Knightdale Volunteer Fire Department (1954-2003)



First compiled in 2004, these research notes have been extensively updated in 2019 and 2020. They are still undergoing revisions.

Part I - Timeline


1940, business section burns. Awakened by cries of her year-old son Zachary, Mrs. Davis Taylor smells smoke coming from the direction of Robertson Brother's General Store. She rouses the rest of her family. including her teenage brother, son of one of the proprietors.

At about 2:40 a.m., he and his brother Wiley Robertson Jr. find the rear of the store fully involved. Trying and failing to extinguish the flames, they rush to wake the rest of the town. The bell at the Baptist Church also begins ringing, calling people out to help. Gene Harper, one of the first to arrive, places an urgent call to the Raleigh Fire Department.

Townspeople formed a "bucket brigade," carrying water from a nearby well using every available pot, pan, bucket, or tub in town. Gutting the General Store, flames leap onto the homes of Claude Robertson and Wiley Robertson. Both houses burn to the ground, though nearly all of the furnishings are safely removed.

Fire also spreads south, destroying E.D. Flowers's hot dog stand, a new store that Sam Watson has not yet opened, and the barbershop operated by Elias Straughn. Though the Raleigh Fire Department get stuck in mud on Smithfield Road and doesn't arrive until 4:30 a.m., several buildings are saved including the post office, a drug store, and a beauty salon.

Damage initially estimated at approximately $60,000. (February 7, 1940) rt, no


1950's, town installs fire hydrants.

1953, community members meet and form what will become the Knightdale Volunteer Fire Department. (October 27, 1953)

1954, organized with 26 charter members. (August 1954)

1954, first Fire Chief is Randolph Griffith. Serves through 1955. (August 1954)

1954, first fire truck: 1940s Ford truck, one-and-a-half tons, owned by town. Converted into a fire engine by firefighters at a cost of $1,500. Equipped with hose, ladders, extinguishers, etc. The truck has no pump or tank and is strictly for use within town limits, with the hoses connected directly to the town fire hydrants for firefighting. (August 1954)

1954, first fire station is garage of Jim Keith, who donates his garage for the storage of the fire equipment. [From oral histories and tax records, the garage is located behind a house at 401 North First Avenue.] The alarm system consists of a telephone installed in the drugstore. Whoever answers runs to the water town and sounds the siren. glf11mar71

1954, first fire call: storage barn fire on Second Avenue.

1954, incorporated Knightdale Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. (October 27, 1954) sos 



1955, first pumper purchased: 1942 GMC/Darley pumper, 500/450. [ Tank capacity later reported as 750 gallons, perhaps replaced or expanded.] Cost $1,250, bought from Navy surplus. Equipped with 600 feet of 1 1/2" hose, 250" booster hose, and 10 feet of hard suction. Monies for purchase include a $1000 loan from G. C. Parkerson. Members subsequently spend about $2,200 on the truck, which is designated as the "rural truck." (May 1955)glf11mar71, no12feb56, no16sep55

1955, fire department joins Wake County Rural Fire Protection Program and begins soliciting for members in five-mile radius around town. Around 500 rural residents are contacted, but only 150 actually join. The membership fee is five dollars, which entitles rural residents to free fire protection. Non-members are charged $35 for each fire attended. (August 1955)no12feb56

1956, member meeting on January 5, 1956:

  • Membership fees for members is changed. Annual charge now $5.00 for main dwelling and $3.00 for each tenant house, with $35.00 maximum per property owner. Per call charge of $35.00 for non-members.
  • Membership to be solicited through personal calls rather than by letters.fdr 

1956, "Regular supper meeting" on March 15, 1956:

  • Membership rules revised. Membership no longer require a set amount of money, but the rate of $5.00 for first house and $3.00 for each additional house will be retained as a "suggested basis for contributions." Also, no charge will be made for fire calls for members or non-members.fdr

1956, first fire station erected at 401 Hester Street. The cement block building measures 32 by 42 feet. The town lot is obtained in the spring of 1955, and they borrow $1,500 to erect the building. Total construction cost is around $5,000. The building contains two apparatus bays plus a large room to be rented to the town for offices. (March-April 1956)no12feb56  

1956, telephone extension is installed at fire department. Firefighters take turns sleeping there to answer night calls. They staff on a rotating basis between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. (May 3, 1956) glf10mar83

1956, meeting note. After a motion at a member meeting on April 19, the scheduled is changed from every third Thursday to the first and third Thursday at 8:00 p.m. One meeting is for business, and the other is for drills and training. Nominations and elections of officers are held on the first Thursday in May. For a number of years, the regular meetings are also supper meetings. In 1956, firemen received $1 per meeting attended. Also in a motion made that year, members were accepted into the department upon approval of a 75 percent affirmation vote.fdr, glf11mar71

1956, Charlie Smith elected Fire Chief (April 19, 1956).fdr

1957, apparatus delivery: 19__ International tanker, 1200 gallons. (Spring 1957)fdr

Timeline, from member meeting minutes:

  • 8/2/56 - Ask Congressman for assistance in "getting surplus fire trucks."
  • 1/3/57 - "International tank truck discussed and mounting pump therein." 
  • 2/7/57 - "Work on International truck discussed."
  • 3/21/57 - Work session on truck.
  • 4/25/57 - "Red turn signals and blinker lights have been installed on International tank truck and it is filled with water and ready to go."

1957, Bernice Wall elected Fire Chief (May 2, 1957)fdr

1957, apparatus note: "Trailer and odd parts from old tank truck to be sold at auction", action approved at member meeting. (May 16, 1957)fdr

1957, apparatus note. "Question of housing Truck #3 discussed" at member meeting. Action approved to house at "Mr. Keith's garage or [Mr.] Ashley's shelter." (October 14, 1957)fdr

1957, members approves participation in county radio system. Initial equipment consists of base station and two mobile radios. (December 5, 1957) fdr

1957, rural fire district named as Alert, approved at member meeting. (December 5, 1957) fdr

1957, first "firemen's coats and hats" approved for purchase at member meeting. (December 5, 1957) fdr

1958, first hand-held radio received. (February 6, 1958)glf10mar83

1958, John B. Parrish elected Fire Chief (May 1, 1958)fdr

1959, apparatus disposal: "old Ford truck" suggested to be sold for $100, at member meeting on September 3, 1959. [ Was it sold? TBD ] (September 1959)fdr

1959, E. O. Robinson elected Fire Chief. Serves through 1960, reelected January 21, 1960. (May 7, 1959)fdr

1959, apparatus delivery: 1959 Ford/American LaFrance pumper, 500/500. Rural Truck 1. Cost $12,506. Purchase approved at member meeting on March 5. Contract awarded on March 9. Delivered by September 18. (September 1959)fdr, oh, rt18sep59  

1959, fire station expansion: two apparatus bays added on north side of fire station. Station can now house four fire trucks. Members perform some/all of the work. (August-October 1959)fdr, rt18sep59


  • 7/16/59 - Adjoining parcel purchase approved at member meeting.
  • 8/6/59 - Construction approved at member meeting.
  • 10/15/59 - Project has cost $2,380, with door painting pending, along with window lights and window sills, reported at member meeting.
  • 10/15/59 - Installation of "heating furnace" and cement floor in existing "fire stalls" approved at same member meeting.


1960, man killed in house fire. (January 24, 1960) glf28jan60

1960, fire department divided into two sections: Town and Rural. Separate officers are elected for both sections, including a separate Assistant Chief and separate Captains and Lieutenants for each apparatus. Each Captain had firefighters assigned to them, and the responsibility for the checking and conducting training on their respective town and rural apparatus. There were also residency requirements at points in time. In the early 1980s [and perhaps earlier], town officers had to live in town, and rural officers within the unincorporated areas. Though separated into sections on paper, all officers and members functioned as a unified department on calls. The Town and Rural sections were discontinued around/after the mid-Eighties. (March 1960) glf10mar83, oh

Additional notes: When the department was split into town and rural sections, the division existed "on paper." All firemen responded on all calls as members for both town and rural responses. They continued to share the same equipment and facility. The town owned one of the pumpers, though it could be used anywhere as needed, and without restrictions. Rural apparatus also responded in town and with no restrictions. Recall veteran members, they did try to leave a Class A pumper in service in the town limits at all times, for back-up calls and responding wherever when needed.

1961, Bernice Wall takes office as Fire Chief. Serves until 1975. Elected at member meeting on December 1, 1960. At same meeting, members approve that all elected officers start serving on January 1, through the calendar year, and for all consecutive calendar years. (January 1, 1961)fdr

1963, Norfolk Southern freight train derails and burns about two miles east of town. Two engineers are killed when train plunges into creek at 7 p.m. after wooden trestle is believed struck by lightning. A third worker, an "apprentice trainman", is rescued by Knightdale firefighters, and transported to Wake Memorial Hospital with severe burns. He was pinned under one of the train engines for over an hour before being rescued. Wendell and other departments also respond. (July 1, 1963) rt26aug63

1963 (?), apparatus delivery: 1963 Chevrolet/Darley pumper, 750/500. Town Truck 1. First town-owned "town truck".

