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Raleigh/Wake County Scanner Information

EMS Codes


Dispatch Codes

CVA Stroke
OB / Ocean Boy Obstetrics
OD / Ocean David Overdose
Code 7 Deceased person
10-50 PD Vehicle accident, property damage only
10-50 PI Vehicle accident with injuries
10-50 F Vehicle accident with fatalities

plus select Raleigh police signals

Medical Priority Codes

Abdominal Pain
1-D-1   Not alert
1-C-1   Fainting or near fainting >50 y/o
1-C-2   Females w/ fainting or near fainting 12-50 y/o
1-C-3   Males w/ pain above navel >45 y/o
1-C-4   Females w/ pain above navel >45 y/o
1-A-1   Abdominal pain

Allergic Reaction
2-E-1   Ineffective breathing
2-D-1   Severe respiratory distress
2-D-2   Not Alert
2-D-3   Conditioning worsening
2-D-4   Swarming attack (bees)
2-D-5   Snakebite
2-C-1   Difficulty breathing or swallowing
2-C-2   Special medications or injections used
2-B-1   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
2-A-1   No difficulty breathing or swallowing
2-A-2   Spider Bite

Animal Bites
3-D-1   Unconscious or arrest
3-D-2   Not alert
3-D-3   Dangerous body area
3-D-4   Large animal
3-D-5   Exotic animal
3-D-6   Attack or multiple animals
3-B-1   Possibly dangerous body area
3-B-2   Serious hemorrhage
3-B-3   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
3-A-1   Not dangerous body area
3-A-2   Non-recent injuries >6 hours
3-A-3   Superficial bites

(A= Assault/ S= Sexual Assault)
4-D-1   Unconscious or arrest
4-D-2   Not alert
4-D-3   Abnormal breathing
4-D-4   Dangerous body area
4-D-5   Multiple victims
4-B-1   Possibly dangerous body area
4-B-2   Serious hemorrhage
4-B-3   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
4-A-1   Not dangerous body area
4-A-2   Non-recent injuries >6 hours

Back Pain
5-D-1   Not alert
5-C-1   Fainting or near fainting >50 y/o
5-A-1   Non-traumatic
5-A-2   Non-recent injuries >6 hours

Breathing Difficulty
6-E-1   Ineffective breathing
6-D-1   Severe respiratory distress
6-D-2   Not alert
6-D-3   Clammy
6-C-1   Abnormal breathing
6-C-2   Cardiac history

Burn Subject
7-D-1   Unconscious or arrest
7-D-2   Severe respiratory distress
7-D-3   Not alert
7-D-4   Explosion
7-D-5   Multiple victims
7-C-1   Building fire w/ persons inside
7-C-2   Difficulty breathing
7-C-3   Burns >18% BSA
7-B-1   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
7-A-1   Burns <18% BSA
7-A-2   Fire alarm unknown situation
7-A-3   Sunburn or minor burns

Hazardous Exposure
8-D-1   Unconscious or arrest
8-D-2   Severe respiratory distress
8-D-3   HAZ-MAT
8-D-4   Not alert
8-D-5   Multiple victims
8-D-6   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
8-C-1   Alert w/ difficulty breathing
8-B-1   Alert w/o difficulty breathing
8-A-1   CO alarm- EMS requested

Cardiac Arrest
9-E-1   Not breathing at all
9-E-2   Breathing uncertain
9-E-3   Hanging
9-E-4   Strangulation
9-E-5   Suffocation
9-E-6   Underwater
9-D-1   Ineffective breathing
9-B-1   Obvious death

Chest Pain
10-D-1   Severe respiratory distress
10-D-2   Not alert
10-D-3   Clammy
10-C-1   Abnormal breathing
10-C-2   Cardiac history
10-C-3   Cocaine
10-C-4   Breathing normally >35 y/o
10-A-1   Breathing normally <35 y/o

11-E-1   Choking verified/ ineffective breathing
11-D-1   Not alert
11-D-2   Abnormal breathing
11-A-1   Not choking now

