Rolesville Fire Department History

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Part I - Research From 2004


1913, business section of town "practically wiped out" by fire on Thursday night. Ten buildings are destroyed. Fire "is said to have originated in a room over Wright Brothers' store, used as a meeting hall by the Junior Order, and a defective flue was no doubt the direct cause" reports the February 10 edition of the Raleigh Times. Flames spread "across the road to the east and would have wiped out the whole northern part of the town if the inhabitants had not worked heroically to save it. Everyone in the place helped with water buckets and wet blankets and finally succeeded in checking the flames by saving the office and drug store of Dr. L. B. Young." No residences were destroyed. None of the properties were insured and the total loss is estimated at $10,000. (February 6, 1913) rt


1958, established. Incorporated as Rolesville Rural Fire Department, Inc. (June 3, 1958) sos

1958, fire engine first stored in Rolesville Amoco Station on S. Main Street across the street from 106 S. Main Street. oh

1958, first fire apparatus:

1960, H. E. Perry is Fire Chief. (May 7, 1960)

1960, permanent fire station completed at 106 S. Main Street. wcrer

Apparatus deliveries (?):


1980, new fire station completed on 104 E. Young Street.

1982, wooden tract between Jonesville Road and SR 1003 burns for four days. Nine fire departments and volunteers armed with tractors and bulldozers battle blaze. An estimated "several hundred firemen" participate from Rolesville, Wake Forest, Six Forks, Bay Leaf, Falls, Stony Hill, Bunn, Knightdale, New Hope, and Hopkins. (April 4, 1982) ww

1986, fire station additions completed.wcrer

Apparatus deliveries (?):


Apparatus deliveries:

Part II - Additional Notes - 2016 >

1998?, extrication services started. On Christmas Eve, new "jaws of life" tools were placed in service on the new rescue/service truck. Source: OH.

2005 - Apparatus deliveries:

Fire Chiefs

See Wake County Fire Chiefs (pdf).


See Wake County apparatus register (pdf).


Raleigh Fire Museum photo albums.



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