1964, apparatus delivery: 1955 Reo tanker, 1800 gallons. Rural Truck 2. Built from M-35 military cargo truck, ten-wheel. (Spring 1965)

Timeline, from member meeting minutes:

  • 3/19/64- Discussed need for another tank truck. G. E. Robertson to see about finding a "surplus truck."
  • 4/16/64- Purchase of new radio for new tanker approved.
  • 10/1/64 - Discussed procured required to purchase a surplus truck for use as a tanker. Purchase approved.
  • 12/3/64 - Approved checking into the cost of a "new tank truck."
  • 12/17/64 - Discussion on "size and makes of trucks needed for a tanker."
  • 1/7/65 - Discussion on type of tank to mount on the "second tanker purchased recently."
  • 2/4/65 - "Mounted the tank on the Reo and then returned to the meeting room."
  • 2/18/65 - Approved to buy six red lights for tanker.
  • 3/4/65 - Approved removing the radio from the International tanker and installing in the Reo tanker, but only after the Reo tanker is "checked out and in service." Also, several members worked on the Reo Tanker "after the room discussion."
  • 4/1/65 - Approved to find a siren for "our #2 tanker." Also approved to convert spark plugs and distributor to "conventional type."
  • 5/6/65 - Approved to purchase "rotating red light" for tanker.


1967, fire station expansion: second story added, with a recreation room Estimated cost $1,850. Construction starts on Saturday, May 4, at 8:00 a.m., with plans to continue every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until completed. (May-July 1967). fdr

1968, annual fire department barbeque held at Knightdale school cafeteria. (October 11, 1968) glf

1968, Raleigh Stockyards on US.64 just west of Knightdale destroyed by fire. Alarm time 10:15 p.m. $50,000 damage. New Hope Fire Department also responds, as well as tankers from Six Forks, Rolesville, and Raleigh. Fire takes 105 minutes to control. (November 28, 1968) glf

1968, thirteen radio monitors are installed in firemen's homes. (January 1968)glf11mar71

1969, members participate in donkey basketball game with WKIX "men of music."fdr


1970, meeting note. Staffing issues discussed. "Situation of no or few firemen during the daytime. Women firemen were suggested as a solution." [ Action not pursued and six years later Morrisville Rural FD had the first female firefighters in Wake County. ] (October 15, 1970)

1970, man dies in mobile home fire. Alarm is reported at 11:00 a.m. (December 26, 1970) glf31dec70

1971, snapshot: department has 32 members with two pumpers, two tankers, and a "trash-and-woods-truck" and participates in the "county-wide fire department radio hook-up using a base unit and four mobile units". (April 1, 1971) wcbh

1971, apparatus delivery: 19?? _________ tanker, 1200 gallons. Bought from government (military?) surplus in Raleigh and converted to tanker by remounting the tank from the International tanker. The latter was needing repairs and the membership voted to purchase a new chassis rather than repair the old truck. Cost of truck was $250 and authorized at member meeting on January 7, 1971. Reported as purchased and ready for tank transfer at member meeting on January 21. (January 1971)fdr

1971, apparatus delivery: 1970 Ford F-250/Darley brush truck, 90/300. Reported "nearly ready" for service as reported at member meeting on January 21. Was awaiting installation of hose reels. (January-February? 1971)fdr

1971, station note: additional apparatus bay added. Members approve borrowing $1,500 for the cost a member meeting on November 4. Cement footing planned to be poured on Saturday after the member meeting on November 18. Additional work done in early December. (November-December 1971)fdr

1971, members vote and approve to begin accepting tax support from the county. (August 19, 1971)glf10mar83

1971, Board of Directors created. (August 19, 1971)fdr

1972, apparatus delivery: 1973 Ford F-600/Atlas tanker, 1250 gallons, no pump. Chassis purchase approved at member meeting on November 2, 1972. Tank purchase approved at member meeting on November 16, 1972. (November-December? 1972)



1975, Fire Chief is H. V. Pair.fdr

1976, snapshot:

  • Officers consist of Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Town Asst. Chief, Rural Asst. Chief, Secretary, Treasurer.
  • Plus two Town Captains, two Town Lieutenants, two Rural Captains, two Rural Lieutenants, and a Traffic Squad with two Captains and two Traffic Officers
  • Committees are Station Squad, Public Relations Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Training Officers, Publicity Committee, and Maintenance Squad.
  • There are 42 firemen on the roster.
  • Meetings are schedule twice-monthly, on the first and third Thursday of the month. Meetings start at 9:00 p.m.
  • Every Thursday night, except on holidays, is a radio, equipment, and siren test.
  • Training is scheduled on the first Thursday of the month. The firemen are divided into three training groups with a separate training officer. Each man receives the same number of training hours.
  • Apparatus:
    1959 Ford pumper
    1964 Chevy pumper, town
    1973 Ford tanker
    1970 Ford mini-pumper
    1974 Ford step van
    1976 International tanker

1976, Fire Chief is Bernice Wall, who serves until 1978.fdr

1976, meeting note: members approve at meeting to buy property directly in front of fire station for $2,000. Deed obtained by meeting on February 5. (January 8, 1976)

1976, meeting note: members discuss at meeting procedure for apparatus leaving station:

  1. All pumpers go first, depending on type of call.
  2. All tankers go second or bring up rear, depending on type of call.
  3. All apparatus should have two members before leaving.
  4. First pumper leaving station says 10-76 on radio, but no others should transmit status.
  5. First fire unit on scene of fire shall advise condition and equipment needed. No other unit shall do same.
  6. If units arrive on scene and are not needed, return to station for next call. (February 16, 1976)

1976, apparatus disposal: 1955 Reo tanker sold to private owner for $800. Sale approved at member meeting on February 5. (February 1976)fdr


  • 1/15/76 - Fire Chief reports at member meeting that they received a bid of $750. Members voted to postpone selling until they receive additional bids, or the next meeting.
  • 2/5/76 - Sale approved to private owner for $800 at member meeting.
  • 3/18/76 - Reported at member meeting that buyer requests the power take off unit, so he could "fix up the winch on it."

1976, apparatus delivery: 1976 International tanker, 1500 gallons, no pump. Delivered by February 18, 1976. Department now has three pumpers and two tankers. (February 1976)glf18feb76

1976, apparatus delivery: 1974 Ford step van, for use as utility truck.  (March 1976)glf13jan77, fdr


  • 3/11/76 - Purchase approved at member meeting, held for purposing of viewing the truck. Dur-Ral Ford asking $4,570. Approved to offer $4,500.
  • 3/18/76 - Specifications are approved at member meeting, including painting the top half of the truck white, to cover up "Dur-Ral Ford" [logo?], adding striping and lettering, painting the wheels, extending the rear bumper, and recapping two rear tires.
  • 3/18/76 - Purchase of 4,000 watt generator also approved at member meeting. They also voted to approve purchase of two mercury vapor lights, two "AC hand lights", one exhaust fan, "drop cords, switches, and etc. to hook up our lights to generator."
  • 4/15/76 - Members approve at meeting purchasing "some type of oxygen apparatus."
  • 4/15/76 - Members also approve removing air-condition unit from truck, and one member said he'd like to buy it.
  • 5/20/76 - Members shown new equipment at meeting. Approve purchasing two quick-release brackets for two Scott air packs.
  • 1/13/77 - Featured in Gold Leaf Farmer. Responds to all structure fires and assists on mutual aid with recall calls if requested. Equipment includes four Mercury vapor lights mounted on the top, and a generator inside with two portable hand lights. Plus "medical oxygen unit, two first aid kits, two blankets, two first aid stretchers", "shovels, mops and brooms, reels of electric cords, an exhaust fan, two Scott air packs, an axe and other leverage tools."

1976, station expanded: single bay added on north side, to house utility truck. (Summer 1976)fdr


  • 3/4/76 - Approved at member meeting, to build extension of "the stall behind Unit #1", that "would open into the front part of building" and the new stll "would be on our land."
  • 4/1/76 - Members approve at meeting to build stall on north side of building, if land use is approved.
  • 5/6/76 - Members [again?] approve at meeting building new bay.
  • 6/17/76 - Members worked on the new stall and "removing rock" after member meeting.
  • 7/__/76 - Members told at meeting that more blocks are ready to be laid, with work date planned for Saturday, August 10.

1976, Bethlehem Baptist Church on Poole Road burns. Dozens of church members and volunteer firefighters race into the burning building after the 82-year-old sanctuary is struck by lightning just before 7 p.m. They unscrew pews, cart off choir robes, and even drag out the organ and piano. Chairs, office equipment, and several air conditioning units are saved, as is a picture of Jesus recently donated by Madonna Jones. And just as firefighters step into the foyer on their last trip out, the roof collapses behind them. Units from Wendell, Garner, New Hope, and Raleigh also respond. Fire takes two hours to control. (August 4, 1976)

1976, fire calls for fiscal year:

  • 123 fire alarms
  • 23 house fires
  • 9 mobile homes
  • 9 tobacco barns
  • 12 car fires or "wreck calls"
  • 42 woods fires
  • 11 grass fires
  • 8 false alarms
  • 4 others, "trash etc."
  • 5 mutual aid rendered
  • Total $111,550 property loss value.

1976, Ladies Auxiliary organized by several wives of firefighters. Department gives $100 to the group to start their effort. Members approve at meeting on October 21 that the organization be created, and the donation of seed money. (October 1976) glf10mar83

1977, equipment note: New radios equipment ordered as approved at member meeting on March 17:

  • Four Motorola two-way mobile radios, two channel, 25 watts, to replace old radios on the fire trucks.
  • One Motorola two-way mobile radio, two channel, 25 watts, for Donnie Holmquist.
  • One Motorola pager, charger, and equipment, for George Gupton.
  • Twelve Fannon four-channel scanners, for ten members with two extras.fdr

1978, Chief Wall dies. George Gupton becomes Fire Chief, serves through 2003.fdr

1978, mobile home at Riverview Mobile Estates Park burns. (November 20, 1978) rt

1978, apparatus disposal: 1959 Ford/American LaFrance pumper sold to Contentena FD. Sale approved at member meeting on December 1. (December 1978)


  • 9/7/78 - Members discuss at meeting that $44,654.33 is needed to pay for new engine. Members vote 17 to 0 to sell the 1959 Ford/American LaFrance pumper "as it is," except for the radio. To be advertised in "the Fire Chief Magazine" and "all available newspapers." Deadline for bids is December 1, 1978.
  • 12/1/78 - Bids opened and members approve sale to Contentena FD. Until delivery of the truck to CFD, the apparatus should be used in emergency situations only.
  • 12/7/78 - Members learn at meeting at ten-percent down payment on truck has been received from CFD.