12-D-1   Not breathing
12-D-2   Continuous or multiple seizures
12-D-3   Irregular breathing
12-D-4   Breathing regularly not verified >35 y/o
12-C-1   Pregnancy
12-C-2   Diabetic
12-C-3   Cardiac history
12-B-1   Breathing regularly not verified <35 y/o
12-A-1   Not seizing now & breathing verified

Diabetic Problems
13-D-1   Unconscious
13-C-1   Not alert
13-C-2   Abnormal behavior
13-C-3   Abnormal breathing
13-A-1   Alert

14-D-1   Unconscious
14-D-2   Not alert
14-D-3   Diving or neck injury
14-D-4   SCUBA accident
14-C-1   Alert w/ abnormal breathing
14-B-1   Alert & breathing normally w/ injuries
14-B-2   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
14-A-1   Alert & breathing normally w/o injuries

(E=Electrocution/ L= Lightning)
15-E-1   Not breathing / ineffective breathing
15-D-1   Unconscious
15-D-2   Not disconnected from power
15-D-3   Power not off
15-D-4   Long fall >6 ft.
15-D-5   Not alert
15-D-6   Abnormal breathing
15-D-7   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
15-C-1   Alert & breathing normally

Eye Problem
16-D-1   Not alert
16-B-1   Severe eye injuries
16-A-1   Moderate eye injuries
16-A-2   Minor eye injuries
16-A-3   Medical eye problems

17-D-1   Dangerous body area
17-D-2   Long fall >6 ft.
17-D-3   Not alert
17-D-4   Abnormal breathing
17-B-1   Possibly dangerous body area
17-B-2   Serious hemorrhage
17-B-3   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
17-A-1   Not dangerous body area
17-A-2   Non-recent injuries >6 hrs.

18-C-1   Not alert
18-C-2   Abnormal breathing
18-C-3   Speech problems
18-C-4   Sudden onset of severe pain
18-C-5   Numbness or paralysis
18-C-6   Change in behavior
18-B-1   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
18-A-1   Breathing normally

Heart Problem
19-D-1   Severe respiratory distress
19-D-2   Not alert
19-D-3   Clammy
19-C-1   Firing of AICD
19-C-2   Abnormal breathing
19-C-3   Chest pain >35 y/o
19-C-4   Cardiac history
19-C-5   Cocaine
19-C-6   Heart rate <50 or >130
19-B-1   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
19-A-1   Heart rate >50 or <130 w/o symptoms
19-A-2   Chest pain <35 y/o w/o symptoms

Environmental Exposure
20-D-1   Not alert
20-C-1   Cardiac history
20-B-1   Change in skin color
20-B-2   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
20-A-1   Alert

21-D-1   Dangerous hemorrhage
21-D-2   Not alert
21-D-3   Abnormal breathing
21-C-1   Hemorrhage through a tube
21-B-1   Possibly dangerous hemorrhage
21-B-2   Serious hemorrhage
21-B-3   Bleeding disorder or blood thinners
21-A-1   Non dangerous hemorrhage
21-A-2   Minor hemorrhage

Industrial Accidents
22-D-1   Life status questionable
22-D-2   Caught in machinery
22-D-3   Multiple victims
22-B-1   Unknown status (3rd party caller)

23-D-1   Unconscious
23-D-2   Severe respiratory distress
23-C-1   Violent
23-C-2   Not alert
23-C-3   Abnormal breathing
23-C-4   Antidepressants
23-C-5   Cocaine
23-C-6   Narcotics
23-C-7   Acid or Alkali
23-C-8   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
23-C-9   Poison Control request for response
23-B-1   Overdose without symptoms
23-O-1   Poisoning w/o priority symptoms

24-D-1   Breech or cord
24-D-2   Head visible
24-D-3   Imminent delivery > 5 months
24-D-4   3rd trimester bleeding
24-D-5   High risk complications
24-D-6   Baby born
24-C-1   2nd trimester hemorrhage or miscarriage
24-C-2   1st trimester serious hemorrhage
24-B-1   Labor > 5 months
24-B-2   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
24-A-1   1st trimester hemorrhage or miscarriage

Psychiatric Problem
25-D-1   Not alert
25-B-1   Violent
25-B-2   Threatening suicide
25-B-3   Near hanging
25-B-4   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
25-A-1   Non-violent & non-suicidal

