Playing with Fire

Toy Show

By Michael J. Legeros


After last month's column on searching the secondary market, I was surprised to learn of some readers who had never attended a toy show.  So this month, let's tour the North Carolina State Fairgrounds for the 48th North State Antique & Collectible Toy-Doll & Hobby Show.  Admission is $5.00.  Parking is free.  And we might even find a few fire engines.

Reader's Digest promotional pieces including a 1954 Ahrens Fox pumper (left) and a 1924 Buffalo pumper.

Blisterpacks en masse.

Remember the Smurfs?

Farming and construction toys are a common sight.

Please do not touch First Gear's newest releases.

You can buy or sell at these shows.

Barbie Batgirl with motorcycle.  Holy tie-in!

This sign is intended for children of all ages.

Hess promotional fire trucks priced $45 to $60.

Elmo rests.

Custom display cases in close-up.

NASCAR is popular in South... are ball caps.

Matchbox Collectibles are still selling.

Army guys pose for a portrait.

Kermit Big Wheel anyone?

Matchbox!  Matchbox!  Matchbox!

Books, comic books, and magazines are sold.

There's usually someone selling movie posters and lobby cards, as well.

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments, including both the red and rare white version of last year's 1929 Chevrolet fire engine.

Basket o' dolls.

And, finally, the familiar empty booth.  Maybe they would've had some Code 3 on display.

A version of this column originally appeared at Code 3 Collectibles.


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