1978, member meeting: Purchase approved of house across the street from the fire station as rental property for $14,000. (November 2, 1978)fdr

1979, apparatus delivery: 1978 Ford/Howe pumper/tanker, 1000/750. Rural Truck 1. Placed in service February 1, 1979. Department has three pumpers, two tankers, and a utility truck. (January 30, 1979)glf08feb79


  • 11/18/76 - Members at meeting approve having a committee appointed to create specifications for new pumper.
  • 5/19/77 - Bids solicited for chassis, results discussed at member meeting.
  • 6/2/77 - Vote conducted on chassis. After four rounds, Chevrolet chosen.
  • August 1977 - Bids solicited for building pumper, accepted through August 31. no05aug77
  • 3/20/78 - Reported at member meeting that Ford dealers said the chassis would come off the assembly line May 15, and Howe is about three months behind on their delivery, so date is around June 1979.
  • 9/7/78 - Reported at member meeting that truck is ahead of schedule and would be delivered the first of January 1979.


1980, apparatus note: Quick dump installed on Tanker 2, as reported in member meeting. (January 17, 1980)fdr

1980, apparatus note: Quick dump installed on Tanker 3, as reported in a member meeting on June 5, 1980. Should be in service within the next week. Truck is equipped with a new 2,000 gallon tank, approved for purchase at a member meeting on May 15.fdr

1980, snapshot. Department has two sets of officers, two captains and two lieutenants each for the "town" department and the "rural" department. Each also has their own Assistant Chief, both of whom report to the Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief. fdr

1980, station remodeling note: Motion approved at member meeting to freeze all work on the upstairs of the station until the first of the year. The remodeling project needs more price estimates, for floors and carpet. The heat and air condition will require a 2.5 ton heat pump. Estimated cost without wiring $15,000. (October 2, 1980)fdr

1981, station planning: Bids on new roof and doors from two construction companies are read. Members vote on whether to build a new station or remodel existing station. Motion carried to remain in current station. Members vote to build a new roof and buy four doors. They also vote on selling the rental house and property, to pay for remodeling the station. Motion does not carry. (March 15, 1981)fdr

1981, apparatus note: Tanker 3 is leaking. Fire Chief calls a special meeting on April 9, 1981, to discuss the 1973 Ford/Atlas tanker. Members discuss options including (a.) purchasing new tank from Atlas Steel, costing $9,800 with three-month delivery, (b.) removing tank from rural truck, sandblasting, fixing weak seams, and installing for under $1,000. Members decide to let W. V. Pair repair the tank and, if it can't be fixed, bid on purchasing a new tank. (April 9, 1981)ewfd

1981, apparatus note: Tank replaced on Unit 3, with a 1,400 gallon "round" stainless tank from General Metals in Greensboro. Purchase approved by members in meeting on May 20, 1981. Replacement completed by time of a member meeting on June 18, 1981. Sale of old tank is approved at member meeting on September 3. Approved at member meeting on October 15 to donate the tank to any fire department wanting it, and charge $150 to any "profitable organization." Reported at member meeting on November 5 that the old tank was picked-up by Sharp Point FD. (May-June 1981)fdr

1981, meeting note: members propose "cutting back the turkey shoot" to only two nights this year. Adopted. (September 3, 1981)fdr

1981, meeting note: members discusses new county "code 3 policy", for radio codes based on fire conditions on arrival. Policy adopted. (October 1, 1981) fdr

1981, event note: annual town Christmas parade held. Department participates with apparatus. (December 12, 1981)fdr

1981, meeting note: fire chief requests that all chimney fires have one pumper, one tanker, and Unit 6 (utility truck) respond. (September 19, 1981)fdr

1982, meeting note: North Carolina State Fireman's Association membership cards issued to all members present. (January 1, 1981)fdr

1982, apparatus delivery: 198_ GMC/Howe, 1000/750. Engine 7. (January 1982) fdr


  • 1981, Dec 17 - General discussion held at member meeting, with preliminary specs shared. Members approve contacting FMC, Howe, and Pierce for more information on their stock trucks.
  • 1981, Dec 28 - Approved for purchase at special member meeting, with members choosing stock or custom, and which of three builders. They choose stock truck from Howe.
  • 1982, Jan 7 - Member meeting notes that truck hasn't arrived yet.

1982, equipment note: two MSA air packs donated by Square D, reported at member meeting. (February 18, 1982)ewfd

1982, meeting notes: members adopt new membership by-laws at meeting. Now requires that any person seeking membership must (a) live within the four-mile fire district, (b.) have lived within the district for the previous twelve months, (c.) continue living in the district to remain an active member, and (d.) abide by all membership by-laws. Also, membership strictly limited to 38 members. (March 4, 1982)ewfd

1982, plane crash near Knightdale-Wendell Airport. Two people killed when single-engine plane crashes between a quarter- and half-mile from the runway's north end. Department is later thanked for their assistance in responding, in a letter from the Wake County Sheriff Department read at a member meeting on April 1. (March 18, 1982)no19mar82, ewfd

1982, station note. The fire station is also equipped with a gas pump and underground tank(s) as referenced at member meeting. (April 15, 1982)ewfd

1982, meeting note. Discussion held on buying an "Army woods truck" at member meeting. Decline to "apply for a truck." (April 15, 1982)ewfd

1982 station note. Concrete paving/re-paving completed in front of station. Cost about $4435. Reported at member meeting on May 20. (May 1982)ewfd

1982, station note. Purchase of electric bay doors approved at member meeting. Bids were first received a year earlier, as reported at member meeting on September 19, 1981. But project was tabled until the project could be better afforded. (September 2, 1982)ewfd

1982, apparatus refurbished: 1963 Chevrolet/Darley pumper. Apparatus is repaired, repainted, and re-lettered. (October 1982)rtoct82, ewfd


  • 8/6/81 - Town has awarded a contract to David Lee to rebuild the "town truck", reported a member meeting. Truck to be sent to Kinston on August 6, to be repaired by David Lee, and who will send a rental truck for the department to use.
  • 9/2/82 - Painting truck discussed at member meeting. Quote of $600 received, which would include sanding, fixing all dents, and "painting with emron." Would require all chrome that is bolted to the truck be removed, along with all hose removed. To be brought before town board, to see how much they would contribute.
  • 9/16/82 - Painting approved at member meeting, with town paying half.
  • 10/7/82 - Addition of gold leaf lettering approved at member meeting.

1982, fire department answers 253 calls.

1982, department snapshot:

Engine 1 1978 Ford/Howe - 1000 GPM, 750 gallons
Tanker 2 1976 International - 1500 gallons, equipped for quick dump operation
Tanker 3 1973 Ford/Atlas - 1450 gallons, equipped for quick dump operation,
with 2000 gallon "pool"
Engine 4 1970 Ford/Darley - Brush truck, 240 gallons
Engine 5 1974 Chevy/Darley - 750 GPM, 500 gallons
Truck 6 1974 Ford - Equipment unit, generator, lights, breathing apparatus, etc.
Engine 7 198_ GMC/Howe - 1000 GPM, 750 gallons
Automatic mutual aid upon request of officer in charge.

Thirty-six firemen, certified as trained by the Department of Insurance.
Chief 100
Deputy Chief 101
Assistant Chiefs 102 & 103
Captain in charge of each fire unit, when on call

1983, chlorine leaks at Square D Company on Highway 64. Discovered about 9:00 p.m., the leak forces evacuation of 125 second-shift workers and sends seven people, including one firefighter, to Wake Medical Center, for treatment after inhalation of fumes. Leak originates in a ruptured line in pressurized cylinder near rear of plant. (August 31, 1983) no01sep83

1983 (?), apparatus delivery: 1983 Ford 8000/EEI pumper-tanker, 1250/1000. Engine 1.

