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Accident Database.  http://www.airdisaster.com (July 13, 2002)

Accident Database.  http://www.air-safety.net (September 8, 2002)

American LaFrance Corporation, company museum.  http://www.americanlafrance.com/Museum/ (March 9, 2002)

American LaFrance Photo Archives, Web site, http://www.geocities.com/american_lafrance_1903/ (May 13, 2002)

Anderson, Norman P., and B.T. Fowler (1996). Raleigh: North Carolina's Capitol City in Postcards (Images of America Series). Arcadia

Apex Fire Department, assorted records

Battle, Kemp D., 1792-1892, The Centennial Celebration of Raleigh, NC, Edwards and Broughton, Raleigh, 1893

Bay Leaf Fire Department, assorted records

Beal, Candy Lee Metz (1992). Raleigh: The First 200 Years

Byrd, Thomas M. (1984).  Around and About Cary

Cary Fire Department, assorted records including:

The Cary News, various issues:

City of Raleigh Annual Report of the Mayor and Offices of the City of Raleigh, NC, various years:

City of Raleigh Annual Report, 1975-76

City of Raleigh, City Council minutes, various dates:

City of Raleigh Museum , "Lost Raleigh" exhibit (March 2, 2002)

City of Raleigh, The History of Pullen Park. http://www.raleigh-nc.org/pullen/history.htm (March 9, 2001)

City of Raleigh Planning Department (1956), "Fire Protection:  A Study of Fire Station Locations and Equipment"

City of Raleigh Public Affairs Department, "History of Raleigh Fire Department." http://www.raleigh-nc.org/fire/history.htm (August 6, 2001).

Clark, James W., Jr (Ed.) (1993). Talking About Raleigh: A Bicentennial Oral History. Raleigh: North Carolina State University Humanities Extension Publications

Conway, W. Fred (1997).  Those Magnificent Old Steam Fire Engines.  Fire Buff House Publishers

Durham Highway Fire Department, assorted records

Durham Morning Herald, October 1, 1955, "Volunteers Ready If Fire Strikes"

Fairgrounds Fire Department, assorted records

Fairview Fire Department, assorted records

Falls Fire Department, assorted records

The Farmer and the Mechanic, assorted issues:

Fire Apparatus Journal, assorted articles:

Freitag, Kurt, photos.  http://www.dem.dcc.state.nc.us/JUSTPIX/2000/StrucFire/0906fire.shtml (March 9, 2002)

Garner Fire Department, assorted records

Ghosts, Legends, and Other Thing That Go Bump in the Night in the Tarheel State, Cry Baby Lane. http://www.ncghosts.batcave.net/crybaby.htm (March 9, 2002)

Golden,  Debra A., Wake Forest Has Two Fire Stations Up and Running, Wake Weekly, February 15, 2001

Hill's Raleigh (Wake County, NC) City Directory, Hill Directory Co. Inc., Richmond, VA (1935 listing), assorted years:

The Hose & Nozzle, published by North Carolina State Firemen's Association, assorted issues:

Hutchins, Nan (2001), Cameron Village: A History 1949-1999.  Raleigh: Spirit Press.

Lancaster, Marshall (1992). Raleigh: An Unorthodox History of North Carolina's Capital. Down Home Press.

McCall, Walter P., American Fire Engines Since 1900, Glen Ellyn, IL: Crestline Publishing 1976

Murray, Elizabeth Reid (1983). Wake: Capital County of North Carolina, Volume I - Prehistory Through Centennial. Raleigh: Capital County Publishing

News and Observer, assorted issues including:

North Carolina Forest Service, e.g. North Carolina Division of Forest Resources

North Carolina Secretary of State corporation records

North Carolina Standard, various issues:

Oral histories, assorted

Perkins, David (Ed.), Raleigh: A Living History

Peterson, Edward L, and Ed Lindley Peterson, First to the Flames, Krause Publications, 1999

Raleigh-Durham International Airport Emergency Services, assorted records

Raleigh Fire Department, assorted records

Raleigh Fire Department (1984).  Raleigh Fire Department 1984.  Taylor Publishing Company

Raleigh Fire Department (2002).  Raleigh Fire and Rescue 1984-2002.  Taylor Publishing Company

Raleigh Register, assorted articles including:

Raleigh Sesquicentennial Commission (1942). Raleigh: Capital of North Carolina. Owen G. Dunn

Raleigh Times, assorted issues including:

Reid, Elizabeth (Ed.) (1965). From Raleigh's Past. Raleigh: Branch, Banking and Trust

Reid, Elizabeth Davis (1970).  "Fire Protection, Raleigh, NC," unknown where published or first appeared

Sanborn Map and Publishing Company fire insurance maps, various years:

Simmons-Henry, Linda and Linda Harris Edmisten (1993).  Culture Town: Life in Raleigh's African American Communities. Raleigh Historic Districts Commission

The State magazine, assorted issues including:

Stolphen, Steve (1977). Raleigh: A Pictorial History. The Donning Company

Stony Hill Fire Department, assorted records

Summerall, Hope (1922). History of Wake County North Carolina. Raleigh: Edwards and Broughton Printing Company.

Swift Creek Fire Department, assorted records

Town of Cary, assorted records including:

Unofficial Swift Creek Fire Department Web Site.  http://www.echomarket.com/scfd/ (July 13, 2002)

Vickers, James (1997). Raleigh City of Oaks, an Illustrated History. American Historical Press

Wake County Bicentennial Commission, assorted town histories including:

Wake County Department of Public Safety, Major Response / Logistics Services Division, Hurricane Fran, Final Report, January 1997

Wake County Fireman's Association, assorted records

Wake County Historic Preservation Committee, Landmark News, January 1997

Wake County real estate records

Wake Forest Fire Department, assorted records

Wendell Fire Department, assorted records

Western Boulevard Fire Department, assorted records

Western Wake Fire Department, assorted records

Yrac Fire Department, assorted records

Zebulon Fire Department, assorted records

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