Sick Call
26-D-1   Not alert
26-C-1   Cardiac history
26-B-1   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
26-A-1   No priority symptoms
26-A-2   Boils
26-A-3   Bumps
26-A-4   Cannot sleep
26-A-5   Cannot urinate
26-A-6   Catheter problems
26-A-7   Constipation
26-A-8   Cramps/spasms
26-A-9   Cut-off ring request
26-A-10   Deafness
26-A-11   Defecation/diarrhea
26-A-12   Earache
26-A-13   Enema
26-A-14   Gout
26-A-15   Hemorrhoids/piles
26-A-16   Hepatitis
26-A-17   Hiccups
26-A-18   Hungry
26-A-19   Nervous
26-A-20   Object stuck
26-A-21   Object swallowed
26-A-22   Penis problems
26-A-23   Rash/skin disorder
26-A-24   STD
26-A-25   Sore throat
26-A-26   Toothache
26-A-27   Transportation only
26-A-28   Wound infected

Stab/Gunshot/Penetrating Trauma (S, G, or P)
27-D-1   Unconscious or arrest
27-D-2   Not alert
27-D-3   Central wounds
27-D-4   Multiple wounds
27-D-5   Multiple victims
27-B-1   Non-recent injuries >6 hrs./ central wound
27-B-2   Known single peripheral wound
27-B-3   Serious hemorrhage
27-B-4   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
27-A-1   Non-recent >6 hrs. peripheral wounds

28-C-1   Not alert
28-C-2   Abnormal breathing
28-C-3   Speech or movement problems
28-C-4   Numbness or tingling
28-C-5   Stroke history
28-C-6   Breathing normally > 35 y/o
28-B-1   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
28-A-1   Breathing normally < 35 y/o

Traffic Collision
29-D-1-A   Major incident (aircraft)
29-D-1-B   Major incident (bus)
29-D-1-D   Major incident (train)
29-D-1-E   Major incident (watercraft)
29-D-2-A   High mechanism (all-terrain)
29-D-2-B   High mechanism (motorcycle)
29-D-2-C   High mechanism (auto-pedestrian)
29-D-2-D   High mechanism (ejection)
29-D-2-E   High mechanism (personal watercraft)
29-D-2-F   High mechanism (rollovers)
29-D-2-G   High mechanism (vehicle off bridge/height)
29-D-3   HAZMAT
29-D-4   Pinned
29-D-5   Not alert
29-B-1   Injuries
29-B-2   Multiple victims (one unit)
29-B-3   Multiple victims (additional units)
29-B-4   Serious hemorrhage
29-B-5   Unknown status (3rd party caller)
29-A-1   1st party caller w/ non-dangerous injury

Traumatic Injuries
30-D-1   Dangerous body area
30-D-2   Not alert
30-D-3   Abnormal breathing
30-B-1   Possibly dangerous body area
30-B-2   Serious hemorrhage
30-A-1   Not dangerous body area
30-A-2   Non-recent injuries>6 hrs.

Subject Unconscious
31-E-1   Ineffective breathing
31-D-1   Unconscious
31-D-2   Severe respiratory distress
31-D-3   Not alert
31-C-1   Alert w/ abnormal breathing
31-C-2   Cardiac history
31-C-3   Multiple fainting episodes
31-C-4   Single or near fainting episode & alert
31-C-5   Female 12-50 w/ abdominal pain

Medical Nature Unknown
32-D-1   Life status questionable
32-B-1   Standing, moving, sitting, or talking
32-B-2   Medical alert notification
32-B-3   Unknown status (3rd party caller)

(T=Transfer/ I=Interfacility)
33-D-1   Suspected cardiac or respiratory arrest
33-C-1   Not alert (acute change)
33-C-2   Abnormal breathing
33-C-3   Significant hemorrhage or shock
33-C-4   Possible acute heart problems or MI
33-C-5   Acute severe pain
33-C-6   Emergency response requested
33-A-1   No priority symptoms

Non-EMD Calls
Structure fire
High angle rescue
Confined space rescue
Medical alarms
Airport alarms

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