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Part I - Research From 2004


1963, organized after a large fire in the community, by twenty-two charter members. Funding is raised through fundraising within the community. In the late 1970s or early 1980s, the first fire tax monies are collected, from a newly created fire tax insurance district.oh

1963, established as Ten Ten Fire Department of Fairview Community. Founder Gene Ogburn also known as person who brought foam machine to help extinguish 1964 fire in Bryan Building at Cameron Village. Incorporated (later?) as Fairview Rural Fire Department, Inc. (June 27, 1963) sos, no, oh

1963, first fire station two-bay brick building constructed at 4501 Ten Ten Road. Built on land provided by Fairview Community Center. oh

1963, first fire truck is an early 1950's weapons carrier purchased from federal surplus. Placed in service as Engine #1 and later becoming Engine #4, the unit is modified by Marvin Powell, Gerald Atkins, Sr., and Craven Langston at William Powell's. Two Ford taillights are mounted on hood as emergency lights. Paint is donated by Sander's Motor Company and Wade Cummings paints the apparatus in a chicken house. K&L builds the 450 gallon tank. The pump is 80 GPM, 1 1/2 petroleum-fueled. oh

1965, second fire truck acquired. Built from a pair of 1957 International Chassis One chassis', one purchased from Federal Surplus and the second bought from Archer's Lodge Volunteer Fire Department in Johnston County in 1965. Placed in service as Engine #1 and the first Fairview apparatus to pump pressure. Dillon's Supply Company in Raleigh donates $500 in materials for construction. Unit is modified by Marvin Powell, Gerald Atkins, Sr., and Craven Langston at William Powell's in 1965. A flatbed from a 1941 truck is mounted to the chassis and plywood is used for the doors on the compartments below the bed. Pick-headed axes are created by welding teeth to flat-headed axes. Roof ladders are created by fabricating steel hooks and adding to wooden ladders. Unit is equipped with 500 gallon tank and front-mounted pressure pump.oh

1965, apparatus delivery. "Big Red," a 1947 Diamond Reo converted gas tanker, is placed in service in 1965. The ten-wheeler carries 1,000 gallons and has a small 80 GPM pump in the rear. Later modifications include a replacement 100 GPM pump that costs more than the truck itself.

1968, apparatus delivery: 1968 International / American LaFrance pumper, purchased after firefighters pool personal money and purchase new 1968 International chassis and have it shipped to American LaFrance for pump and body installation. Placed in service as Engine #1. Equipped with 750 GPM, American LaFrance twin-flow, two-stage pump and 750 gallon tank. oh


1972, fire station undergoes additions. fdr

1972, apparatus delivery: 1972 International 1700 / Atlas tanker, 400 GPM, 1500 gallons. Cost $9,50, raised through fundraising activities started more than a year ago. Firefighters build the truck themselves using a new truck chassis and Atlas tank. (March 1972) rt29mar72

1974 (?) apparatus delivery: 1974 Chevy tanker, 1200 gallons.

1975, apparatus delivery: 1972 Chevy brush truck purchased from state surplus and originally owned by the Department of Corrections. Placed in service as Engine #4. Equipped with 400 gallon tank and 350 GPM pump.

1976, Siesta Motel on US 401 burns. Fire is reported about 2 a.m. and brought under control within two hours. Two adjoining businesses, Jerry's Restaurant and Lounge and McCuller's TV repair, are damaged by smoke. Cause is not known. Damage to motel is estimated at $75,000. (February 6, 1976) no

1976, Fire Chief is Kenneth West. (February 6, 1976) no

1978 (?) apparatus delivery: 1978 International tanker, 1500 gallons.


1982, becomes first rural fire department in Wake County to offer First Responder service. Service is activated on March 15, 1982. The first call was answered the following Wednesday night for a two-car accident at the intersection of Ten Ten and Holly Springs roads. The department was chosen due to its location between four rescue districts (Apex, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, and Garner). Members completed a 45-hour course that certified them as "first responders" who could respond to health-related emergencies, and render aid until emergency medical technicians arrive. The program is a pilot program being tested by Wake County. (March 1982) oh, ah24mar82, Carolina Rural Fireman April 1982

1982, staffing snapshot: six men are on permanent day shift, and seven three-man units are on duty each night.

Apparatus deliveries:


1990, second fire station completed at 7401 Ten Ten Road. Constructed on land leased from Maxine Senter. oh

1994, extrication services added, with delivery of a 1994 International/EVI salvage and rescue unit.oh

1997, first career members added, to work during weekdays when volunteers are less likely to be available. oh

1998, fire station #2 renovated. Interior addition of kitchen / office / living space. oh

1999, fire station #1 rebuilt. Bulk of building is razed and replaced. Six apparatus bays were added, along with office space and classroom facilities. During the eight-month construction period, the fire trucks were housed at two nearby businesses: Dayspring Florists and Gifts and Atkins Trucking Company. Alternate year (or year when completed?) is 2000. oh

Apparatus deliveries:


2000, members found and incorporate North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation, non-profit organization to support families of firefighters killed in the line of duty (March 20, 2000)oh

2001, fire protection rating lowered to Class 6.oh

2002, Paul Dunwell hired as first paid Fire Chief (October 1, 2002) oh

2010, personnel added to provide 24/7 staff.

2017, fire protection rating lowered to Class 3.

Fire Chiefs

See Wake County Fire Chiefs (pdf).


See Wake County apparatus register (pdf).


Raleigh Fire Museum photo albums.


Part II - Additional Notes - 2016

2012 - David Price hired as Fire Chief. He's a Captain from the Bay Leaf Fire Department and a 32-year veteran of the fire service in Wake County. (July 30, 2012)

2016 - Barry Spain hired as Fire Chief. He's a retired Division Chief from the Raleigh Fire Department.

Apparatus deliveries:


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