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Raleigh Fire Department

Wake County Fire Departments

Raleigh Fire Department




house, apartment, or structure fire 3E, 1T, 1R, 1BC
working house, apartment, or structure fire (old code 2) mobile air, division chief, safety officer + above assignment
major working house, apartment, or structure fire (old code 3) 3E, 1T, 1R, 1BC, asst. chief, fire chief + above assignment
second alarm 3E, 1T, 1R, 1BC
third alarm 3E, 1T, 1R, 1BC
fourth alarm 3E, 1T, 1BC
fifth alarm and higher 3E, 1T as available
vehicle fire 1E
vehicle fire on Beltline 2E
trash fire 1E
grass fire 1E
woods fire 1E
electrical investigation 2E, 1T, 1R
smoke investigation 2E, 1T, 1R
fire alarm activation 2E, 1T, 1R
carbon monoxide alarm activation 1E, 1BC
chemical alarm activation 2E, 1T, 1R, 1BC, haz-mat, mobile air, safety officer
hazardous-materials incident 2E, 1T, 1R, 1BC, 1SC, haz-mat, mobile air, safety officer
vehicle accident 1E
vehicle accident on Beltline 2E
vehicle accident with subject pinned 1E, 1T, 1R, 1BC
electrocution/drowning/construction accident 1E, 1R, 1BC
medical emergency (see First Responder/EMS) 1R
assist invalid 1R
request for service 1E or 1T

Arrival - Starting August 2003



Resulting Actions

Nothing Showing No fire or smoke showing

Other responding units turn off emergency lights and proceed to scene under normal traffic flow

Working Fire Any fire or smoke showing Automatic dispatch / notification of
  • mobile air unit
  • Battalion Chief
  • EMS unit
  • police unit
  • power company
  • gas company
Major Working Fire Amount of fire or smoke showing exceeds resources of first alarm Automatic dispatch / notification of
  • second alarm assignment (3E, 1T, 1R, 1DC)
  • mobile air unit
  • Battalion Chief
  • Safety Officer
  • Assistant Chief on call
  • Chief of Department
  • two EMS units
  • two police units
  • power company
  • gas company

Arrival - Old



Resulting Actions

Code 1 no visible fire or
fire can be contained with booster line

other responding units switch off lights and sirens

Code 2 fire requires one or more 1 1/2" or 2" attack lines, plus 3" or 5" supply line automatic dispatch of safety officer and mobile air unit, automatic notification of power and gas companies
Code 3 fire requires one or more 1 1/2" or 2" attack lines, plus dual 3" supply lines
fire requires one or more 3" hose lines for sprinkler, standpipe, or master-stream support
automatic dispatch of second alarm and Battalion Chief, automatic notification of Assistant Chief

Clear Text For Ten Codes - Starting August 2003

Old New
10-1 Cannot receive
10-2 Received clearly
10-4 Acknowledge  /  Copy
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out of service
10-8 In service
10-9 Repeat
10-12 Standby
10-18 Quickly
10-20 Location
10-21 Call by phone
10-22 Disregard
10-23 On the scene
10-25 Meet
10-33 Emergency
10-39 Red lights and siren
10-40 Normal traffic
10-50 Auto crash
10-51 Wrecker
10-52 Ambulance
10-70 Fire alarm
10-74 Negative
10-76 En route

Fireground Sectors - New, April 2004


As Facing Fire Building

A front / street address
B rear
C left
D right
1 first floor interior
2 second floor interior
basement basement interior
roof roof

Fireground Sectors - Old


As Facing Fire Building

1 front / street address
2 interior
3 rear
4 left
5 right
6 roof
staging specified


Wake County Fire Departments




condition red  fire showing
condition blue no fire showing

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