1984, meeting note: New policy adopted for new members, who must now complete a twelve-month probationary period. Upon completion, they must be able to satisfactorily operate a Class A pumper. During probation they cannot drive any piece of apparatus unless authorized by the chief, and cannot enter a burning structure unless authorized by the chief. The exception to the probationary requirement is if the new member has at least twelve months of prior firefighting experience. (January 19, 1984)fdr

1984, apparatus note: Old tank from Unit 4 has been converted into a cooker by Wayne Pierce, reported at member meeting. (May 3, 1984)fdr

1984, meeting note: parking lot across the street from the fire station has been paved, reported at member meeting. (June 7, 1984)fdr

1984, equipment note: deluge gun, bracket, and automatic nozzle approved for purchase at member meeting, for price of $1818.00, with town contributing $1,500. First deluge gun for department [correct?]. Reported at member meeting on July 5 that town has put $1,600 in budget for fire equipment for the town truck. Members discuss and approve purchase of deluge gun. Reported installed on Engine 1 at member meeting on September 20, and with instructions that Engine 1 respond to any commercial building fires. (August 14, 1984)fdr

1984, meeting note: reported at member meeting, town has given department a "copying machine free of charge including paper and other supplies." (August 16, 1984)

1984, meeting note: department's insurance rating has improved, reported at member meeting. Takes effect on November 1. With the new rating, the department can establish a new five-mile district with agreement of neighboring departments, noted at a member meeting on November 1. (October 18, 1984)fdr

1984, meeting note: discussion of storage building across the street. Members consider remodeling or removing during meeting, decide to hold the issue until property issue with railroad is decided. Members decide to demolish the building due to its very poor condition, at a member meeting on November 1.  (July 5, 1984)fdr

1984, meeting note: Raleigh Fire Station 12 will now respond to all fire calls on the Beltline, and all areas on the west side of the Beltline including Rose Lane, noted at member meeting. (December 6, 1984)fdr

1984, meeting note: Chief officers will no longer wear white turnout gear. All white coats were sold to Knightdale Rescue Squad for $300, and chief officers will wear black coats with while helmets, noted at member meeting. (December 20, 1984)fdr



1985, meeting note: demolition of rental house approved at member meeting, along with grading of lot. Cost $1,600. One year earlier, at member meeting on April 2, 1984, house was described as in very poor condition. Reported as vacated at a member meeting on October 4, 1984. The renter had paid $200 per month. (April 18, 1985)fdr

1985, apparatus delivery: 1952 Dodge M37 brush truck. Engine 8. The three-quarter ton, ex-military vehicle is obtained from Wake County Emergency Preparedness, e.g. Civil Defense department. To be equipped as a second brush truck. Director Russell Capps offers to donate the truck which was obtained through federal government surplus. It had been used for CD purposes in the past, and was currently stored at Capps' home on New Hope Road in Raleigh. Department members performed extensive work on the truck. (March-April 1985)fdr


  • 3/21/85 - Fire Chief contacted Russell Capps "concerning a possible surplus Army truck suitable for conversion into a brush truck." Capps had a "suitable vehicle on hand" and it was towed to the station that night. Vehicle would be given to department at no charge, pending approval of Asst. County Manager. Members approved accepting truck. Reported at member meeting.
  • 3/26/86 - Total of $500 has been spent on truck, including paint and welding work. They approve purchase of skid unit from Slagle's, cost $5,600, at member meeting. Truck will be designated Engine 8. Also a roll bar will be mounted at a later date. Reported at member meeting.
  • 4/4/86 - Title has been transferred, with $6,500 now invested in truck, reported at member meeting.

1985, meeting note: the following trucks will need repair in the near future:

  • Tanker 3 - Clutch and transmission work
  • Engine 4 - Pump overall
  • Engine 8 - Brake work, new tires, and alternator.
  • Engine 1 - Possibly air brakes.

Reported at member meeting. (May 2, 1985)

1985, trash dump adjacent to Knightdale Estates Mobile Home Park on Hodge Road burns. Fire is reported at 1 p.m. and arriving firefighters discover several hundred tires ablaze. Mutual aid is requested from Wendell, Rolesville, New Hope, and Garner. About 50 to 60 firefighters are on scene at the height of the blaze that takes 75,000 gallons of water and $2,000 worth of foam to extinguish. Knightdale firefighters return to the scene at 5 a.m. the next day, to extinguish more fire. (June 4, 1985) rt05jun85

1985, construction begins on fire station additions of two open apparatus bays [to rear of original station section], a recreation room with two bathrooms, and a kitchen. Adds another 2,000 square-feet to the station. Myrick Construction Company awarded the low bid of $70,000. Cost funded by a building fund of about $40,000. Remainder will be paid through a bank loan. Construction should be complete in 45 to 60 days, weather permitting. (September 1985)glf22aug85, glfsep85, no06aug85, ewfd


  • 4/15/82 - Future expansion of station discussed at member meeting. Survey crew from railroad will determine where the property line is located, so the department can request to rent or be given land by the railroad, if needed.
  • 6/17/82 - Letter read from railroad at member meeting. They have been contacted about using part of their right-of-way. They will not sell any land, but there is a verbal agreement that they will lease enough land for the building enlargement.
  • 6/25/82 - Letter from Fire Chief to Southern Railway System, noting that there's no written agreement between the railroad and the department, but a verbal agreement was likely made years ago, and requesting a lease agreement so the station can be expanded.
  • 7/2/82 - Letter from railroad, that recommends leasing a 765 square-foot area for $100 per year, their minimum rate, and terminable with 90 days notice.
  • 8/5/82 - Discussion at member meeting of leasing land from railroad. Motion made to accept, then withdrawn.
  • 8/19/82 - Discussion again at member of leasing land from railroad. Motion made to accept, then withdrawn.
  • 12/2/82 - Railroad will lease the property at no charge, reported at member meeting. Contract can be terminated with 90 day notice.
  • 2/2/84 - Plans presented at member meeting. Project to add two bays, office, storage area, and two bathrooms. Bids presented for $21,000 (interior) and $19,500 (exterior). Approved to finish plans, build as soon as deed received from railroad.
  • 2/16/84 - Railroad has not located the deed to the property, reported at member meeting.
  • 2/29/84 - Railroad has sent rough copy of deed to inspect, reported at member meeting.
  • 3/7/84 - Plans adopted at member meeting. Several changes are made and accepted. Members also approve issuing specs for bid.
  • 4/5/84 - Letter sent to town requesting to deed property to fire department, reported at member meeting.
  • 4/5/84 - Deed from railroad not ready, but department has received written commitment, reported at member meeting. 
  • 4/19/84 - Response from town read at member meeting. Town will not sell or deed land, but will give 99-year lease only. Members approve leasing land from town, pursue getting a building permit, and let plans go out to bid. Also, letter read from department attorney that plans can proceed, since the railroad has provided a written commitment.
  • 5/3/84 - Rezoning required so both parcels "match", reported at member meeting. Also, original building plans discarded, and new plans accepted. Project now features two bays, recreation room, radio room, and two bathrooms. Members approve specs being drawn up and brought back to members for approval.
  • 7/5/84 - Project placed on hold, until definitive legal opinion received on issue of railroad property. Approved at member meeting.
  • 7/19/84 - Attorney appears at member meeting to explain process he has undertaken to obtain deed for railroad property. He has received the deed, but was told by railway not to release it, until all mortgage papers are found by the bank. The papers are lost. Once found and the mortgage papers are released, he will release a check to the railroad, and the property will be theirs.
  • 9/6/84 - Department now owns property in back of station, purchased from railroad, reported at member meeting.
  • 4/4/85 - Building committee appointed at member meeting, to handle any construction matters.
  • 5/2/85 - Final building plans approved at member meeting.
  • 5/16/85 - Building plans being approved by county, reported at member meeting.
  • 7/18/85 - Building plans could be approved by county as early as tomorrow, reported at member meeting. 
  • 8/15/85 - Specs have been advertised, reported at member meeting.
  • 9/5/85 - No bids received. Will advertise again for one more day on September 16, then open any bids, reported at member meeting.
  • 9/16/85 - Bids opened, three received. Awarded to Myrick Construction, $70,000.
  • 9/__/85 - Construction starts.
  • 11/7/85 - Chief suggests at member meeting that entire building be painted, when new addition is painted. Cost to be requested from builder.
  • 11/21/85 - Chief relates at member meeting several issues that need to be decided upon, including raising the floor in the recreation room to the same level as the existing room, installing an "aerial light" on the rear gable end of the new extension, and having running water installed in one of the bays.
  • 12/5/85 - Member meeting to discuss project. Approved to ask town to fund 25% of $70,000 cost.
  • 1/1/86 - Letter sent to town, asking for funding contribution.
  • 1/30/86 - Special meeting held to approve additions to the project, including building cabinets, adding a stainless steel sink, a small refrigerator, drop-in stove; rustic stone flooring; two heaters in new bays; remove radio room and building counter on right wall; remove old roof; etc.  
  • 2/20/86 - Building inspectors found some problems before they could perform the final "rough-in inspection," reported at member meeting. Issues include fire rating of outside walls and ceiling, bathroom will need to meet handicapped requirements, etc. Also at meeting, prices discussed for furnishings. Also at meeting, approval to paint the inside and outside of the building to match the rescue building, and add letters to the outside.
  • 3/6/86 - Project updates reported at member meeting, such as heat will be installed in bathrooms tomorrow and "ceiling tile man" will also be here tomorrow. Some furniture has been bought. Keys are given out. Also, all members asked to come to the station on Saturday, to help install the drop ceiling.
  • 4/3/86 - Construction items raised at member meeting, including painting still needed, a door replacement, blown insulation in the bay area, etc.

