Wake County FDs

Past and Present


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Department Notes
Apex Municipal Formed 1927. By the 1960s, exists as part of single department, operated by Apex Rural FD. Re-created in 2002.
Apex Rural Formed 1952. Merged with town in 2002.
Bayleaf Early name of Bay Leaf FD.
Bay Leaf Formed 1961.
Cary Formed 1922 as volunteer FD.
Cary Rural Original name of Cary FD until September 15, 1960, until town department formally created. Later renamed Yrac FD.
Durham Highway Formed 1964.
Eastern Wake Formed 2003, reorganized from Knightdale FD.
Fairground Early name for Fairgrounds FD.
Fairgrounds Formed 1961. Merged with Yrac FD to create Western-Wake FD in 1998.
Fairview Formed 1963 as Ten Ten FD.
Falls Formed 1970. Merged with Wake Forest FD in 2012.
Forestry Service Wake County office established in 1940s (?).
Fuquay-Springs See Fuquay-Varina FD.
Fuquay-Varina Municipal Formed 1938. Merged with Fuquay-Varina Rural in 1972. Re-created in 1999.
Fuquay-Varina Rural Formed 1954. Merged with town in 1999.
Garner Formed 1952.
Holly Springs Public Safety Formed 1995.
Holly Springs Rural Formed 1971. Merged with town in 1997.
Hopkins Formed 1977.
Knightdale Formed 1953. Renamed Eastern Wake FD in 2003.
Knightdale Public Safety Formed 2002.
Morrisville Municipal Formed 1995.
Morrisville Rural Formed 1955. Merged with town in 1995.
New Hope See Wake New Hope.
Raleigh Formed as paid department in 1912. First volunteer fire company organized in 1819 or earlier.
RDU Emergency Services Formed 1943.
Rolesville Formed 1958.
Six Forks Formed 1956. Merged with Bay Leaf FD in 2002.
Stoney Hill Originally spelling of Stony Hill.
Stony Hill Formed 1958.
Swift Creek Formed 1960.
Ten Ten Original name of Fairview FD.
Wake Forest Municipal Formed 1921. Merged with rural department in 1983.
Wake Forest FD #2 Formed 1942. Merged with town department in 1982.
Wake Forest Rural Formed 1956. Renamed Wake Forest FD in 1983.
Wake New Hope Formed 1956.
Wendell Holmes Early name of Wendell Rural FD.
Wendell Municipal Formed 1908-12.
Wendell Rural Formed 1957.
Western Boulevard Formed 1957. Disbanded in 1960. Reformed as Fairground FD.
Western Wake Formed 1998 as merger of Fairgrounds and Yrac FDs.
Yrac Formed 1961 as Cary Rural FD. Merged with Fairgrounds FD in 1998, as Western Wake FD.
Zebulon Municipal Formed 1919-21.
Zebulon Rural Formed 1953. Merged with municipal department in 2000.

Fire Brigades

Brigade Notes
Harris Plant Formed 1980s
State Fair Formed late 1960s

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