Panorama, 1984

Gary Knight / CCBI photograph

The fire department's famous 1917  panorama was re-created on the same block of Fayetteville Street in 1984 for inclusion in the fire department's first yearbook. Pictured from left to right are William J. "Bill" Sykes Jr., Bobby H. Brown, C. Buddy Scarboro, Percy V. Evans, Michael W. Franks, Bobby L. Hussey, Paul D. Johnson Jr., James L. "Jimmy" Franks Jr., Lee T. Merchant, Carmelo Sanchez, Robert L. "Bobby" Christian, Richard M. Eddins, Kathy J. Norris, Ronnie C. Atkinson, James T. Owens Jr., J. Wayne Robertson, R. Kenneth "Kenny" Lane, B.T. Fowler, Lynn P. Johnson, Lynn S. Lewis, Paul S. Smith, H. Frank Warner, Shelton D. Price, and A.T. Perry. The vehicles pictured, from left to right, are Car 52, rescue 7, Engine 1, Truck 1, Engine 3, Car 4, and Car 10.

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