1985, Board of Directors briefly established. The action, approved at a member meeting on October 3, is subsequently postponed until the start of the new year, as decided in a member meeting on November 7. During that meeting, they receive a presentation from the NCDOI and the county Directory of Emergency Management about the subject, their charter, and their legal status. Members approve postponing as well as seeking legal advice on their current position and what steps are needed to establish a new board. [ The action isn't again pursued until mid 1987, at the time of contract talks with the town. ] (October 1985)fdr

1985, meeting note: members discuss New Hope FD new first responder program, which has their trucks entering the Knightdale FD district. (November 21, 1985)

1985, new five-mile fire district adopted. [ Or, rather, county adopts option for five-mile fire districts, correct? ] Department has resolved all boundaries except with Wendell. Neither the county nor the NC DOI will get involved. The chiefs of both departments will contact the county about this dispute. Reported in member meeting on [need date]. (December 2, 1985)fdr

1985, equipment note: air packs have been delivered, reported at member meeting. Bought with $2,000 given by town. Will be placed on Unit 5. (December 5, 1985)fdr

1986, meeting note: reported that the department is "setting up the books" with a CPA. (January 2, 1986)fdr

1986, annual department barbeque held. (April 18, 1986) glf

1986, fire truck runs off road while answering call during severe thunderstorm. Engine 7 is en route to call on Highway 64 when it runs off Smithfield Road at curve near Carrington Woods. One firefighter riding on the tailboard is slightly injured. Fire station is also flooded during storm, damaging a recently completed addition to the building. (June 28, 1986) glf03jul86

1986, apparatus delivery: 1986 Chevy/EEI pumper-tanker, 450/1200, Tanker 3. Cost $55,300. Delivered by August 6, 1986. (July-August 1986)ewfd  


  • 7/21/86 - Special meeting held to discuss replacing leaking tank on Tanker 2, 1976 International with 1500 gallon tank. Four apparatus builders--EEI, FMC, Grumman, Pierce--had been contacted about building a new pumper-tanker on the existing chassis. Each said that they could not construct such a vehicle, due to federal limits on gross vehicle weight. Motion placed before members: refurbish Tanker 2 regardless of cost, or purchase an EEI pumper-tanker "as we saw it" (stock/demo). Approved to purchase replacement.
  • 8/6/86 - Placed in service. Source: GLF, 8/21/86.
  • 8/7/86 - Tanker 3 to be used as tanker only, noted at member meeting.

1986, apparatus changes:

  • 1500 gallon tank removed from Tanker 2 (1976 International).
  • 1450 gallon stainless-steel tank removed from old Tanker 3 (1973 Ford) and installed on chassis of old Tanker 2 (1976 International). Action proposed at member meeting on July 21. Action authorized at member meeting on August 7. 
  • 1500 gallon tank combined with old Tanker 3 chassis (1973 Ford), both are offered for sale.  Sale advertised in News & Observer and Gold Leaf Farmer from August 8 to August 21, with bids opened on August 21. (August 1986)fdr

1986, Knightdale Elementary School cafeteria burns. Grease fire causes $15,000 damage. Fire Chief injured from smoke inhalation. (August 29, 1986) glf04sep86

1986, meeting note: department will no longer inspect houses, county will. (September 18, 1986)fdr

1986 meeting note: department sends letter to town, requesting capital budget consideration for (a.) the new building addition, costing approximately $40,000 to $50,000, and (b.) a new Class A pumper, that "will be in desperate need immediately." Estimated cost $100,000 to $130,000. (November 3, 1986)fdr

1987, meeting note: meeting planned with New Hope FD, Rolesville FD, and Knightdale FD the week of January 19, to discuss the proposed plans for a new fire station in the "no man's land" between these three departments. New Hope is considering a substation in the area. Knightdale needs to determine if they want the territory for their "five-mile" extension, or give to New Hope for consideration. Reported at member meeting on January 15, 1987. (January 1987)fdr

1987, meeting note: members vote to petition the additional one mile of territory extending beyond their present four-mile district boundary. (January 15, 1987)fdr

1987, meeting note: members discuss the need for some type of written agreement or contract with the town, as its required by law and in the department charter. (March 19, 1987)fdr

1987, apparatus disposal: 1952 Dodge brush truck sold to Archer's Lodge FD for parts, for $450. (May 1987)fdr


  • 4/16/87 - Members approve removing from service and replacing at a future date, when "more financially capable," at member meeting,
  • 5/7/87 - Reported as sold at member meeting.

1987, apparatus note: project to replace brush truck is apparently started, and after Wake Stone Corporation expresses desire to donate a vehicle to the department [correct?].


  • 4/23/87 - Approve bids to various Chevy dealers, plus announcement in paper. To be received by May 26. Reported at member meeting.
  • 4/24/87 - Letter to draft for bids for new brush truck chassis, reported at member meeting.
  • 6/18/87 - New truck in production. Will have 1987 body with 1988 parts and titled as 1988, reported at member meeting. One-ton truck, donated by Wake Stone Corporation. Due in September.
  • 10/1/87 - Skid unit for Engine 8 painted. Presuming same skid unit as purchased in 1985 for old Engine 8. Reported at member meeting.
  • 10/22/87 - New truck due December 10. Reported at member meeting.
  • 12/17/87 - Discuss conversion of truck into a mini-pumper. Board will decide action, reported at member meeting.
  • 2/4/88 - Discussion of truck donated by Wake Stone Corporation at board meeting.

1987, Board of Directors formed. The action is the result of a requirement for signing a contract with the town. Action taken at member meeting. (May 28, 1987)fdr

1987, town begins contracting with fire department for fire protection. Alternate date of July 1. Contract adopted at member meeting on June 18. The first contract payment will be made January 1, 1988. The contract includes a provision that the town purchase a new Class A pumper, and the cost of repairs of the existing "town truck" (Engine 5) will be shared equally with the town. (July 6, 1987) glf02dec93, ewfd

1988, fire truck collides with passenger vehicle at intersection of Highway 64 and Marshburn Road. One occupant of the automobile is severely injured.  (May 1988) glf16may91, no10may91, fdr

Subsequent timeline:

  • 2/16/89 - Board reports at meeting they've been notified that insurance company and complainants cannot agree on a fair settlement.
  • 6/15/89 - Board updated at meeting that a lawsuit was filed on June 1. Defendant are KVFD, the fire chief, and the driver of the apparatus [?].
  • 11/16/89 - Board updated at meeting that lawsuit is still not settled.
  • 5/3/90 - Board updated at meeting that lawsuit is not completely settled.
  • 5/__/90 - Lawsuit settled, with department admitting liability and the awarding $783,000 of damages.

1988, apparatus delivery: 1988 Ford F-350/Holmes/EEI mini-pumper. Replacement for Engine 4. Unit number changed to Engine 9. (August 1988) ewfd 


  • 1/24/88 - Chassis and utility body purchase approved by board.
  • 1/29/88 - Specifications received from Eastern Wrecker, for a 1988 Ford F-350 with Holmes utility body. Cost $16,411.
  • 2/4/88 - Truck has been ordered from Eastern Wrecker and will be delivered next week, reported at member meeting.
  • 2/9/88 - Board makes final decision on replacing Engine 4. Will be used for vehicle accidents, car fires, and back-up for brush and woods fires. Should not be used in place of a Class A pumper at a structure fire. Present is Jimmie Edwards from EEI, who recommends starting with an all-new apparatus, instead of moving the existing equipment to new chassis. Contract with EEI approved to purchase and install all new equipment, cost about $15,000.
  • 7/21/88 - Delivery scheduled for August 8, reported at board meeting.

1988, apparatus note: board approves keeping Unit 4 for woods fires, at meeting. Earlier in year, it was discussed to be possibly sold to the town, and was first discussed at a board meeting on February 9. (August 14, 1988)ewfd

1989, apparatus note: Engine 4 approved to be repaired, for amount not exceeding $2,000, at board meeting on January 5. Quote from Jimmie Edwards with C. W. Williams in Rocky Mount. (January 1989)

1989, meeting note: Board informed at meeting that Knightdale rescue has discontinued first responder services from New Hope FD, except as requested for mutual aid. If the squad needs manpower they will call KVFD for assistance, and the fire chief has designed Engine 9 for that purpose. (January 5, 1989)

1989, apparatus note: Pumper/Tanker #3 tank is still leaking, EEI has been notified and it will be repaired in Raleigh, as the tank is still under warranty. Down time about one week. Board informed at meeting. (February 16, 1989)

Subsequent timeline:

  • 2/27/89 - Truck went to shop in Raleigh on that date.

1989, equipment note: New turnout gear has arrived and is being issued by Supply Officer Mark Rick. Old gear is being collected and kept in storage until board decision on disposal. Reported at board meeting. (February 16, 1989)

1989, planning for second station starts. Project is placed on hold at the end of the year (Spring 1989)


  • 2/16/89 - Chief advises board of a possible need in near future for a substation south of the present fire district, at board meeting. Chief is directed to "obtain all facts and information relating to this matter" and report back to board.
  • 3/2/89 - Chief discusses at board meeting proposed plans for second station at Bethlehem and Poole Road. Chief instructed to obtain all information needed to start the process of establishing a second station.
  • 3/9/89 - Board hears report from fire chief. He and a board member have met with a property owner about a site and a building at the corner of Bethlehem and Poole roads. Five-year lease offered for monthly rental of $150. Department would repair and remodel building as a fire station. Plus rezoning of site by county. Fire chief would work with county on creating tax district, and it would take three to four weeks to determine the amount of tax revenue in the area. Board agreed that second station would be needed in this area in the near future. Chief tells board that several factors to be considered before a final decision, including actual amount of property tax revenue, cost of remodeling the building, finding an alternate site if needed and the cost, and cost of erecting a new building.
  • 3/15/89 - Letter sent to chairman of Board of Deacons at Bethlehem Baptist Church, requesting their input on consideration of a fire station site directly across the road from their church. 
  • 3/23/89 - Board informed that property owner would give a ten-year least, with rent for second five-year period set during the first five-year period, at board meeting.
  • 4/14/89 - Special meeting held to further discuss issue and cost of remodeling to house three fire units, bathroom and office space, plus purchase of a Class A pumper, one tanker, and one brush truck.
  • 4/14/89 - Chief directed to get three licensed constructor bids at board meeting.
  • 4/20/89 - Chief presents to board at meeting a proposal from town planner, for professional services [performed by town?] for proposed station. Total price $3200 to $3500 for survey, permits, evaluation of land etc. Board agrees to hold matter open until price received on cost of upgrading building.
  • 8/17/89 - Project still open for decision but no prices yet received from contractors, board is informed at meeting.
  • 9/7/89 - Board votes to move station project to longer-term planning, due to more immediate needs for adding compensation for firefighters. Approve planning for purchase of land, two acres, at Bethlehem and Poole road, on a five-year plan, and set aside monies for capital outlay for a new pumper/tanker in the future.
  • 11/29/89 - Board votes to place station project and compensation project on hold for minimum of two years.

