Playing with Fire

Fire Expo

By Michael J. Legeros


This month, more modeling with members of the Chesapeake Model Fire Engineers and the Metropolitan Miniature Fire Apparatus Association. As they do every year at the Firehouse Magazine fire expo, they populated the upstairs lobby of the Baltimore Convention Center on the Saturday of the show. Check out some of these amazing kit- and scratch-built apparatus:


Jim Church - Norfolk, VA

Vintage apparatus

1:32 scale




Jim Clarkson - Lancaster, PA

1948 Mack E pumper, Liberty Fire Company, New Holland, PA

1:32 scale

Scratch-built, including hood and fenders carved from solid PVC fence material



Mel Epstein - Irvington, NJ

Chevy Suburban, Newark, NJ

1:18 scale

Kit-bash of Welly die-cast model



Will Grow - Philadelphia, PA

Horse-drawn apparatus

1:25 scale



Will Grow

Half-track, Philadelphia

1:35 scale

Kit-bashed military model based on actual Philly brush unit



David Gusky - Bear, DE

Hummer crash truck, Summit Regional Airport

1:25 scale

Scratch-built fire body and details



Zoli Honeczy - Bowie, MD

Spartan / Supervan heavy rescue, Middle River, MD (foreground), Pierce heavy rescue, Blades Delaware (background)

1/25 scale

Completely scratch-built (except for wheels and tires)



Joe Horchar - Baltimore, MD

Mack L city service truck built by the late Bob Pumphrey (January 1934 - December 2003)

1:32 scale



Steve Lichtman - Mt. Airy, MD

1970 Miller Meteor Ambulance

1:25 scale

Kit-bashed from a Johan ambulance kit, a resin 1970 Cadillac body, and sheet styrene



Joe Kisser - Baltimore, MD

Kit-bashed fire apparatus fleet

1:87 scale



Ed O'Connell - Cedar Grove, NJ

P. T. Cruiser, Birmingham Hose Company

1:25 scale

Maisto die-cast model kit-bashed as fictional fire chief's car



Paul Richmond - Boca Raton, FL

Apparatus, City of Troy

1/25 scale

Kit-bashed for fictional city



Joe Roberts - Charleston, SC

1984 Emergency One, Boston

1:50 scale

Kit-bashed from a pair of Conrad models



Charles Rowley - West Wareham, MA

1966 Dodge W-300 Power Wagon brush truck once used by West Wareham, and that the modeler once operated

Completely scratch-built



Charles Rowley

1937 Seagrave Aerial Ladder, City of Falls River, MA

1:25 scale

Completely scratch-built



Bob Schierle - Westfield, NJ

Vehicle fire

1:50 scale

With Corgi Dodge / HCB / Angus crash truck



Bob Schierle

1933 Chevrolet high-pressure unit

Kit-bashed, started out as a 1982 Hess truck



Charles Shultz - Baltimore, MD

Baltimore fire apparatus, including (left to right) Rescue 1, a BWI crash truck, and the first Box 414 Association canteen

1:87 scale

Scratch-built from hand-drawn plans



Scott Strandberg - Lexington, MD

Fire Station for Code 3 Collectibles Chief Editions

1:64 scale



Rob Volkert, Sykesville, MD

Rescue tools

1/25 scale



Whose name did I misspell? What model I incorrectly identify? Let me know. And thanks to Ed O'Connell, who helped with this column.

A version of this column originally appeared at Code 3 Collectibles.


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