Panoramic Photograph, 1917

Courtesy Raleigh Fire Department

This panoramic photograph is titled City Officials and Raleigh Fire Department, January 22, 1917. To commemorate the delivery of their latest fire engine, American LaFrance sent a photographer from New York to take this picture. Shown against the backdrop of Fayetteville Street is the entire fire department and several City officials. The panoramic photograph is labeled "Thompson Photo Co., Poughkeepsie, NY, #3273." 

Pictured from left to right are Eugene A. Lasaster, Ernest M. Bridgers, Arthur W. Perry, Clem R. Howell, D. Clarence Lloyd, William A. McKnight, John D. Jones, Charles F. Gaston, Lewis F. Hicks, Charles D. Farmer (fire chief), John W. Mangum (former fire chief), Dr. Oral G. King (City physician); Mayor James I. Johnson, R.B. Seagroves, William H. Sawyer (City clerk), John Hamlet, Ernest B. Bain (Water Works superintendent), Archie A. Doolittle (assistant fire chief), Grady W. Higgins, Ellis D. King, Grover Snow, Paul J. Scott, Luther C. Thompson, W. Ernest Holland, Eugene E. Jones, Herbert L. Peebles, Moses E. "Doc" Perry, Zebulon "Zeb" Horton, Andrew J. Martin, Walter J. Moore, Malcolm F. Moore, and Hubert H. Horton.

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