1989, apparatus delivery: 1988 Ford/EEI pumper-tanker, 1250/750. Engine 10. New Class A pumper, replacement for decades-old "town truck." Purchased by town, under a three-year lease agreement. Cost approximately $125,000. Ladies Auxiliary paid for the $2,000 radio system. The truck is the department's fourth Class A pumper. (April 25, 1989) glf27jun91, glf04may90, ewfd


  • 8/4/88 - Engine 5, old town truck, will "stay as is, with equipment on it", reported at member meeting.
  • 8/4/88 - Date for bids to be opened by town.
  • 9/15/88 - Town has ordered truck, reported at board meeting. Due in four to six months.
  • 10/20/88 - Delivery date scheduled for April 1989, reported at board meeting.
  • 2/16/89 - Board votes to have pumper painted "red all over" instead of original request of white over read.
  • 2/22/89 - Letter sent to Jimmie Edwards at C.W. Williams, regarding change order for painting.
  • 3/23/89 - Board informed that truck should be delivered by April 15. Unit number must be chosen, Unit 6 or Unit 10.
  • 4/20/89 - Board agrees to have 5000 watt generator and lights installed on engine, approximate cost $4,000.

1989, private plane crashes near Raleigh East Airport. Three people are injured, one serious in 1:13 a.m. crash. Cessna 172N experiences alternator failure during flight but pilot elects to continue flying to destination. About 20 minutes from destination, aircraft loses all electrical power. While making night visual approach with passenger holding flashlight on instrument panel, pilot allows airplane to descend too low and collides with treetops. Pilot then attempts go-around even after, according to a pilot-rated passenger, the runway is made after collision. Aircraft doesn't climb during go-around and collides with trees and comes to rest. All passengers are conscious when rescuers arrive. (October 24, 1989) ntsb, rt24oct89

1989, meeting note: Raleigh/Wake County Communications has adopted new radio policy for all emergency services in county. Fire service requested to only issue radios to those people or positions needed for everyday operations. Chief officers will be assigned 100 numbers, (line) Captains 200 numbers, and all others as needed 400 numbers, including lieutenants, traffic officers, etc. Reported at board meeting. (November 16, 1989)

1989, apparatus disposal: 1983 Ford/EEI pumper-tanker, Engine 1. Approved to be sold to C.W. Williams in Rocky Mount for $40,000. (November 29, 1989)


  • 10/19/89 - Board informed that Engine 1 has failed pump certification tests on two occasions. Maximum flow is 994 GPM. There are apparent problems with the pump. Based on discusses with two pump company reps, its either a partially blocked impeller or leaking rings. Repair costs could run from $1,500 to $7,000. Repairs approved, along with repairs of rear compartment rusting. Board also approves installation of 5000 watt generator on truck. Work to be done at C. W. Williams in Rocky Mount. Approximate cost of all actions $10,000 to $20,000. 
  • 11/16/89 - Board members hear estimated repair cost at meeting. Approximate cost $25,000 for pump and body. No sand or rock was found in pump. It was damaged by overheating. Options discussed for repairing or replacing truck.
  • 11/29/89 - Board approves replacing Engine 1, by selling truck to C. W. Williams for $40,000, and applying amount to purchase of new pumper-tanker from same vendor.


1990, apparatus delivery: 1990 Ford/E-One pumper-tanker, 1250/1000. Cost $131,699, including $40,000 trade-in. (March 1, 1990)


  • 11/29/90 - Board approves at meeting to purchase Ford C8000 diesel pumper built by E-One, with two-stage pump, with $40,000 down payment from sale of Engine 1 to C. W. Williams.
  • 1/10/90 - Board told at meeting new truck to be delivered February 1.
  • 2/1/90 - Board told at meeting new truck to be delivered February 20.
  • 2/_/90 - Board told at meeting new truck will arrive March 1.
  • 3/1/90 - Board told at meeting that truck was delivered today, and is in Raleigh having the radio installed.

1990, apparatus note: pumper replaced on Engine 4. Cost about $3,200 to $3,500. Performed by C. W. Williams. Time to receive pump from factory of 45 days. Approved by board at meeting. (March 8, 1990)

1990, meeting note: Board approves compensation plan:

  • Assistant Chiefs - $75 per month
  • Secretary - $50 per month
  • Treasurer - $90 per month
  • Firemen - $5 per call

No credit for work sessions also noted. (March 8, 1990)

1990, first full-time firefighters start employment. Two positions created, Firefighter I and Firefighter II. Fire Chief George Gupton is hired as FF II and Firefighter Trey Tart is hired as FF I. They work eight-hour days, Monday through Friday. (April 2, 1990)fdr, oh


  • 3/1/90 - Board receives department requests for coming budget year. Includes request from Fire Chief for one firefighter and one fire chief/firefighter. Proposd salaries of $13,2000 (firefighter) and $13,900 (fire chief/firefighter), with shift hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The positions would be responsible for "light apparatus maintenance, station maintenance, equipment maintenance, administrative duties, daytime meetings, Fire Prevention, Fire Inspection, Fire Pre-planning, General record keeping errands that need to be done fire-related. Any and all duties that are required by the Board of Directors or the Fire Chief."
  • 3/8/90 - Board at meeting approves positions as well as salaries of $11,700 for Firefighter I and $14,300 for Firefighter II.

1990, apparatus disposal. Board approves selling Tanker 2 to Corinth Holder's FD for $2500. Tanker 3 retired same day. (May 3, 1990)fdr

1990, meeting note: Board learns at meeting that effective July 1, 1991, are fire inspections to be down by KVFD, or contracted with county. All commercial site plans must be approved by local fire department with recommendation to property placement and number of hydrants, fire lanes, etc. Fire Chief, Asst. Chief, etc. can be authorized to allow burning within town limits if it doesn't pose a safety or health issue. (September 6, 1990)

1991, staffing note. Part-time firefighters start working, to supplement the two full-time firefighters on weekdays. (January 1, 1991) fdr

1991, apparatus delivery: 1991 GMC/E-One tanker, 450 (PTO)/1500. Tanker 2. Bid price $88,000. (January? 1991)ewfd


  • 3/8/90 - Board receives at meeting proposals for new tanker. Four are presented.
  • 5/3/90 - Board discusses purchasing of new pumper-tanker at meeting. Agree that updated prices are needed before decision can be made. Special meeting to be held on May 20.
  • 5/20/90 - Special meeting held to approve purchase. Jimmy Edwards of C. W. Williams presents bid with four options. Chassis will be "1991 Kodiac" with body style identical to las tanker, except for height. Board approves purchase.
  • 10/4/90 - Board learns at meeting that truck should arrive December 14.
  • 11/29/90 - Board learns at meeting that truck will be delivered January 15.

1991, Ladies Auxiliary disbanded, as reported at board meeting. Their remaining funds of $2,014 have been given to the department. (March 21, 1991)ewfd


  • 6/7/90 - Board receives at meeting recommendation [from lawyer?] that rules and regulations be established for any support organization using KVFD name. Or, that the organization create a charter as a separate organization.
  • 7/5/90 - Board discusses at meeting proposed guidelines for all support auxiliaries. President of Ladies Auxiliary is invited to be present. Board tables issue(s) until they can read over auxiliary by-laws, and implemented guidelines for both KVFD and Ladies Auxiliary.
  • 9/6/90 - Board still considering ladies auxiliary issue. Mr. Clinebelle [lawyer?] recommends they be chartered as separate organization.
  • 11/15/90 - Board learns at meeting that the ladies auxiliary accounting books are being audited.

1991, membership votes to begin receiving tax support from Wake County. (August 1991)ewfd

1992, apparatus note: Tanker 3 receives new 1,250 gallon tank. Reported as installed at board meeting on April 2, 1992. Cost about $4,700. Also reported at board meeting on April 2 that the department has dropped a lawsuit against the fire truck company, which was filed during a dispute over the paying for the replacement. (March-April 1992)ewfd

1992, meeting note. Apparatus numbering changed, approved at Board meeting:

  • Engine 10 to Engine 4
  • New truck as Engine 5
  • Engine 9 to Engine 6
  • Engine 8 to Engine 7. (April 2, 1992)fdr

1992, apparatus delivery: 1991 E-One Protector rear-mounted aerial ladder, 1250/500/75-foot. Delivery scheduled for April 15, 1992, as reported at board meeting on March 16. Apparatus is traded the following year. Alternate model year 1990. (April 1992) glf16jul92, ewfd

1992, private plane crashes at Raleigh East Airport. Incident occurs about 2 p.m. when strong winds strike single-engine plane attempting landing. Pilot suffers minor scrapes but is not transported to hospital. (April 13, 1992) no

1993, fire station fails fire inspection. Upstairs meeting room declared off-limits. Training and other activities held in apparatus bay. Estimated cost of bringing building to code: $55,000. (February 1993) glf11mar93

1993, replacement station site selected. Board approves purchase of 2.2 acre lot on Bethlehem Road, just south of railroad tracks as location for replacement fire station. Cost $70,000. Fire Chief proposes 13,000-square foot facility at estimated cost of $520,000. (March 4, 1993) glf11mar93

1993, apparatus disposal: Board approves selling 1991 E-One ladder, which is not supported by the town, as noted in earlier meetings. They approve selling to the E-One dealer in Rocky Mount as a trade for a new E-One pumper. (July 1, 1993)ewfd

1993, construct disputes between town and department. Reported at a board meeting on July 1, if the contract isn't signed by an upcoming date, the town will start its own fire department. (July 1993)

1993, replacement station project postponed. After the town renews their contract but does not include money for a new station, Board of Directors postpones for twelve months any development of the site purchased on Bethlehem Road. Meanwhile, the county plans to conduct survey of the fire district to determine where a new fire station should be built. (July 1993) glf11mar93


  • June 1993 - Town planners conclude that proposed fire station site on Bethlehem Road will likely not meet needs of Town over long term, due to growth such as a planned annexation of the town's western extraterritorial rustication that will push the Town limits to the Neuse River. 

