where they were headed, but they were definitely running emergency traffic…
David - 06/01/07 - 21:37

Let me edit my last comment after reading the thread again. I guess they were headed to Rolesville.
David - 06/01/07 - 21:41

Given that there is no standard definition for what constitutes a “big fire” outside the City of Raleigh, the plan for EMS Truck 1 response is that it will be special called by the EMS folks on the scene, when the need for rehab exceeds what can be done by a couple of ambulances and the drinking water/gatorade supplies carried on the fire apparatus.

If we had a standard alarm system, we’d roll this unit on all second alarm fires. But we don’t, so we’ll rely on folks on the ground to recognize the need early and special call the unit.

We need to get our firefighters acquainted with the “Kore Kooler” rehab chairs that are carried on the unit. Although they are very comfortable, they are not just for sitting in. They are specially designed to lower the core body temperature of a firefighter who has become overheated.

The Kore Kooler Rehab Chair is a modified folding chair with arm reservoirs that contain plastic bags filled with ambient temperature water. After each rehab, the bags are removed with the water they contain and a new bag is inserted to be filled with clean water. Foot immersion is far more difficult logistically on the fireground; and while it could also be done, the studies show that forearm immersion alone delivers almost the same cooling power. There is no need to cool the water in the reservoirs; ambient temperature water from a house spigot, engine pump or hydrant works perfectly. Check out http://www.wfrfire.com/website/front/ind.. for a picture and more info. EMS Truck 1 carries four of these unit. For just relaxing, there are folding benches.

While we’re on the rehab subject – guys, remember that dropping the turnout pants is essential to getting the body temperature down. We’re entering the hot season, and we want everybody to go home alive! Maybe, since the National Fire & EMS Safety Stand-down is coming up this month, we should focus a bit on responder health and safety, and give everyone an in-service about how to “get rehab-ed” in the best possible way.

Stay safe!!

EMS100 (Email) (Web Site) - 06/02/07 - 09:17

Skip, EMS Truck 1 is a fine addition to your fleet and I’m glad to see it. Rehab has finally made it to the hands of the folks that should’ve been doing it all along, THE MEDICS!!! You guys do a fine job and I hope this new rig is used more often by the city. I haven’t seen it yet, but it seems the compliment of equipment on it will prove to be an asset to us, as well as the folks we serve. With the hot weather months upon us, hopefully it will be hitting the streets on a daily basis.
Silver - 06/02/07 - 11:14

Skip, as Silver said the truck looks great and seems to function extremely well, thank you for getting a piece of equipment that was truly needed, not like some pieces of equipment the fire side of the business has bought.
Roger - 06/03/07 - 01:15

The kind remarks are appreciated.

If truth be told we probably need several units like this, and they probably need to be staffed. It takes a long time to get to some “formerly rural” areas that are now significant population centers with a variety of all-hazards risks. Meantime, like everybody in the emergency services, we will do the best we can with what we’ve got and try to build the case for more funding for resources that we really need. Keeping our firefighters, LEOs and medics safe and functional on the scene is maybe the most important service we can provide. When one of us becomes a casualty (temporary or permanent), it doesn’t do anything for the citizens we are supposed to serve.

By the way, do any departments or organizations have any activities planned in conjunction with the THIRD INTERNATIONAL FIRE AND EMS SAFETY STAND-DOWN, June 17-23? If you don’t, go to http://www.iafc.org/displaycommon.cfm?an.. and see if there’s something for you. At Wake County EMS, our quarterly supervisor in-service will include a review of rehab and safety issues. The same will be the focus of the Chief’s Luncheon for all hands at monthly continuing education sessions.


EMS100 (Email) (Web Site) - 06/03/07 - 10:03

Remember personal info?

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