Playing with Fire

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By Michael J. Legeros


The best Web sites for die-cast apparatus enthusiasts, you ask?  Where to go to talk trucks, view pics, and determine the next piece of rolling stock to be added to the collection?  Though hardly a definitive list, here's a peek into my browser bookmarks:



ATEV Information & Trading Board - Read by collectors from across the globe, this longtime bulletin board is the single most timely source for news, views, notices, and reviews related to our hobby.  Says me.

Code 3 Bulletin Boards - Entirely informative for discussion and dissection of current (and coming) releases, the five forums are also enormously entertaining-- notably in threads involving "bad traders" are the best.

Collection of Fire Engines - Fabulous source of photos for collectors of Japanese die-cast.  These are the real rigs replicated by Tomica, Shinsei, Bandai, et al.  Tip:  Use a translation site, e.g., to convert the thing into quasi-readable English.

eBay - Duh. Beyond buying and selling, the site's also useful for previewing models. If you've only seen pre-production photos of a particular piece, wait till someone posts a picture of the real thing. Then decide if you wanna buy it. and Myers Fire Photos - Pics, pics, and more pics of New York City and Chicago fire apparatus.  I love the "special ops" rigs on the former and the O'Hare Airport apparatus on the latter. -Larry Lorance has links to everything on his site, from kit-bash photos to display ideas to collector profiles.  There's even a newly compiled Code 3 price guide for you "secondary marketers."

Fire Truck Toys For Men and Boys - This Czech site doesn't have an English version, but no problem! Ample pictures and easy navigation make this is a nifty reference in any language. Only gripe: it's incomplete, with numerous areas perpetually "v rekonstrukci."

Google - Double duh. The Internet's best search engine is handy for finding pictures of real rigs, such as when only the description of a new release has been announced.  That is, provided that the picture's current.

Mike Legeros Model Guides - Compiled by Yours Truly, these PDF documents include a Code 3 guide that's the closest thing to a "master list."  And, for those days when you're feeling whiny about accuracy, browse the Corgi guide as a reminder of just how far the hobby's come along since the not-as-good old days.

Run Clips and Video Page - Multimedia clips from Washington, D.C. and Madison, NC to help you perfect your siren sound.  You know, for when you're playing with your models...

And since it's the season, be sure to sample the famous "tree fire" video from the U.S. Fire Administration that graphically demonstrates just how fast a dry holiday tree can ignite.  Water is good.

Have a safe holiday.





A version of this column originally appeared at Code 3 Collectibles.


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