1993, apparatus delivery: 1993 E-One Cyclone pumper-tanker, 1250/1200. (August 6, 1993).glf12aug93

1993, Town Council public safety committee releases report describing continuing struggle between Town and fire department over money and accountability. Report suggests three options for Town Council:

  • Start own fire department
  • Contract with a third party for fire protection
  • Maintain relationship with present fire department.

The report states that the least expensive option for the Town is to continue contracting with the present fire department. (November 30, 1993) glf02dec93

1993, fire truck collides with passenger vehicle on Old Horton Road during ice storm, after swerving to avoid a skidding vehicle that crosses the center line. No one is injured. The 1990 Ford pumper sustains only $1.23 in damages, an air-valve plug. The accident occurs shortly after 8 a.m., which unit is responding to vehicle accident. (December 29, 1993) glf06jan94

1994, fire department issues response to Town Council public safety report of November 30 in special meeting. Firefighters find faults with report, but also offer compromises including allowing non-fire department members to serve on the Board of Directors.

Other changes to negotiate:

  • Making the Fire Chief and daytime personnel either Town or County employees
  • Prohibiting paid employees from serving on the Board of Directors
  • Town giving the title to its fire engine to the fire department
  • Town or County assuming bookkeeping or other administrative duties
  • Signing of "open-ended" contracts between the two groups
  • Town providing "equal" funding for its citizens as the County does for rural residents.

Both parties agree to choose three representatives to negotiate a compromise to be presented to both groups as a whole, probably in March. (January 13, 1994) glf13jan94

1994, apparatus delivery: 1977 Chevrolet C-30 step van. Used equipment truck. Cost $5,999. Purchase authorized at board meeting. Board considers three bids, including a 1985 type II ambulance deemed to expensive and with insufficient storage space. (January 27, 1994)ewfd


  • 1/20/94 - Board informed at meeting that department is in desperate need for additional salvage and overhaul equipment, and also needs a vehicle for carrying the equipment. Chief also tells board that there isn't funding for a new vehicle in FY93-94 or FY94-95 budget. Board authorizes purchase of equipment and locating a suitable used truck with at least three options/prices for board to approve.

1994, new Support Auxiliary created. By-laws adopted at board meeting on May 26, 1994. (Spring 1994)ewfd

1994, helicopter crashes near Raleigh East airport. One person killed. Flight is delayed because of fog layer at airport and, according to witnesses, departs with incident. One minute into flight, pilot is heard saying "Hey! I've got a..." No other radio transmissions are heard. Witness near accident site observes helicopter fishtail and hears sputtering sound coming from it. Radar data depicts helicopter at 700 feet MSL, flying in easterly direction, then reversing course to a westerly heading within 23 seconds of coverage. Main fuselage impacts ground in a wooded area. Other debris from helicopter is scattered over area 800 feet long and 100 feet wide. Post-impact fire further damages airframe. Examination of separated tail cone and fuselage components show evidence of in-flight main rotor blade contact. Wreckage examination also slows sign of mast bumping. (September 28, 1994) ntsb

1994, fire department files lawsuit against Town, in attempt to collect up to $28,389 in excess tax revenues that the town collected and should have given to the fire department since 1987. The Town Council has offered to pay up to $7,500 to settle claim. (October 28, 1994) glf03nov94

1994, apparatus note: Board meeting agenda contains "discuss sale of Truck 8" (step van) with funds placed in account to purchase used pumper for future. During meeting, they discuss the problems with the truck and that "no want ones to drive it." (December 15, 1994)


1995, County Board of Commissioners agrees to expand Alert Fire District to include Shotwell and other areas along the Johnson County line. Department subsequently seeks permission to build satellite station to protect expanded district. (February 1995) glf23feb95

1995, apparatus delivery: 1976 Ford C 9000/Young/Bole [possibly with EEI rebuild?], 1250/750, purchased used from fire truck dealer in Lancaster, PA. Engine 10. It was sold by Command Fire Apparatus, an ex-Lancaster Township FD pumper with an 8V71 Detroit Diesel, 350 HP.  Approved at board meeting on March 3, 1995.

1995, County Board of Commissioners approves construction of satellite fire station near Poole Road. Public hearing draws only support, including petition with 424 signatures favoring a fire station. The expansion of the fire district is expected to generate more than $200,000 a year in revenues. The building is expected to cost about $500,000. Upon completion, the fire departments administrative offices will be moved there along with two of four full-time firefighters. (March 13, 1995) glf16mar95

1995, new department organizational structure drafted, for implementation after opening of Station 2. (April 14, 1995)

1995, apparatus accident note: Town agrees to settle lawsuit filed by fire department last year. Town Council votes to pay fire department $7,210 with a second payment for the same amount in July, as part of the proposed 1995-96 town budget. The lawsuit contended that the Town collected excess tax revenues over a seven-year period but did not adjust the fire department's payments. This year, the town is paying 6 cents per $100 of property valuation, along with about $22,000 annually for a fire truck for the department to use, as well as free water, sewer, and garbage service. (May 1995)glf11may95

1995 - Apparatus delivery, 1972 Dodge/Howe brush truck, 300/300, purchased from Garner FD for $12,000. Purchase approved at board meeting on May 4. (May 1995)

1995 - Meeting note: Board reports at meeting that the department has sold their property across from Myrick Downs, and has also regained ownership of the parking lot in front of Station 1. (May 18, 1995)

1995 (?), apparatus accident: 1977 Chevrolet step van damaged in accident on Forestville Road and removed from service. On January 4, 1996, board approves having the truck returned and taking a smaller payment, but with opportunity to sell the truck themselves. On February 1, board reports that insurance adjuster says the truck has been totaled, and will receive $6000 minus $500 deductible. On May 18, board approves request to donate to town, with provision that full insurance payment is received. (Summer-Fall? 1995)

1995, public hearing held by county to consider approval of Alert Fire District expansion. Action is approved. (December 18, 1995)no03dec85

1995, snapshot:

Two stations, 38 firefighters, seven "traffic", 36 volunteers, nine paid.

Station 1

  • Engine 5 - 1994 E-One, 1250/1000
  • Tanker 3 - 1986 ___/EEI, 300/1250
  • Brush 7 - 1988 Chevy/shop-built, 150/350
  • Engine 4 - 1988 Ford F 8000/EEI, 1250/750
  • Truck 8 - 1977 Chevrolet C-30

Station 2

  • Engine 1 - 1989 Ford 8000/E-One, 1250/1000
  • Tanker 2 - 1991 GMC/E-One, 400/1500
  • Engine 10 - 1976 Ford C 9000/Young/Bole, 1250/750
  • Engine 6 - 1972 Dodge 300/Howe, 300/300
  • Truck 9 - 1986 Ford F-350

Source: Fire Department Inspection report. (December 1995)

1996, meeting note: Ordering of new breathing apparatus as soon as possible approved at board meeting. (February 15, 1996)

1996, meeting note: Fire Chief proposes at board meeting that two paid [full-time?] firefighters be added. (March 7, 1996)

1996, meeting note: Bob Biggs appointed as daytime volunteer as Chief Engineer, to oversee all pump operation and maintenance of all pumpers. Action at board meeting, who makes one-time exception for any person living outside the fire district. Biggs reports directly to Fire Chief, works with the station supervisor while at station, and reports directly to Incident Commander at any fire scene. No supervisory role. (March 21, 1996)

1996, meeting note: Support Auxiliary reported as no longer operating. They transfer $1679.12 to the department. Reported at board meeting on April 1, 1996. (March? 1996)

1996, Massey's Butcher Block at 107 S. First Avenue burns. Afternoon fire takes about 90 minutes to contain. Damage estimated at $200,000 to $250,000. (May 27, 1996)no28may96

1996, equipment note: purchase of [replacement?] SCBA refilling station approved at board meeting. Rebuilt Bristol 18 CFM system, cost $19,337.63. (June 6, 1996)

1996, First Responder service starts. Begins as 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. service, Monday through Friday. (November 15, 1996)bod07nov96

1996, Fire Station #2 completed at 4828 Clifton Road. Station is staffed with three personnel, 24/7. The Hester Street station is staffed with two personnel, Monday through Friday, and with volunteer duty crews on weekends.


