Firefighters, 1922

Courtesy Judy Cockerham

Shown from left to right are (front row) Charles C. "Charlie" Upchurch, Lt. William H. Denning, Asst. Chief Grady W. Higgins, Fire Chief Hubert H. Horton, James Powers (child), Asst. Chief W. Ernest Holland, Lt. Archie A. Doolittle, Joseph S. Allen, and Hector T. "Heck" Cameron; (middle row) Ellis D. King, Moses E. Perry, Gales G. Sauls, Ralph D. Upchurch, W. Adrian Finch, Burley R. Evans, Carlos H. Ennis, and Jack C. Crabtree; (back row) J. Carroll Beck, Eugene A. Lasater, Bruce B. Brooks, Charles F. "Charlie" Gaston, Junius C. "June" Campbell, Zeke Lloyd, and Adger O. Godwin.

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