  • 3/4/93 - Proposal for design/build services received from Bobbitt & Associates for $459,615.
  • 1/20/94 - Board adopts plans at meeting, "Bobbitt Plan (station like Wake Forest)".
  • 8/18/94 - Board adopts final plans at meeting. Also approved to do a soil test at the site.
  • 9/15/94 - Board discusses station sites at meeting.
  • 10/6/94 - Board discusses at meeting a county study of a new station at K-Held and Bethlehem Road. Board approves that they work with the Fire Marshal's office to get information ready to present to county commissioners.
  • 11/17/94 - Board learns at meeting that the station project is on the agenda for the county commissioners meeting on November 21.
  • 1/24/95 - Board informed at meeting that the Fire Marshal's office today called and said "everything is a go" for the project, and the department will be loaned $500,000.
  • 2/2/95 - Board notes at meeting that both the board and members have agreed to proceed with project and spend $500,000 to build.
  • 2/16/95 - Board discusses site selection to send to county, but cannot reach a decision. Sites suggested are K-Held and Bethlehem, Poole and Bethlehem, Grasshopper and Knightdale-Auburn, plus Clifton and Poole.
  • 2/23/95 - Board holds special meeting to select site, including input from membership that was surveyed over five days. Clifton Road and Poole Road site is chosen.
  • 3/13/95 - Public hearing held on the station project at the regular meeting of the county commissioners. Project approved by commissioners at meeting.
  • 3/14/95 - Board receives report at meeting that there's a shortage of land at the site. Approve purchasing three additional acres.
  • 4/6/95 - Board at meeting approves drawings by Bobbitt Construction.
  • 5/1/95 - Bids received. The three bids range from $414,000 to $598,000, and does not include $90,000 cost of three-acre site.
  • 8/17/95 - Organizational structure for two-station operation adopted, for implementation after station is completed, by board at meeting.
  • 10/5/95 - District boundaries approved by board at meeting.
  • 11/16/95 - Applicants interviewed for membership by board at meeting.
  • 11/30/95 - Furniture for station approved for purchase at board meeting.
  • 12/7/95 - Fire Chief met with county and NCDOI staff to approve and rate station, as reported at board meeting that evening.
  • 1/7/96 - Date scheduled for open house, approved at board meeting on December 7.

1997, apparatus note. Repairs to Engine 10 approved, estimated cost $7500, as Board meeting. (December 19, 1996)

1997, rescue calls [planned to be] transferred from Knightdale EMS. Plan first proposed at board meeting on June 6, 1996, with planned implementation on January 1. (January? 1997)

1997, equipment note: board approves purchase of extrication equipment/air bags from Knightdale EMS. Board declines offer to purchase their rescue truck. (January 20, 1997)

1997, apparatus deliveries:

  • 1997 International 4900/E-One pumper-tanker, 1250/1200 (December 1997)
  • 1997 International 4900/E-One rescue/service truck. (December 1997)

1997, Fire Station #1 property transferred from town to fire department. (May 6, 1997)

1997, equipment note: department has two boats, one with motor and one without. Mentioned at board meeting on May 22. (May 1997)1

1997, department placed on probation indefinitely do to poor response to structure fire on June 1, as reported at board meeting on June 9. Staffing issues are called to attention, with Fire Chief informing board on June 9 that paid personnel are needed 24/7. Chief Gupton also recommends that the board authorize immediate renovations to Station 1, to house two sets of bunk beds in the staff office, and shower added to current bathroom. He recommends board immediately hire two additional paid firefighters between now and July 1. At board meeting on June 19, it's noted that the town is requesting 24-hour coverage added as soon as possible. Fire Chief addresses immediate manpower needs, with recommendation to hire two additional firefighters immediately, and proposed program of hiring volunteers to man both stations on a 24-hour shift on Sundays only, and with the town sharing cost on salaries. Fire Chief notes that he and the Town Manager are working jointly on program (June 1997)

1997, first full-time fire chief. [Correct interpretation?] At board meeting on June 19, board offers position to Fire Chief George Gupton, an upgrade to his part-time contracted position. [ Though Gupton was previously employed full-time as a Firefighter II, beginning in 1990. ] (June 1997)

1997, apparatus disposal: Tanker 2 sold for $75,000 to West Johnson FD. Action reported at board meeting on July 17. (July 16, 1997)

1998, First Responder service changed to 24/7. Reported at board meeting on June 18, county wants their program changed to full-time. Board approves delaying action until September 1, due to new Sunday volunteer program just started. The expanded First Responder program is later reported as should be ready starting September 1. (Summer-Fall 1998)ewfd

1999, meeting note: board approves hiring one full-time firefighter, to replace part-time position(s). To be effective February 1. (January 5, 1999)

1999, apparatus delivery: 198_ Chevy brush truck received from Ferrells FD, as trade for Engine 10 plus $1000 from Ferrells FD. Approved at board meeting on February 18. [ Believe this is a 1985 Chevy one-ton, with skid unit. Was Army surplus when originally purchased. Per EWFD records, Aug 2000. ] (February 1999)

1999, apparatus delivery: 1994 Chevy S-10 blazer, donated by Wake Stone Corporation for first responder use. First reported at board meeting on March 18, and again on April 15. (April-May? 1999)

1999, apparatus delivery: 1975 Mack CF/Maxim/Hamerly 1000/300/85-foot mid-mount aerial ladder, ex-Mastic Beach, NY. Chassis #CF685FCA-1068. Hamerly production #4212. Reported as to be delivered possibly second week of November, at board meeting on October 21. Cost $75,000. (November? 1999) 


  • 9/30/99 - Special board meeting called to discuss need for an aerial device to meet current and future needs, and the safety of personnel using 35-foot ground ladders. Fire Chief discusses the two-story buildings in town and the rural district, and plans to build several more in the next 18 to 24 months. Approve purchase of a 1978 Mack with a 50-foot telesquirt from NorthEast Fire Truck Sales, and with a trade of Engine 4, which needs steering repairs, a new 750 gallon tank, and repair of 1250 pump.


2000, vehicle notes: 1997 Ford Explorer used by Fire Chief will become First Responder vehicle, and Fire Chief will drive 1995 Crown Victoria, reported at board meeting on May 18. (May 2000)

2000, station note: code violations found in sleeping areas at Station 1. Department has subsequent discussions during early 2001 of selling the station, or extensively renovation, for estimated $600,000 cost. (Spring-Summer 2000)

2001, station note: fuel tank(s) removal closure in progress at Station 1, mentioned at October 18 board meeting. (October 2001)

2001, County-funded financial audit finds widespread mismanagement in the department over the past decade, ranging from questionable purchases to mismanagement of the employee retirement plan. The action is prompted after county officials discover in June that the department's reserve account had rapidly shrunk in the space of one year, in violation of its contract with the county. Department is given a deadline of December 11 to create a plan to fix the problems. (November 15, 2001)no16nov01, no01dec01, 12dec01, no25may02

2001, Department submits response to audit, which includes timeline for the fire chief to improve record-keeping and other management issues, and hiring a private accounting firm to handle the department's finances, which were previously managed by the fire chief. They also plan to hold open meetings and keep better minutes, and meet with county officials for the first time since the audit was released. (December 11, 2001)no12dec01

2001, New Board of Directors appointed, eleven-member entity with no firefighters as members, and including a voting spot for the town. Most of the prior board resigned the week before. It was led by the fire chief and comprised largely of firefighters. (December 10, 2001)no12dec01

2002, County and town officials urge a merger with Town of Knightdale in the wake of the auditor's report. If  merger is enacted, the department's equipment, two stations, and more than $1 million in debt would be turned over to the town. The department's eighteen paid firefighters could also apply for jobs. Department officials reject the proposal. (January 2002)no24jan02

2002, Town officials approve terminating their contract. They first announce their intentions in November and plan to start their own fire department and begin answering calls on July 1. (February 2002)no22feb02

2002, station renovated. Bedroom repair/renovation completed, half of roof repaired, and concrete bay area being repaired, reported at board meeting on February 21. (January-March 2002)

2002, County Commissioners vote to continue funding the department. The issue had been debated in recent months. (June 2002)

2002, Town ceases contracted fire protection with Knightdale Fire Department. (June 30, 2002)

2002, equipment note: thermal imager has been received from county, valued $17,000. Reported at board meeting. (December 19, 2002)

2003, Fire department renamed Eastern Wake Fire-Rescue. (March 24, 2003)


  • 3/20/03 - Members vote to change name.
  • 3/24/03 - Board adopts resolution affirming member vote. Also report preliminary costs for name change as between $5,000 and $6,000.
  • 4/14/03 - Corporate name change filed with state. 

See Eastern Wake timeline.

Fire Chiefs


First Middle Last Start Stop Years Notes
Randolph   Griffith 1954 1955 1 First fire chief
Charles   Smith 1956 1956 1  
Bernice   Wall 1957 1958 1 Total 17 years as KFD chief
John B. Parrish 1958 1959 1  
E. O. Robinson 1959 1961 2  
Bernice   Wall 1961 1975 14  
H. V. Pair 1975 1976 1  
Bernice   Wall 1976 1978 2  
George   Gupton 1978 2003 25 Last fire chief. KFD renamed EWFD.
Plus 9 years at EWFD.

Fire Chiefs

See Wake County Fire Chiefs (pdf).


See Wake County apparatus register (pdf).


Raleigh Fire Museum photo albums.


  • cfd Cary Fire Department records
  • dah NC Department of Archives and History
  • fdr Fire department records
  • glf Gold Leaf Farmer
  • no News and Observer
  • oh Oral history
  • rt Raleigh Times
  • sos NC Department of the Secretary of State
  • wcbh Wake County Bicentennial Town history
  • wcfa Wake County Firemen's Association records

Part II - Fire Calls - 1956 to 1959

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Part III - Early Tankers


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